The Pinkvilla Movie Review - Shaandaar

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Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Pankaj Kapur, Sanah Kapur, Sanjay Kapoor, Sushma Seth

Director: Vikas Bahl 

Music: Amit Trivedi

Shaandaar is all quirky, all fun but misses the spark of extraordinaire that Vikas Bahl displayed in Queen.  For those who fell in love with the demure, unsure, unconfident Rani and in turn with Vikas Bahl, the curious observer who sharply created the relatable story of self-discovery, Shaandaar is neither that delicate, nor as nuanced and mostly never half as heartfelt. It feels too superficial and probably Bahl loses himself far too much in that glitter of Karan Johar’s world. 

The problem with success is such, you are expected to up your game with each movie. And sometimes, a director wants to visit his dreamy side, translate his bizarre ideas into films, which might not translate into good cinema. Shaandaar is just that – a rendering of Bahl’s bright imagination that doesn’t culminate into a great work! 

Bahl hasn’t been a man of clichés and he continues to explore his innovative streak with this adorable romantic comedy. Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt shine with their delightful chemistry. A desolate orphan, looked down upon by her wealthy family for being an adopted child and a wedding planner with a painful history are both insomniacs and begin a fairytale romance, complete with frogs, horses with a pompous backdrop. But, it is far from perfect. 

Bahl is a master of characterization and he successfully makes Shahid’s JJ a darkness fearing hero who finds horses in clouds with his lady love and serves her imaginary piping hot chai. Alia, who plays Alia, is nothing like the Alia we know, besides her zest. She is smarter than Google and the empress of the kingdom of day dreaming, which is far detached from her sorted, successful self.

The film has it all for romantics, though,  – ‘awwww’ moments are in abundance, beautiful locales, picturesque backdrop, vibrant chemistry and fun all the way. What it lacks is a coherent story! And almost everything it offers in its subplots, is expected. Unlike Queen, Bahl’s genius doesn’t conjure up something as delectable. 

Pankaj Kapur as Alia’s father is the star of the show. While, Shahid, Alia and debutante Sanah Kapur are all impressive and brilliant, Pankaj is subtle and owns his character with panache. His performance is understated. You can’t help but laugh at his cleverly orchestrated mischiefs and his undying love for his daughter from the woman who was his soulmate. Another, excellent element comes from the Sindhi-man Fundwani played by Sanjay Kapoor. He is outlandish, speaks a funny mishmash of stylish English and Sindhi, claims everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Michael Jackson is Sindhi like him and wears twice more gold than Bappi Lahiri. He and Sushma Seth, who plays the evil Arora matriarch, have cracked a hefty business deal. The oversized Arora child (Sanah) is sold off to Fundvani heir Robin in return of gold of the bride’s weight. Naturally, taking a dig at the Sindhis’ love for notes, the fresh-out-of-gym-protein-shake-drinking heir and the vivacious Esha (Sanah) are engaged. The boy flaunts his eight-and-half-pack abs with pride and is obnoxiously over-critical of Esha’s extra pounds. How this story ends in a commentary against body shaming, is a hoot all the way!

At its core, Shaandaar attempts to be a breezy love story. But Vikas doesn’t capture the journey of JJ and Alia’s love story enough. While he gives us ample to savour, including a dance sequence on Eena Meena Deeka, pillow fights and hide-and-seek, Bahl doesn’t let the romance simmer enough or grow on us. Had it not been for the caliber of its cute actors, and their natural chemistry, it can very well be called underwhelming. How JJ and Alia fall in love is never elaborated. It was always an attraction and *snap* Alia is telling her father, JJ loves her!

Shaandaar is fun, lives up to the claim of being ‘zany’, sweet but lacks finesse. There are too many good ideas that don’t quite come together. And while the narrative is innovative, the story is simple and predictable. The film’s sparkling humour comes from its dialogues that feels refreshing unlike the stale claptraps we are constantly subjected to. Bahl attempts to build around the usually funny premise but fails to do justice to his vision. Additionally, the film’s length dilutes the magic. 

It is great to watch, enjoyable in parts, a treat for romantics who finally get a film that is more than trials and tribulations of love but it never gives you the heady high of mushrooms and pot brownies. Shaandaar isn't all that Shaandaar but is a breezy, feel-good entertainment that will soon in future will be counted as comfort-cinema. Bahl deserves to be applauded for creating newer tangents to deliver on and not replicating what already exists. Until next time, dream on!

We rate Shaandaar a 60% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter. 

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Yet another flop for Dharma productions after Brothers

Vikas and Shahid tried hard to get Deepika for this film but she said No. At the time I was shocked , how can someone say No to director of Queen? Now I know why . Lol

Cute movie loved it!

Lesson to all talented film makers , dont get involved with Karan Johar , he destroys creativity for profit

Karan Johar is the reason for this disaster . Anurag Kahyap, Vikas Bahl and he tried hard to get Vikram Matwane to cast Sid for Bhavesh Joshi but didnt happen . Next Gauri Shinde

Looking at how the film was promoted , the decent chemistry between Shahid and Alia , I was expecting another Jab we met . Lol

Shows all that glitters isnt gold , film has stars , successful director ,exotic locations , designer outfits , lavish wedding theme but goes wrong with the basics : No story.

Alia and KJo hoped for another Queen . Lol , shows nepotism doesnt win

Just watched it. Dear lord it's horrible. Whatever respect and credibility Vikas, Shahid and Alia earned last year just flew out the window

Not surprised. The Trailer sucked big time !!

i liked the movie!

I had written when the trailer released that nobody wears gawdy golden color clothes when Sanjay Kapoor and his family is introduced in the trailer. My post got lot of dislikes then! That scene itself told that movie will be bad.

I didn't like it after I saw the trailer. There was nothing festive about the storyline and the songs.

strangely nowadays...none of the celebs praise any movie on twitter...earlier lots of tweets used to come for big star movies...didnt notice that post BB>..even any of the movies have been praised by celebs or friends...
twitter went gaga over BV praises...but now..movies like Phantom, Jazbaa, Shandaar, etc hardly got anyone tweeting..

if you are talking about bombay velvet praises. trust me it deserved that. it was a good movie

Sorry but I have to say I'm glad. Shahid and Alia were both showing some major arrogance during promotions. Hope this teaches them to come back down to earth

Now I understand why Shahid and Alia were embarrassing themselves by over promoting each other and their supposed 'jodi' rather than talk about the story. There was no story

This film seems more like Sonam should have done it..

This shows the immense contribution of kangana in queen. She contributed to screenplay and dialogues in queen.And she is not part of the writing team in shaandaar. Kudos kangana

Anurag Kashyap down, Vikas Bahl Kjo's next target ---> Gauri Shinde! Good Luck selling out!

LOL. When Deepika walks out of a movie. You know it's not worth it. Dhoom3 , Kick , Roy , Shaandar and the next is PRDP. ;)

Look at that Poster. Heart , guitar clouds , a delusional mansion , with girl hanging on guy and whatnot. I am done with this already , no need to read reviews.

Alia Bhatt's flop phase begins. Now the girl will feel like Parineeti Chopra (Waaayyyyyyyyyyy more talented then this Nepotism Queen) :)))

OMG no wonder Deepika rejected it right at first place...

The films was so weird. It would have been better if they made snowwhite cinderella etc remake it would have worked. Those weird mansions weird characters everything was so weird filled with glamour which doesn't exists in real life. Cringe worthy. Please stupid Indian audience don't make this movie a HIT.

Pankaj Kapur is the only good thing in this movie. Don't watch this movie for Shahid , it will make you forget that this is the same guy who did Haider last year. Don't even think of watching it for Alia , she is nothing but in a long prolonged flowerpot role to be laughed and pitied at. And never , NEVER watch it because you know Aunty Kjo approached a National award winning director for this silly crap romcom. FLOP. :) PV pleasseeee posttt. Don't ignore.

Overrated KJo created Queen of Nepotism - Alia Bhatt strikes again! She thought Vikas will make her win National Award with this one just like Kangana lol. PV pleaaaseee Post.

I know most people think Kangana was arrogant and wrong to say "Nobody could have played Queen except for me" but if you think about it whether you like it or not, IT IS THE TRUTH BECAUSE she wrote some of the dialogues in that movie, created some of the movies' scenes (like the kissing scene or that scene between her and Liza in the club bathroom) and added her own personal touches to it. She was actively involved in the process.

So bad
60%? lol
more like 10%
Waste of money and time

lmao at the mushrooms and pot brownies reference. quite a "zany" review but a slight improvement from before :)

i give the movie 6/10 it was okay
Alia was amazing her acting is so good but i loved sana the most she was too cute

not too good

So many anonymous haters.....

Noone wants to watch filthy rich desi people in big mansions dancing the waltz.

Very bad movie
Boring, lame, characterless, storyless.
Expected much more

Horrible!!!! How cud shahid do this movie.I'm disgusted..sorry shahid ur a good actor but no more can I watch u being wasted onscreen like this. vikas bahl...are u nuts???!!!!! How cud u make such an utter flop wid such lovely actors???? It's not funny, der is no link, characters are boring the twins , grandmom,sanjay kapoor...very OTT..I'm disgusted by the sheer waste of talent and a good script

It seems that any respected director's downfall comes when he decides to work with KJo ...

I am sorry i expected more from Vikas Bahl after Queen. I think Karan is the reason behind this disaster.

i want my money back :/

knew it, next flop: tamasha. up to the khans to save the BO

Tamasha will not flop!

No, Tamasha has Imtiaz behind the wheel and he always delivers in terms of story and performances

or roshan!

KJo is known to reduce the best of film makers into making mindless unrealistic and overtly glamourous films . Gauri Shinde is next

As expected. The bit about directors and expectation from them was spot on.

I knew thus would happen when Vikas agreed to work with KJo . Essence is lost and too much glitz comes in , no substance.


morning shows r all housefull :)

best film ... soooooooo lovely

People like you are the reason why Bollywood is so shallow , underrated and lacks content driven films and is no way near Hollywood. :)

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