Rebecca on Netflix: Here’s what Twitterati thinks about Lily James and Armie Hammer latest horror film

Lily James and Armie Hammer starrer Rebecca finally released on Netflix and Twitter has some serious thoughts about the adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1940 Alfred Hitchcock.
Rebecca on Netflix: Twitterati verdict of Lily James and Armie Hammer starrerRebecca on Netflix: Here’s what Twitterati thinks about Lily James and Armie Hammer latest horror film
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Netflix’s recent release Rebecca which is based on the 1938 novel, and an adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1940 Alfred Hitchcock has everyone talking. But is it worth your time? While the genres slip from romance to horror and even coming of age, the film still looks promising. 


Rebecca is in good company within the "new house, new problems" horror tradition (The Amityville Horror, The Shining, Paranormal Activity) or with 2019's marital bait-and-switch Ready or Not, in that what initially looks like happily ever after is actually the start of an unpleasant surprise. In Rebecca's case, the real horror is that marriage is sold to women as an aspiration when it's actually more of a necessary evil, and the story unfolds with the sinister repercussions of the narrator's irrevocable choices. 


Before you dive deep into the 2 hour flick, scroll down and see what Twitterati has to say about Lily James and Armie Hammer’s latest feature.


While some argued that the film doesn't even come close to the book and Alfred Hitchcock’s version: “Super disappointed by the #RebeccaNetflix remake. As always the book was better but they also made the mistake of turning it more into a romance which if you read the book ITS NOT. Armie Hammer was gorgeous as always tho.”

Some poked fun at the generation difference: “We miss when men would propose after knowing you for 7 days and then take you back to their multi million dollar estate. All this generation do is post ig story, drink stag and lie. #RebeccaNetflix.”

And some actually did love the film: “Watched the new #RebeccaNetflix adaptation - it is one of my favourite novels. Love this version - nice to see Mrs Danvers pretty much as I always imagined her. She is not an old lady and relic of the Victorian era here, she is probably 8-10 years older than Rebecca was and is >.”

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