RECAP: Park In Hwan gets a reality check, introduces Song Kang to the family in episode 5 of Navillera

RECAP: Park In Hwan gets a reality check, introduces Song Kang to the family in episode 5 of Navillera
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In episode 5 of Navillera, Deok Chul comes to terms with his age and is about to give up when Chae Rok steps in to tell him that he can keep going. However this sweet moment didn't come out of nowhere. The episode starts off with Eun Ho storming out of the office after being berated for her score. The fact that Chae Rok and her grandfather both saw this happen, only added to the embarrassment. Chae Rok followed her out and caught up with her on a bridge to speak to her about following her dreams and chase what makes her happy rather than just a stable job. Deok Chul confronts her manager back in the office. 

Eun Ho goes home only to face another round of insults for not being able to do well on her internship. Her father gives her a list of companies that are hiring but she refuses to look at them or even apply because she is determined to find out what makes her truly happy. Back in the studio, Chae Rok is struggling with anxiety towards the competition whereas Deok Chul is reprimanded for being impatient. Little do they know that Deok Chul made a visit to the doctor and is convinced that he is running out of time. Chae Rok confronts him and he apologises for being in a rush. Later, Deok Chul tends to Chae Rok's ankles, encouraging him to work towards the competition with full faith in himself and his abilities. With renewed energy, Deok Chul pours out his soul into his art while Deok Chul captures it. 

Later, Deok Chul takes Song Kang home to meet his family and almost instantly, he is initiated as part of the household. They share meals, watch television together and even speak about ballet, with Chae Rok showing Hae Nam some of his moves and the latter talking about just how excited her husband was, something that she hadn't seen in a very long time. Chae Rok presses his gratitude for treating him like family and Deok Chul tells him to call his father and inform him of the competition. He tells him that he will be moving to the next round of the competition, after which he calls his father up to tell him about it as well. When his father expresses interest in watching him perform, he tells him to watch it online instead. 

At the same time, after he leaves without his jacket, Ho Beom obstructs his path and passion once again. This time, Chae Rok will have to throw some hands but in all likelihood Deok Chul will come to his rescue before any of that happens. 

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