‘Reply 1988’ star Ra Mi Ran confirmed to lead alongside Lee Seo Jin in TVING’s upcoming comedy medical drama

Published on Aug 13, 2021 05:21 PM IST  |  177.7K
Ra Mi Ran, Lee Seo Jin
Ra Mi Ran, Lee Seo Jin; Picture Courtesy: News1

TVING's original 'Internal Medicine Director Park Won Jang', which will be released in the second half of the year, is a realistic comedy depicting the life of a 'funny' doctor of a novice doctor who is not even wise. He dreamed of becoming a true doctor, but today, in a flying clinic, Park's salty survival story, who is contemplating between medicine and tactics, is expected to give a pleasant laugh.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, 'Internal Medicine Director Park Won Jang' is based on a Korean-style medical building where a clinic and a pharmacy are gathered in the background, and depicts the windless daily life of local doctors, small businesses. As much as it was drawn by an incumbent practitioner with 18 years of experience, the vivid story armed with details brings laughter. In particular, along with the production of the drama, the news of the official Naver Webtoon serialization is also delivered, raising expectations. 

Above all, attention is focused on the combination of Lee Seo jin and Ra Mi ran. Attention is focused on Lee Seo-jin's radical transformation, who will be challenged with his first comedy drama. Seo jin Lee takes on the role of 'Park Won-jang', a novice internal medicine practitioner whose dream is to become a wealthy doctor. He is an ordinary head of household who suffers from convulsions in his business smile and the battle against hair loss that falls as the service spirit is exerted. Park Won-jang's new struggle to save the internal medicine just before the 'explosion' will be portrayed in a pleasant way. Lee Seo-jin, who will portray Park Won-jang's salty explosion daily life, from an unconventional visual transformation to an immortal comic acting, will be a treat to watch. 

Ra Mi Ran, a master of comic acting, works with Lee Seo-jin as the self-proclaimed queen of domestic affairs 'Samorim', who has a charm and laxity. She is a person who believes in TV show doctors and pseudo-science more than her husband, who is a doctor. It's fiery at times, but the reckless and ferocious inner support that Samorim, who is deeper than anyone else, will be watching is another point to watch. Ra Mi ran shows the essence of comic acting with her characteristic, natural and sensible acting. 

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