Record of Youth Ep 7: Park Bo Gum turns doctor & is a step closer to his dreams; Drama stays strong in ratings

*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth's latest episode saw Park Bo-gum finally getting a breakthrough in his acting aspirations as Ep 7 continued the drama's strong ratings game.
Record of Youth Ep 7: Park Bo Gum turns doctor & is a step closer to his dreams; Drama stays strong in ratings
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam had fans squealing with joy as Sa Hye-joon and Ahn Jung-ha continue their impromptu date which saw a piano serenading session along with a first kiss. We see the lovebirds find comfort in each other, laughing and playing around while there's one particular scene which had fans in awe.

It was when they were making their way back home and Hye-joon asks for Jung-ha's consent to kiss her, which she happily says yes to. The kiss was definitely fire on ice as we're loving the cute chemistry between the two leads. That brings us to Won Hae-hyo (Byun Woo-seok) who is falling deeper and deeper into Jung-ha's honest charms. Even though Hae-hyo knows about Jung-ha's liking towards his best friend, he still can't help but feel jealous of Hye-joon. You also feel bad for Hae-hyo when he chases after Jung-ha, is unable to express his feelings and just says bye before whispering, "Don't go."

We're getting major second lead syndrome from Hae-hyo even though we know Hye-joon and Jung-ha are soulmates. Jung-ha also has problems of her own as the salon politics gets murkier with her name being marred with a bad reputation amongst colleagues. Moreover, Jung-ha also gets an opportunity to be involved in a partnership for her YouTube channel which she considers taking up.

Then there is Kim Jin-woo (Kwon Soo-hyun) who is having relationship problems with Hae-hyo's sister Won Hae-na (Jo Yoo-jung) but is unable to share his woes with his friends. When he goes to Hae-na's college to try to win her back, he stumbles across Jung Ji-ah (Seol In-ah), Hye-joon's ex-girlfriend who broke his heart several times.

Going back to Hye-joon, Lee Min-jae (Shin Dong-mi) finally helps her first and only client achieve a breakthrough in his acting dreams by getting him an audition for Gateway, a medical drama as the lead's love interest. Hye-joon is able to charm the casting director with his warm personality and gets selected which has him running after his girlfriend, wanting to share the good news with her. We get another cheesy moment between Hye-joon and Jung-ha that had us uwuing after the couple Through the medical drama shoot, we get an endearing cameo from Dr. Romantic star Seo Hyun-jin as top star and Hye-joon's co-star Lee Hyun-soo, who gives some valuable piece of acting advice to boost Hye-joon's confidence and make a strong statement. 

While the drama plays, we see Hye-joon's mother Han Ye-sook (Ha Hee-ra) and grandfather Sa Min-gi's (Han Jin-hee) ecstatic reactions as well as  Hae-hyo's mother Kim Yi-young (Shin Ae-ra) and Lee Tae-soo's (Lee Chang-hoon) shocked reactions. Tae-soo was Hye-joon's previous agent who has major beef with him. Bo-gum's undeniable charisma comes blazing through in the sequence with Hyun-jin as viewers couldn't get over his giddy smile.

Speaking of Hye-joon's family, as one expected, elder brother Sa Kyung-joon (Lee Jae-won) was scammed by a fake realtor as he finds out the apartment he was supposed to be 'renting' already had an inhabitant staying there. Post a visit to the police station, we see a defeated Kyung-joon coming back to his family home with Hye-joon but not before drinking and eating away his sorrows with some much-needed soju, samgyeopsal and steamed eggs.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Record of Youth Ep 7 below:

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Meanwhile, according to Nielsen Korea via Soompi, Record of Youth Ep 7 recorded average nationwide ratings of 7.7 percent with the most-watched moment peaking at an impressive 9.5 percent. This is indeed good numbers for the slice of life drama that is tugging at viewers' heartstrings with every episode.

As for Record of Youth Ep 8, we'll see how Ji-ah will try to reenter Hye-joon's life by creating a hurdle in his relationship with Jung-ha. Moreover, we also get to see Hye-joon's popularity reaching new heights, with fans flocking him for autographs and selfies, thanks to his medial drama stint while his strict father Sa Young-nam (Park Soo-young) starts coming around because his younger son is finally getting successful at his once unattainable dreams.