Record of Youth Ep 14: Park Bo Gum cries his heart out; Park So Dam takes drastic decision in her relationship

*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth Ep 14 saw Park Bo-gum crumbling under the stress of stardom with a good cry while Park So-dam takes the drastic decision to break up with him.
Record of Youth Ep 14: Park Bo Gum cries his heart out; Park So Dam takes drastic decision in her relationship
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth Ep 113 ended with the impending breakup between Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-Gum) and Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam) as the latter decides to end their relationship. What led to Jung-ha's breaking point was when reporter Kim Su-man (Bae Yoon-kyung) of Out News outed their relationship to the world with romantic pictures of the pair.

While Su-man was asked to let go of the exclusive early on, Hye-joon decided to sue her for defamation against the article published about him being the last person to get a text and a phone call from the deceased fashion designer Charlie Jung (Lee Seung-joon), further fueling the dating rumours. While Hye-joon refused to leak the text, keeping Jung's feelings in mind, as an act of revenge, Su-man published the exclusive and confronted Jung-ha at her salon, leading to the latter cancelling her date with Hye-joon. Meeting under the safe haven of Jjampong agency, Jung-ha then tells Hye-joon she loves him before swiftly saying they need to break up.

Another emotional moment that really struck a chord amidst viewers was when a downtrodden Hye-joon escapes to the confines of his room and finally has his wish fulfilled; to have own room where he could cry his heart out and that's exactly what Hye-joon did. Hye-joon also has an endearing moment with his elder brother Sa Kyung-joon (Lee Jae-won) as the two wrote an apology letter to the troll for the latter responding back with a hate comment. Speaking of Kyung-joon, he had several hilarious encounters with Hye-joon's agent Lee Min-jae (Shin Dong-mi) and ex-girlfriend who is now the actor's lawyer Jung Ji-ah (Seol In-ah) as he refused to write an apology letter earlier before Hye-joon forced him to.

As for the rest of Hye-joon's family, his father Sa Young-nam (Park Soo-young) had a giddy teenager reaction on getting an allowance from his dad Sa Min-gi (Han Jin-hee) while the former also goes shopping with wife Han Ae-wook (Ha Hee-ra). During their shopping trip, Young-nam throws a jealousy fit on someone who speaks to his gorgeous wife. Interestingly, it was a cameo by Choi Soo-jong, who is married to Hee-ra in real life. Min-gi also asks Young-nam to be his agent while Hye-joon finds out that his father can't work in construction because of his shoulder injury. 

Moreover, Won Hae-hyo continues to deal with the trauma of his mother Kim Yi-young (Shin Ae-ra) controlling his career and struggles to even shoot scenes. While initially reluctant to speak to Hye-joon because he was embarrassed, the latter makes him feel comfortable by saying that their friendship meant much more recalling how he used to feel embarrassed because of his best friend during their child. On the other hand, Yi-young takes her frustrations out on not just her husband Won Tae-hyeong (Seo Sang-won) but also Kim Jin-woo (Baek Soo-min) for coming to her house with her daughter and Hae-hyo's sister Won Hae-na (Jo Yoo-jung) as an act of rebellion to showcase their love. This leads to Hye-joon having a candid conversation on love with Jin-woo as well.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Record of Youth Ep 14 below:

We're not ready for next week!

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As only two episodes remain, it will be interesting to see where Sa Hye-joon, Ahn Jung-ha and Won Hae-hyo eventually end up and more importantly, who they will end up with.

Anonymous 4 months ago

I knew they will break up, cause somewhere along they mention the word breakup and 150% happens without fail my opinion on this tv series was very good until the breakup and only 2 episodes left, if they part their own ways, it is a very bad ending regardless if they come up with season 2, you always try to end with a good note and continue with season 2. we are not even sure if there will be one, if not, this series in my view will be rated as the worst plot. Let's hope I am wrong

Anonymous 4 months ago

I haven't brought myself to see this week's episodes. What! Reading the reviews alone makes me want to cry.

Anonymous 5 months ago

I was expecting that flow of the story since Bo Gum is very busy with his showbiz career and he has no time for his gf..and his friend is always available whenever Park So Dam needed her bf..she was taken by the saying "out of sight, out of mind"..break up is sorry for them..I hope they'll end up together again in the finale..

Anonymous 5 months ago

Can’t wait till next week. 2 episodes left.I will miss this drama and hope Bo Gum comes back safely after serving his military duties❤️❤️❤️