Record of Youth Ep 12: Park So Dam & Byun Woo-seok get closer; Lee Sung Kyung cameos as Park Bo Gum's co star

*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth Ep 12 didn't just include a memorable cameo by Lee Sung-kyung but we also get to see Park So-dam getting close to Byun Woo-seok because Park Bo-gum is extremely focused on his budding career rather than their relationship.
Record of Youth Ep 12: Park So Dam & Byun Woo-seok get closer; Lee Sung Kyung cameos as Park Bo Gum's co star
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth Ep 12 was extremely power-packed when it came to furthering the narrative as Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum) has to deal with the repercussions of the fake news regarding a rumoured relationship with deceased fashion designer Charlie Jung (Lee Seung-joon) being spread around like wildfire. However, helping him out unexpectedly is his ex-girlfriend Jeong Ji-ah (Seol In-ah).

Giving an interview about how she used to date Hye-joon helps clean up the rumours a bit but it also leads to a tiff between Hye-joon and Won Hae-hyo (Byun Woo-seok), who finds out that his best friend knew about his sister Won Hae-Na's (Jo Yoo-jung) secret relationship with their other best friend Kim Jin-woo (Kwon Soo-hyun). Given that Hye-joon has a packed schedule, Ah Jung-ha (Park So-dam) is feeling left out and is seen spending more time with Hae-hyo, who is still deeply in love with her.

While Hye-joon (lead role) and Hae-hyo (supporting character) will be starring in a drama together, joining them as a co-star; in a memorable cameo appearance, is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo star Lee Sung-kyung as Jin Seo-woo. Seo-woo and Hye-joon share a playful camaraderie as someone clicks a photo of them where it looks like she's giving him her number. In actuality, Hye-joon recommends Jung-ha to become Seo-woo's makeup artist and gives her number instead. During one of the drama shoots, Jung-ha accompanies Hae-hyo and is crestfallen to know that Hye-joon has already replaced her with a permanent makeup artist while his agent Lee Min-jae (Shin Dong-mi) tries to comfort her. Min-jae is in a tight spot again when the reporter, who spread the false news about Hye-joon dating Jung, finds out about Hye-joon dating Jung-ha. Moreover, Seo-woo video calling Hye-joon and Hae-hyo while flirting with the latter calling him her boyfriend like her drama character upsets Jung-ha further.

While Hye-joon tries to make it up to his girlfriend by clicking a photo together and sharing romantic messages, Jung-ha is left truly heartbroken once more post another movie shoot when its raining and Hye-joon doesn't call her like he promised he would when it rains and she feels alone. Hye-joon, on the other hand, has to travel abroad for a fan meet and is too exhausted being a workaholic to think of anything other than sleep.

Like a knight and shining armour, we see Hae-hyo coming to pick Jung-ha up and much to the shock of viewers, Jung-ha invites Hae-hyo to her apartment, something she refused to do before! For Hye-joon and Jung-ha shippers, there were plenty of cutesy moments like how he finally goes to meet his girlfriend to confront her about all the rumours surrounding him while Jung-ha notes that he should be more open and honest with her. Even the smiles they share in the drama set proves that their love can overcome anything.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Record of Youth Ep 12 below:

We can't wait for next week to see what the last few episodes of Record of Youth have in store for us!

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