Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok starring in new series Blue Birthday; First teaser clip released

The suspenseful teaser sparks curiosity in the audience. Read more to find out how.
Blue Birthday Teaser Clip Blue Birthday Teaser Clip
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PlayList, a creator of web dramas, has released the first teaser clip for the upcoming web drama ‘Blue Birthday’ starring Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok. PlayList has produced and released several popular web dramas on the youtube channel named ‘PlayList Global’. These include ‘Love Playlist’, ‘XX’ and ‘Twenty Twenty’. Yeri and Hongseok were initially rumored to be in talks to star in their new series in 2021 called ‘Blue Birthday’.  


[T/W: Mention of suicide]


Red Velvet’s Yeri debuted in acting recently in the tvN’s short film ‘Mint Condition’ for which she received praise from the netizens. Pentagon’s Hongseok has worked in several dramas such as ‘Anniversary Anyway’ and ‘On The Campus’. They both will be playing the role of female and male leads in the new series. 


‘Blue Birthday’ is a fantasy thriller romance. The teaser clip, which was released at midnight KST of June 10, begins with the clock on the phone screen turning to 12 AM and a message of a birthday wish appearing in the notifications. A female narrator says that it was on 18th birthday that her first love left this world. This short video has sparked a buzz in the audience as to what is the mystery behind these suspicious messages. The story focuses on the photo of a friend who unexpectedly takes his own life. The female character, Oh Ha Rin, revisits the past through photos left by her first love, Seo Jun. Seo Jun and Oh Ha Rin are good friends who develop feelings for each other. Seo Jun has a secretive darkness that no one knows about. They both independently decide to confess their feelings before which Seo Jun suddenly takes his own life. Ten years later, Ha Rin works in an animal shelter. The suspense and romance are much to look forward to in this series.