Record of Youth Ep 15: Park Bo Gum refuses to break up with Park So Dam; Byun Woo Seok considers enlisting

*SPOILERS ALERT* As we're just one episode away from the end, Record of Youth Ep 15 ended with a cliffhanger as Park Bo-gum refuses to break up with Park So-dam.
Record of Youth Ep 15: Park Bo Gum refuses to break up with Park So Dam; Byun Woo Seok considers enlisting
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Tonight, viewers will finally get to see how Record of Youth, starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam and Byun Woo-seok, will end with Ep 16 airing shortly. Before that, let's take a look at where Ep 15 left us. We kickstart with how Ahn Jung-ha (So-dam) came to the drastic decision of breaking up with Sa Hye-joon (Bo-gum) as Lee Min-jae (Shin Dong-mi) puts out a statement that Hye-joon is not dating Jung-ha.

Besides confronting reporter Kim Su-man (Bae Yoon-kyung), we also see Jung-ha's mother forcing herself into her daughter's apartment to live for a few days. When Hye-joon asks Jung-ha as to why she wants to break up, the latter reminds him how he said that he would never ask for forgiveness in a relationship but that's all he's been doing since the time they started dating and he became a top star. We see a defeated Hye-joon trying to cope with the breakup and eventually having a meltdown inside his car. Towards the end of the episode, Hye-joon confronts Jung-ha outside her salon as he states, "I can't break up with you."

Moreover, a frustrated Min-jae decides to leak deceased fashion designer Charlie Jung's (Lee Seung-joon) text message sent to Hye-joon before his death in order to clear the latter's name. However, it was done without informing Hye-joon, just like the rebuttal statement on him dating Jung-ha. On the other hand, Su-man finally finds out the real reason why Hye-joon left Lee Tae-soo's (Lee Chang-hoon) agency, courtesy of Hye-joon's ex-girlfriend and lawyer Jung Ji-ah (Seol In-ah). Su-man vows to seek revenge on Tae-soo by targeting his client Park Do-ha (Kim Gun-woo). Ji-ah also completes her redemptive arc by letting go of Hye-joon, emotionally. "You will be the most beautiful and sparkling part of my youth... I can finally let you go, emotionally speaking," Ji-ah tells Hye-joon as he thanks her.

When it comes to Won Hae-hyo (Woo-seok), it seems as though he's considering enlisting in the military. However, Hae-hyo makes sure to check up on Jung-ha to see how she's doing amid the articles about her dating Hye-joon.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Record of Youth Ep 15 below:

We're not ready to say goodbye!

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