The Pinkvilla Movie Review - Bajirao Mastani

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Realism as a word and theme remains obsolete in the exquisitely crafted world of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's fantasies. Bajirao Mastani has been the noor of his eyes for over a decade and he is dangerously indulgent this time around. Luckily he had actors who were able to carry the weight of his intricate and lofty vision on their able shoulders. Had it not been for Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and even the mesmeric Tanvi Azmi and the mantastic Milind Soman, the film wouldn't even be half as good. We daresay the biggest pitfall is that it suffers from weak writing, so much so that even its romance depends entirely on the chemistry of Ranveer and Deepika for its magical touch. A lot of what the film is made of and what it becomes, is derived from its actors who are top notch in every frame. Suck them out and it is flaccid. Ranveer, especially delivers his career's best performance. What is with that guy and acting. His raving energy, his zest, the perfection in his dialect, his canter, his eyes that speak volumes - Ranveer is superlative. Now this is a performance that catapults him into just another league altogether. Deepika dazzles in her role. She is subtle, fiesty and faultless. And Priyanka is first-rate in her act!

When you get down to decoding what about SLB's films cast that lingering, bewitching spell, you realize it has mainly got to do with the man's vision and his ability to mount his product on a scale with such confidence. The biggest strength of Bajirao Mastani is the faith everyone seems to have on the product. Besides the expense of its opulent set up, palatial backgrounds, detailing in the narrative and the picture-perfect cinematography, it is a painstakingly created labour of love. There is a lot of heart in the story which supersedes everything else and makes the movie Bhansali's most winsome work till date.

He must take pride in the characters he has made his own. Obviously one can have a fair idea about the story of Peshwa Bajirao and domestic woes. But in Bajirao, Bhansali creates a man who loves deeply and wars ferociously. He is strongheaded, sharp, opinionated, unabashed and loyal (as ironical as that sounds). Bhansali's Mastani is a woman of courage, who fights the whole world for the man of her hearts, she woos him 'shamelessly' and wins him over with her passion. It was inventive of him to paint her in such bold strokes and yet give her dignity. The naive and prurient can still perceive her as a homewrecker but the director convinces us that there are no two people who make better soulmates. The pivot of the plot is, however, Kashibai who might be an image of helplessness but it takes such strength for a woman to respect and protect the other woman your man fell in love with.While Bajirao and Mastani overwhelm you, Kashibai steals your heart.

For the entire first half, the film keeps you hooked. Don't be surprised if the popcorn time hits you like a brutal shock. Afterall, who the hell wants a break in the middle of action, drama and high voltage emotion! By the interval point, there is a crescendo of sorts. Post-interval the film feels relatively weak with fewer peaks, lesser action scenes and more heavy-duty ishq-esque (Ghalibish) dialogues, the film feels stretched in the second half. It is then that Ranveer and Deepika come to rescue with their seductive chemistry. It is unbelievable how these two manage to beguile us in a story that can easily be jaded. But they infuse a fresh whiff of energy into the characters we've lost in the pages of our history books. 

It is a tough choice to pick a favourite from this film. Be it Ranveer, Deepika or Priyanka, they are all flawless in their own way. As Ranveer shows his expertise at weaponry and Deepika gives him a solid fight at that, Priyanka's vulnerability is enough to choke you up.There is so much to remember in this film but the most memorable ones are - Kashi and Mastani's altercation on the eve of kumkum-haldi, when Kashi saves Mastani from a fatal plot and when the tug of love brings Bajirao to Mastani's doorstep. It is tough enough to get over the 10 minute long climax scene in which Bajirao and Mastani parallely struggle to reach to each other.

Its gimmicks, its indulgence, its flaws, all blend in by the time the end credits roll. The sweeping visuals, the distracting tapestry, the engaging love story and the unapologetic, unabashed love for the celluloid is what makes Bajirao Mastani haunting. Bajirao Mastani is monumental... Every line has a dialogue polished with care, every shot a dream you are bound to love. SLB has never been this earnest and that's enough to forgive all his aiyashis he has subjected us to. This one is just Mohabbat...straight from the heart. 

We rate this film a 70% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter. 


*SPOILER ALERT for those who didn't watch the movie yet. This comment may contain details of the story-line*

I am not really a Ranveer fan. I always thought this guy does too much of over-acting. Deepika-Ranveer pair is very hot and sizzling. Except their natural chemistry, their last SB film Raam-Leela was mostly melodrama. The dialogues, acting everything was loud in that movie but that is how most SB movies are. Make no mistake as Bajirao-Mastani is also melodramatic but it is actually meant to be that way. Viewers can take refuge in the fact that, no matter how histrionic it seems it is actually based on a true historic legend of Bajirao Mastani (or at-least parts of it!).

Ranveer Singh's style, tempo, dialect, looks, energy,body language etc were perfect for this movie. Just "amazing" is an understatement for him this time. He was a perfect fit and no one else could have done better IMO.

I see a fight between PC and Deepika fans here but both were great. Deepika looked amazing. Her expression was subtle yet strong and sophisticated. She remained desperate as a lover yet dignified, although she was unaccepted and alone most of the time. It is hard to get the respect and sympathy from the audience portraying the second wife of the lead. But be it the storyline or Deepika's own performance, she manages to be liked and loved despite of that.

PC does a great job conveying her acting through her expression. Her eyes speaks a lot and portrays the complex feelings of her character. But I felt she is better in the second half of the movie. Supposedly her character should garner more sympathy from the viewers because she is the first and arguably the legal wife of Bajirao. She is supposed to appear helpless yet emerges as a strong woman who even helps Mastani's life. But to be honest, I always think that PC does a good job in everything. She has been doing great acting-wise for some time now. I didn't think she did anything exceptional which she already didn't do elsewhere. PC's presence in the begging should have looked little helpless and weak.She does look vulnerable but never really that insecure. Off or on-screen she always reminds me of the smart girl that she is. So even at the beginning despite being Kashibai of 1700's, she reminds me of a smart independent person of today and not a poor, vulnarable helpless woman who's "ghurur" has been taken away. But in the later part her persona copes well both with some remarkable dialogues and expression, where she is not yet accepting Bajirao-Mastani relationship but kind of emerging out of it.

Now let me come to the storyline. Writer/Director is going to say probably in his defense that, he based a classical-tragic love story on Bajirao's life but it is still a fictional story-blah blah. But still the comparison of the movie with the real story of Bajirao-Mastani comes unabashedly. I always feel history based movie should stay true to the core of the real story and writer/director should not take too much freedom in changing the story line. In certain part, SB has changed the story to perhaps fit it into a love tragedy. That is where it reminds me the fact that, end of the day it is a bollywood movie and it is supposed to be that way for a commercial success. At the same time it reminded me of Devdas or even Mughal-e-Azam. You know the kind of movies which cannot go wrong no matter how many times you repeat the same frame. According to wiki, ''...during 1727-28, Chhattrasal sent a secret message, seeking help, from Bajirao I, who happened to be on a military campaign in the vicinity of Bundelkhand. Bajirao came to the rescue of Chhatrasal. In gratitude, Chattrasal gave Bajirao his daughter Mastani, and a third of his kingdom, including Jhansi, Sagar and Kalpi. He gave 33 lakh Gold coins to Bajirao. He also gifted a Diamond mine to Bajirao in marriage to Mastani along with handful of villages.'' If this legend is to be true that means, Mastani was already "lawfully" wedded to Bajirao along with the gifted wealth from her father and she didn't just set out to live with Bajirao. Also in the movie it shows how Mastani goes to convince Bajirao to help their army but in reality probably it didn't happen. This is just an example but there are many instances where the scenes in the movie were created from SB's imaginary mind to set the plot of the story. Even at the end, it shows both Bajirao and Mastani die at the same time but actually Mastani died shortly after Bajirao died from a heat stroke. Mastani's son was raised by Kashibai later as her own.

Sooooooo, did anyone else fantasize about being Priyanka Chopra in that bath scene with Ranveer. I did :)

Deepika Padukone in Deewani Mastani - MOST BEAUTIFULLY SHOT & PERFORMED DANCE in a movie since MADHURI in Devdas.

loved the movie, everyone was fantastic...mastanis character stayed with me at the end tho, the utter humiliation she had to face right when she walked into bajiraos family was so heartbreaking..everytime they would call her to come as a dancer, i remember feeling so bad myself, power of amazing script, direction, acting..the best part tho is while i felt bad for her humiliation, she was so strong that i knew she would be handle to it which it was always happened in movie. such a fantastic movie, everyone should watch it in the theaters once, the cinematography was perfection, actors all played their roles so well i was completely immersed into every single character, the visuals were unforgetable

Don't know what deepika though when she saud yes to rule like mastani even though your acting with actress like prianka whose the natural actress and powerful perfomer when in it comes to negative rules and intreasting it's shows obviously from her acting in film , she hasn't show any effort in bajiro mastani film she was worst , Deepika wasn't good in acting deperment in bajiro mastani , she got overshadowed so badly by prianka powerful performance, that happens when you give more importance to cameo rule in tamsha (coz of it stars ex bf ) and take an powerful and inspiring character which history writeen on it , too lightly. Post



treu....100000 likes

treu....100000 likes

I think it's time to share what Huffington Post had to say about Deepika's performance: :-)Huffington Post:
Mastani is played with stupendous elegance and wide-eyed idealism by Padukone, who it seems can do little wrong at this point in her career. She is captivating, with a highlight being the detachedly ferocious manner in which she fights attackers off with a sword in one hand while the other protects her young son, who is clutching her tightly in fear. At the same time, she shines in Bhansali’s most obvious tribute to K Asif’s Mughal-E-Azam (1960): the song ‘Deewani Mastani’, a beautifully-shot, wonderfully composed song that is easily one of the film’s highlights.

Why are some Priyanka Chopra fans desperately wanting put Deepika Padukone down? If the "truth" they seem to repeatedly want to "declare" is so self evident, why make all this effort? I say this again. Different people will have different views. Don't put others down to elevate the person you embrace. I will reiterate my perspective on Deepika's performance simply because I feel I have to in the presence of all the vicious pronouncements: Deepika was focused, understated, and intense. And it was sublime to see how love transformed the warrior - into a lover.

Priyanka took full charge and how. Blown away the best scenes in the movie are the scenes with Kashibai and Mastani and the other one Kashibai and Ranveer during the confrontation. Priyanka is fire and has identical screen time as Deepika who looks like a goddess and painting. I'm so happy for the great response they got. Priyanka just totally owned her character and so did Ranveer. The difficult role of a third weel in a love triangle with a real life sensational couple is very hard to play and make your own. Call me biased by Priyanka was by far the best thing is Bajirao Mastani. Priyanka had this ability to literally steal the show especially in two heroine projects. Just like Aitraaz fir example. She was just fire. Pinga looks amazing on the big screen and Albela Sajan looks like a colourful painting. Ranveer my god haha best actor!

The main thing is that Deepika looked crazed and deranged - like a 17 year old immature teenager who just randomly decided that Ranveer wanted to marry her by giving her his knife when he didn't even KNOW that was what he was doing. It didn't show that he loved her it just seemed like he was fully in love with his wife Kashi; had the hots for this fighter girl gave the knife as a memory and left with ZERO intention of ever seeing her again. She was the one who followed him like a psycho and she really looked like one too with her weird contact lenses and pale skin. Everyone should have felt sorry for Deepika as everyone was against her so she had the most sympathy but I think people couldn't relate to her. The part I really didn't like was the Pinga song - I wish they just cut that from the movie. Overall it started out with Ranveer as amazing, Priyanka as Priyanka and Deepika as a beautiful fairy - but by the end Deepika was weird as Mastani, Ranveer was still amazing, and Priyanka really evolved as a character and walked away with the better role and better acting. Deepika in her fight scene with her son was unbelievable it just looked like she was "acting" and didn't look natural.

Deepu darling played her real life self and failed miserably even at that.Bwhahaha

Oh my goodness. The depth of malice! I can't fathom what's got over some of these Priyanka Chopra fans. Poor PC, she would absolutely abhor this.

Superb movie! Just saw it. Ranvir Dipika Priyanka were excellent! Rest of the cast Tanvi azami, Milind Soman, Yatin Karyekar were good too..

Deepika as Mastani was Divine!!! At first watch, I wish she had more dialogues, but after watching BM the second time, I realised that the character of Mastani is more of a deity. She is there to fight for love, believing love comes before all things and was willing to give up her life for it. She was so brave, strong, resilient, yet still a woman with feelings and fragility. I LOVED HER. No wonder Sanjay Leela Bhansali said Mastani is his favourite of the three. Deepika's acting was TOP-NOTCH despite the limitation of the material she was given. Every time she was in the frame she was powerful & commanding. She danced like a dream in Mohe Rang do Laal & Deewani Mastani. Deewani Mastani will be watched & loved for generations to come. She's been immortalised in that song. The finale is where I truly saw the screen LEGEND she has become. Those last scenes have been playing over and over in my mind. When she raises her hands in front of her face.... ICONIC. NOBODY in Bollywood, not even Aish could have done a better job. Deepika is an OUTSTANDING performer. Sooo proud to be her fan :)))))))) I'm watching the movie again with friends tonight. Third time!!!

lol sanjay said mastani was his favorite character, not his favorite performance

Err... that is what I said. I loved the character of Mastani. I also loved how Deepika played it. Can I please praise my DP in peace. No need for your negative comments.

Woah, 4.5 lakh views and 500 comments.... Bajirao Mastani truly rocks.

Did bhansali intend to make bajikashi or bajimastani........without dee pikas grace elegance and dignity...mastani would have been strange.......ranveer fabulous....both pc and dee pika are good actresses as they were playing opposite to their real life characters

Damn ! I watched it for FREE, but still I want my money back !

Everything about this movie was perfection. Ranveer absolutely killed it, you could truly feel Bajiraos turmoil/pain. And Deepika, man Ive never seen such a powerful performance--whether it was her war scenes/fight scenes protecting her son, her amazing dances in deewani/kattak song, or just the intensity of her eyes loved her performance. I truly felt so bad every time Bajiraos family set out to humiliate her in front of everyone. Also PC, was amazing--the scene where she had just found out about the assasination attempt and the expressions on her face on whether she should tell Bajirao or not..just from her expressions you knew exactly what was going on in her head. UNBELIEVABLE performances by all 3, as well as all the supporting characters..what a movie, still can't get it out of my head.

Bajirao Mastani is outstanding. A standing ovation to the makers and performers in it. Jaw dropping work done by Ranveer. SLB finally lived his dream and I'm loving this film so much that I'm going to watch it again during the week.

I agree with every points mentioned by Gohar below. To summarize, after lootera it was Ranveer's best performance, it was Priyanka's one of the best performances and it was Deepika's worst performance in the recent years. Watching BM I felt like it was a BajiraoKashi movie rather than BajiraoMastani. I as well could not sympathize with Deepika's character, and neither did I understand why the movie asks us to believe that Bajirao and Mastani are more in love than Bajirao and Kashi Bai. As much as I love Deepika but watching her in Pinga I could realize she has a lot of room for improvement, she looked so out of place in that song in comparison to Priyanka. Her face was almost blank. Deepika in Piku was the best this year, so I am still hopeful about Deepika's upcoming movies. BM is great otherwise. Its a shame that the movie didn't do well in the box office.

Why r u saying it didn't do well at the BO? I have read lots 9f places that its doong well, but yeah I deserves to do better!

I don't think you understand understatement. Deepika was sublime. Perfect. But I agree different people have different opinions.

I beg to differ :)

Superb film. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a poetic director who makes films so perfectly. Ranveer lived the Bajirao character so well that I have no words to explain his performance. Excellent job Ranveer, I am your new fan. You should win all best actor awards for this year. Deepika looks like a dream with that beauty but is also strong and superb with her acting as a warrior princess. Priyanka is very good in her character. The movie is epic.

Had Aishwarya and Madhuri played these characters they would have totally nailed them

Day 3 and still the #1 Post.

Also hated the fact that Ayat song was either edited or not picturised at all! Such a beautiful song ruined by bad editing! It would have been a great song to add romance between Bajirao and Mastani!I think it would have taken the movie to another level. I din want to watch last 30 minutes of Ranveer halllucinating if only they had squeezed in Ayat and made use of the movie time

Drove for 5 hours just to watch it.
The movie was a little disappointment for me when it came to Bajirao Mastani love story.The movie could have been one of the best Hindi movies but the plot missed that golden opportunity along with bad editing! Some scenes were too long! Esp the end scene!
I think the audience went to see Bajirao and Mastani's romance but we what we saw was that BajiRao and Kashi's romance more intense than with Mastani which was absolutely unnecessary in the movie! SLB did not let Bajirao and Mastani's chemistry bloom much and just rushed the whole thing whereas he focused a lot on Kashi's feelings. Well if he had to do that why not name the movie sth else or simply Bajirao? It looked like Kashi was the seductress ( she was shown sensuous and hot whereas in real life Kashi bai was not an attractive woman) and not the other way round! I feel he just misled the audience from the start!
And those saying PC was better than Deepika must get your senses checked! Deepika was outstanding in every frame..She had that regal poise, grace, boldness and everything..and she looked stunning. Her character was not easy to play but she pulled it off brilliantly!
Priyanka looked like a smitten school girl and not like a royalty at all! She was more like a homemaker in the entire movie than a royalty!The role was nothing new and challenging to her so stop saying she outshined Deepika!She was good but it's stupid to compare Deepika and Priyanka in the movie!

You are clearly a DP-fan who couldn't stand the fact that her fave wasn't in the spotlight. LOL, people are entitled to their opinion, so if they think PC was better... They are allowed to say it !

Your comment is spot on.

I really enjoyed the movie. I do however feel that the love story of bajirao and mastani could have been better. I think Deepika did very well playing Mastani and I cannot see anyone else playing it. Few scenes she had that I really enjoyed of hers was when she was giving birth (it was sad how she was all alone at first), the scene where she is practicing with the sword (she looked so elegant and fierce. (somehow both ;)), the scenes when she had to face Kashibai she showed her emotions the best I thought then.
Priyanka as Kashibai was my second favorite character. She was loving, emotional, and betrayed. Yet, she maintained an innocent appeal and a motherly like attitude, even though her husband loved another woman. I personally cannot even imagine how I would be if I were in that situation. The scene of Deewani Mastani (PCs expressions were everything). And don't get me started on the scene of her and Ranveer bathing *drools* lol.
RANVEER! I swear he was living this character. He played it so well. As I have read this is not the story of real Bajirao, Mastani and Kashibai I think they all did a good job and made their characters interesting. The ending scene of Ranveer was one of the best scenes, if not the best. If anyone is skeptical of seeing the film, go see it. It is a bit slow at times and I though Bajirao and Mastani's romance could have been a little more in depth but, overall it was very entertaining and something I won't forget.

This was the perfect review I read so far . I also loved the scene where ranveer thinks deepika is killing him, wow the look on this face, priceless. Also the scene whee he takes mastani in his arms in the water fountain , mastani was glowing . Your review was the best so far

"In contrast, Padukone struggles to bring Mastani to life."
"Deepika Padukone as Bajirao's second wife Mastani, is good but could have been better."
"But Deepika could have done more with her part. She is way too subtle and silken, and not steely enough as the firebrand warrior-princess who will love her man, come what may."
"Deepika Padukone is lovely, and creates sizzle with Ranveer Singh, but hasn't melded with the part."
"Deepika Padukone according to me performs the weakest amongst the three stars. Even though she plays the lead, there are a lot of flaws in her act. Sure she looks beautiful but completely lacks the grace while performing on numbers such as Mohe Rang Do Laal. Her body language is too modern to embrace the charm of Mastani. In one of the scenes, her dialogue delivery is so weak that she sounds exactly like one of her dialogues from Tamasha."
"My only complaint from Bajirao Mastani would be Deepika Padukone and the slightly random climax sequence."
"Deepika Padukone has no grace or poise to fit in the role of Mastani. It was a role clearly written and meant for Aishwarya Rai."
"Deepika as Mastani looks like a dream --- she's a lover, a warrior, a courtesan and a mother --- all in one. It's an imposing character on paper, but the actress fails to bring it out to its full strength."
"Deepika Padukone looks scintillating as Mastani and does well on the war front but not otherwise."
"Her character, though, is strictly one-dimensional and therefore tedious."

"Deepika Padukone as Mastani proves to be the weakest link in the film. Though she looks pretty enough, she lacks the conviction needed to play Mastani and her consistency in maintaining the same expression throughout the film proves to be her undoing. Mastani was said to be a fierce warrior, but Deepika fails to convey that too though she has a few sword-fighting scenes in the film."

cant say its a best movie.
deepika was better but priyanka was fabulous!
love the dilogues of this movie.

I'm not an Indian and I have to say that Sanjay Bhansali is a terrible director. His films are so shallow and offer ZERO content. I really hope this film flops badly and marks as his end of career. I hate his artificial and fake film making. One of the worst directors humanity ever seen.

I hate all those who praised this movie so much that I decided to watch it. A total waste. Curse you all for the undue praises.

I am stunned after watching the movie. Ranveer was fantabulous!! The climax scene and the way the little boy was clinging on to Mastani when she was all tied up, left me teary eyed. The movie is excellent in all departments. DP and PC were equally good in their roles. Only one gripe...I was expecting more Bajirao-Mastani scenes. Not sure why SLB didn't utilize Ranveer and Deepika's chemistry as this movie demanded it.

WOW..Just finished watching Bajirao. Ranveer and Deepika were AMAZING. OMG, Deepika looks absolutely STUNNING...She managed to make Priyanka (who is supposed to be a MISS WORLD) look very average in front of her!

Miss world or miss universe are titles , not necessary they are really the most beautiful . It's very technical at that point of time in that year . Ther are so many beautiful Women out there in this world who probably might not be related to glamour world you will be surprised

What a wonderful movie!had goosebumps!!all three had done justice to their roles!Ranveer wow his career best performance two good, Priyanka character is good wife who loves her husband more than anything and she performed wonderfully and the mastani deepika take a bow !how strong woman she was and deepika played too beautifully! All 3 were fantastic ..This is 'Cinema'..all dept from art,dance,customes,camera,dance,direction etc etc everything was too perfect:-)best movie of year

can someone please explain how priyanka's son Nana is much older and grown up while deepika's son is still young and little even though they were born around the same time? I really don't get that part...

Nana is the older son

Nana is Kashi's older son. The little boy is shown in the early sequences of the film. He was spending time away in Satara at a later stage in the film. The younger one was referred to as Raghoba, for Raghunath.

Nana was the eldest son. Shamsher (DP's son) was the same age as Ragunath (PC's second son). There were three sons in the film.

lol deepika fans blaming the script. mastani had literally everyone against her besides bajirao, she should have been incredibly sympathetic. just deepika was so one-note you didn't even care.

WOW PC's fans come across as dumb and insecure.

People are missing the point in the movie here. Mastani was never accepted as his wife because she was half Muslim , had she been Hindu she was allowed to lawful wed her. Those days kings or pm's were allowed to wed many wives. Here mastani also suffered right from her birth because of religious differences . Humhare dil ek saath dakakthe hai mastani, aur rukhathe bhi ek saath hee hai .

Pc fans needs to chill down. Everyone did a great job and hats of to sanjay Leel bansali for giving us a good movie. This movie is one I can watch it again

just watched it and my god. few PC fans are eagerly waiting for this review post i think. they were ready with hate comments abt dp. so sad. i dint feel PC as spl in the movie, it was her normal acting and the role written was too good.she dint do anything spl.abt deepika, her role itself is warrior princes, she cannot laugh and run stupidly like kashibai...first get that thing... loved the movie and spllly RSSSSS......

SLB ruined the impact of Bajirao Mastani love story by leaving no stones unturned by glorifying Kashibai. People would attribute it to Priyanka's acting but her character itself was written in such a way to gain sympathy. If not for the climax scene where Ranveer acted superbly, this whole movie wouldn't have had any impact.

i liked all character, the energy of ranveer rocks and feelings of kaasibai is awesomely potrait. i know its the story but mastaani just lingering looks uncomfortable but if they love deeply its not shown clearly, just mistakenly given the katar which is misunderstood. Having said that this movie is very strong energetic nice dialogues and definetly not missable. paisa wasool

Bajirao Mastani. A case for an International Relations Staffer. One should always have on staff someone who can explain the customs and rituals of other kingdoms. How to greet individuals, acceptable gifts and the meanings behind them. This could've all been avoided had someone told Ranveer, "should you feel compelled to give a gift, steer clear of your dagger. Dagger equals marriage!"

So true! so much pain and suffering could be avoided that way. Bajirao was a fool


This movie is slow and drags didn't feel the love between Bajirao and Mastani at all.
DP as the warrior fighter she was good with the sword but she tried too hard to express emotions with her eyes fail she just stuck her eyeballs out.
RS was good as Bajirao he did amazingly well I felt he had more love for Kashi then he did for Mastani.
PC as Kashi was amazing she stole the show she so outshines DP in the scene they have just before the song pinga.
One can appreciate SLBs work the costumes and the sets were beautiful especially Deewani song and the water fountains in mohe rang do laal albela sajan is my favourite PC was amazing in that song.
PV post this

You mean DP was amazing in those songs

Mastani ruined Bajirao there was no mohabat but destructive dead aayashi

Karan Johar, Ayan Mukherjee, Anushka, Katrina, Kareena and Kangana have not tweeted or commented yet on Bajirao Mastani. They must all be so jealous and crying in their heart that Sanjay Bhansali did a marvelous job with Bajirao Mastani and that Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka gave such stellar performances. I'm loving it. Karma is biting them as Karan got Ranveer removed from Bombay Velvet for Ranbir and look what happened, ha ha ha. Ranveer was so good in Bajirao's character that I hardly noticed him as a person. He will surely win all the best actor awards for this year. Deepika is the biggest superstar and most versatile to have played a Piku, a Tamasha and a Mastani, such different characters but so well done.

What are you talking about !? Ayan , Katrina , Kareena don't have a twitter account . Pretty sure Kangana doesn't have one too or if she does she doesn't use it ! Anushka is busy shooting in London !

What about ash who was given her careers biggest movies by SLB

I watched the film and man was it epic. A big hug to Sanjay Bhansali, Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka. Just too good and superb. Ranveer was Bajirao, he played the character so well that I forgot it was Ranveer. Excellent performance. Deepika and Priyanka too did a wonderful job. Deepika's role is difficult as she has to be a warrior and also be a lover mother and bare the hatred from everyone except Bajirao. The dialogues, songs, colors, costumes, battle fields, palaces and background are all so beautiful. This film should win awards in all categories for 2015. Everyone whom I know who watched this movie is loving it. I'm surely going to watch it a second time. Ranveer, you are a true hero my boy, every scene was perfect and you made me cry so badly in the last 20 mins. Hats off Bajirao Mastani team.

All those men who in love with another woman but are stuck with their wives, will love this movie. All those women, who are having an affair with a married man, will have some hope, after watching Deepika in this movie. While, all those women, who know that their husbands are in love with another woman, will shed tears like Priyanka. This movie is a glamorization & promotion of polygamy and a dedication, in fact, to forbidden love. It puts those men who cheat on their wives and those women who steal other women's husbands on a pedestal.

This is a movie based on a true movie, will be about a badshah and his affair with his leading lady and how it destroyed his marriage and what he had to do to resurrect it..including having a baby through a surrogate.

This movie was epic! The costumes, music, fighting, acting. I loved it. Ranveer was my favorite overall. He completely owned bajirao, I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else being that character for the film. PC and Ranveers chemistry is amazing. They were so cute together, I wish the story was only about them though. I give Kashi props though. She could have been so heartless. (though this film doesn't depict their real stories). I was rooting for Deepika before I saw the movie but, I wasn't into her character. I loved Piku and Tamasha as well but this wasn't her best I felt. She had dead eyes the whole time and I didn't feel sorry for her at the end. The last scene was very sad and Ranveer was brilliant. Best of luck to the movie and everyone involved.

Just saw the movie. The plot is weak and it's more style than substance. The characters' motivations are clear but there is a lack of depth and real-ness in them that makes you not want to suspend disbelief. In the second half, the story line is hazy and the viewers are left wondering what is it all leading to.

I really want to thank SLB for making this film. The sets, songs and performances are some of the best to come out of Bollywood. For me Ranveer Singh stole the show. DP and PC both looked so good and acted really well. Infact they both had such good chemistry with Ranveer that I rooted for Bajirao Mastani and thought Bajirao Kashi were just as hot! Both of them had enough screen time to show their acting prowess. This movie is a visual delight which is expected from a Bhansali film but the best thing was the movie wasn't too mushy, there was so much to show and it could have been an easy route to focus on the lead's chemistry but to show Bajirao's pain about being pulled in different directions and his equation with his empire, advisors, mother, Kashi and Mastani was shown with so much conviction. And special mention to the love scenes that were done so tastefully and Milind Soman who is 20 years older than Ranveer and looks equally hot!

For some reason i did feel sorry for Mastani...I don't know why people are saying they did not...I felt shes a warrior pricess..she emoted very well through her eyes and when she fought...God what she fought..........truly praise worthy performance by of the most mature performances i have seen from her.

Deepika owned this movies equally as ranveer did . Priyanka was good but I remember aireaaz , her role was the easiest . Deepika was ethereal , her war scenes were awesome

Stop fighting guys over deepika and priyanka. Both were good and ranveer was awesome. Bansali made a wonderful movie and appreciate his efforts by watching the movie in theatre becauE this should be enjoyed in theatre, really grand opulence

Ranveer Singh is fantastic in Bajirao Mastani. He gripped me from start to finish. He made a great warrior, but what I liked most about his performance was the tenderness, the kindness, the love... Bajirao the human being. Ranveer Singh is here to say.

Bhajirao's tear drops while blowing off the lamps , how well each of these scenes are captured . Also the scene where he takes mastani in his arms, mastani saving bhajirao and bhajirao striking her,last scene of mastani in chains, her seperatiom if her son. Her sword practice when she was upset,bhajirao throwing the knife at his brother when he insults mastani,,, many mor like this scenes will get etched in your mind , such is an impact of this movie. A must watch for everyone

Bhajirao's tear drops while blowing off the lamps , how well each of these scenes are captured . Also the scene where he takes mastani in his arms, mastani saving bhajirao and bhajirao striking her,last scene of mastani in chains, her seperatiom if her son. Her sword practice when she was upset,bhajirao throwing the knife at his brother when he insults mastani,,, many mor like this scenes will get etched in your mind , such is an impact of this movie. A must watch for everyone

Wonderful movie, har har mahadev

Deepika Padukone is phenomenal, when she s onscreen you cannot focus on other

Honestly I just could not tak my eyes off her.she looked sooo gorgeous and graceful

When I saw the movie, I felt for Kashibai. She had done no wrong, and had to go through a lot of pain for actions that weren't hers to begin with. But I also couldn't help but feel bad for Mastani, as the whole world seemed against her. She is humiliated, kept away from the rest of society, and there were some scenes, (such as where there was no one to help her deliver the baby), which exemplified this really well.

Maybe this is the reason that Mastani's character was kept subtle. If they showed too much of her emotions, it may look as though she's making a hue and cry for something that she was both warned about, and willingly accepted. But instead she accepts and fights the mistreatment, making her a stronger character.

This movie really made me think about life in general, and how one decision made can turn your entire life upside down, and those around you. My favourite of the three characters was Kashibai, then Bajirao, and then Mastani. That being said Mastani being nuanced and under-played was probably the right decision for the character.

Hated deepika for breaking up Bajirao and Kashibai that,s how good their chemistry was

Why would you hate Deepika when it was Mastani?

hahaha... I agree with you! The comment was so imbicile

Hah deepika definitely wasn't mastani. she looked so lost and out of depth

Kashi bai in this movie was specifically written to make pc's character look good,it had nothing to do with real kashi who walked with limp and was very much involved in trying to kill and get rid of mastani ,mastani's son fought for maratha's but was set up to get killed at the age of 27 while kasha's sons enjoyed the throne , I wouldn't be surprised if they had mastani killed as soon as bajirao died,SLB pays lot of attention to detail in each movie and characters from costumes to music and sets But his arrogance ruins storyline and characters ,I found it awkward to watch this made up drama knowing that what happned in real was way way different !

Hi Deepika, it should have thought this before signing the film!!

People who are saying Bhansali made a mistake casting Deepika as Mastani need to realize that we need to be grateful she was cast. Back when Bhansali was obsessed with salman apparantly bhai dressed up katrina, dragged her to bhansali's house, presented her to him and said "this is your mastani". lucky for us bhansali didn't do jack about it. can you IMAGINE what katrina would have done to that role? can you even imagine taking her seriously opposite ranveer and priyanka's performances?

Hahhahahahahahaaaaa !! Your comment made me laugh like Kashi and Radhabai in the flag-scene !!! :D :D KATRINA as Mastani, LOLLLLLLL !!!

Best movie of the year

To the people who says deepika was not good in it, it is the very hard role and it's not very well written . She is in different era , women born to Hindu and Muslim and she is a warrior too. She can't whine and cry like regular women. She probbaly faced descrimination from her birth. It's pretty character , she did amazing job and she looks like a fairy princess in the mohe rang do lal song . Second half she did so well with her role. Climax was really good , just the expressions with her eyes and it says it all

This movie is one of the most over rated movies and all the reviews are completely exaggerated calling it a historical film. I was so let down watching this movie, especially the negative message it proposes and makes cheating acceptable in this society. I understand that movies are a form of entertainment, but it's unfair to completely disregard the impact they leave on the society. Where a movie like Queen empowered women, Mastani played an obsessive lover and a home wrecker ( ironicaly, people blame and hate katrina for the same thing) . True and eternal love doesn't wreck lives and can never justify infedility, the perception of love expresed by mastani portrayed in the movie is completely wrong and she fails to make people connect with her. On the other hand, every emotion Kashibai was supposed to feel, hurt, anger , anguish, helpless were all clearly and well expressed by Priyanka and for me she is the star of the movie having the better role and was much better acted. This movie seemed more like Bajirao Kashbhai rather than mastani, judging people's perception after leaving the movie theatre. It's not just the role that makes priyanka shine, but her acting, her dance.
Deepika's dance in the movie was so robotic and mechanical without zero expressions, where her character should've expressed intoxicated in love and helplessness, she came across as obsessive and undignified. Priyanka completely over shadowed mastani in every way. This role could've been easily pulled off by someone like kangana, aishwarya or even kareena to some extent. It was also extremely annoying that all three actors were wearing contact lenses throughout the movie. I need to go watch jodha akbar to redeem myself lol

How is wearing contact lens different from using hair extensions or shaving head or make up of eyelashes or hair color or straightening or curling. Each of these are done by all actors to achieve the look. Anyone who played mastani character would be very tough but deepika pulled it off. Karen's cld look pretty but she would not be able to dance or fight gracefully , she has more movements in her body. Ash pretty much would look like umrao jaan, she is petite too and can overact or scream, her problem with her face is it looks pretty wooden because of her eyes . So deepika is the best

How is this promoting cheating when this is a film that doesn't even take place in current society? It took place during a time when Hindu men were legally allowed to have more than wife and many men in position of power took several. If it were a modern day story it would be different. The actual thing they were promoting is love instead of prejudice against differences and religion. Also, let's face it, Kangana isn't nearly as physically captivating as Deepika to pull off Mastani, who was historically known to be a mesmerizing beauty and Aishwarya missed her chance after the Salman break-up, while Kareena messed up her chance by doing another movie behind SLB's back. Your perception is skewed.

kareena cannot dance classically or do fighting scenes. aishwarya isnt strong in her action scenes because she somehow makes it look like dancing. unless you made deepika do all of aishwaryas action scenes as her stuntwoman then deepika was the best option. honestly guys it was as close to perfection as possible

Just watched the movie and it was okay

Ranveer nd pc were fab!! Both were into skins of their characters.lovedddd kashi bai and her dignified character.
Pc and rs have amazing chemistry.

But..dp was bad!she looked cold and robotic.also mastanis character to me seemed more like a obsessed teenager,not a mature lover.

In the end pc and rs owned bm or should i say bajirao kashi :p

Wish this movie was epic as the trailer was RS as Bajirao was good and PC as Kashi was amazing she stole the show DP on the other hand was not so good trying to show emotion through her eyes big fail it was as she was just sticking her eyeballs out but I have to give to her for the warrior fighter in her she was good with the sword SLBs work can also be appreciated the costumes the sets overall a slow movie not so epic

Best movie and deepika's mastani role is the most difficult to pull off. She likes intoxicated in love with bhajirao just with her eyes. She is not supposed to cry or shows too much emotions because she is shown as strong warrior woman. Even after watching movie I will take home her beauty, smile and her intoxicating eyes filled with love for bhajirao

Great film of the year. its one in a life time kind of a movie. watched once. Now the movie is running back of my head like a slow poison. want to watch if again specially for Bajirao( Ranveer singh), who was so brilliant that i forgot he is Ranveer singh.

The movie is epic! Ranveer is outstanding throughout the movie. He owns it completely and how! All the other actors are excellent too. SLB shouldn't have actually called it as "the love story of a warrior" as it was just a story and not a "love story". He didn't focus much on how love between Bajirao and Mastani grew. The kind of hinders with what I was expecting from the movie i.e. an epic love story between Bajirao and Mastani.
Actually by the end of the movie you feel like Mastani was an unnecessary intrusion into Bajirao's life who spoils his life for the sake of a girl.

Best film I've seen in a LONG time. The editing was great, the music was good, the acting was stupendous by all. People clapped at the end. Ranveer Singh TAKE A BOW.

Do you guys see how Deepika and Ranveer are stealing the attention in the picture above? That is exactly how they overshadowed Priyanka!!!

I have watched bajirao mastani.

What I like.

It's a very beautiful movie and I enjoyed it a lot. I can imagine how beautiful it looks on the big screen. After watching the movie I couldn't stop thinking about Bajirao and Ranveer who did great work here. he owns every frame, not even one false note, not even once you feel that it's Ranveer playing Bajirao, no I was seeing only Bajirao on screen. The way he walks, talks, his accent, his every emotion, every move is delight to watch. The scene where he fights with his imagination enemies in the end left me with teary eyes. Ok, now I became Ranveer Singh fan. Priyanka is very good as kashi, her dialogue delivery is very good here and their scene with Ranveer in the bathroom was hooot... that chemistry was something else, I started to hate Mastani for ruining their love life which was perfect BTW

What I don't like.... Mastani and Deepika. I didn't like Mastani's character. I didn't feel sorry for her at all. We supposed to sympathize with Bajirao mastani - a great lovers, but first of all I didn't see how they fall in love. Mastani saw him fighting and fall in love, started running after him and he was like ok I'll marry you but there was not that big love to feel for them. Mastani was just an other woman in this happy family who ruined not only kashi's life but also Bajirao's relationship with his family. What about Deepika's performance. I honestly didn't like it at all. I understand that SLB wanted to create a very strong character, a little bit cold, warrior princess who emotes more through eyes but Deepika couldn't pull it off, she had no emotions...when she is with Bajirao, when she says good bye to her son, when she talks to Kashi about her emotions etc just one cold, frozen expression in her big eyes through out the movie (stronger actress like Rani who can emote through her eyes could do justice to this role maybe) And her dialogue delivery is very poor here, she was saying her dialogues so fast that there was impression that she is afraid to forget them. Mastani is Deepika's weakest performance of last years. She was really good in Piku and Tamasha but not here. Any way Bajirao Mastani is a must-see movie! Go and watch it guys!!!

you took the words right out of my mouth. I felt Deepika was the weakest link in the film and I didn't care for her and Ranveer's love story/chemistry.

Felt the same about Mastani's character. Not complaining about Deepika because she did great with what she was given. For me Mastani's character did not make me fall in love with her, give her sympathy and made me confused nohow Bajiao fell in love with her. What I felt was that she just "plastered" herself on Bajirao after he gave her the knife without knowing that it meant something in the Bundelkhand kingdom. I am also guessing that SLB changed it because of the protests. He did not show any romantic scenes between them maybe to avoid controversies....

Yes..they have so much content that was edited out that they can do a part 2 or as extras..Also, the romance part had to be kept minimal because of sentiments of various people.

Omg! That is exactly how I felt. I absolutely LOVED Bajirao and Kashi and hated Mastani coming between them. I was shipping Rao and Kashi, they wear on FIRE. And I didnt feel anything for Mastani she was just way to poised and cold... and thats why in the end what happened didn't make me feel anything. U know the famous line Rao says "Bajirao ne Mastani se mohabbet ki he ayashi nahi" I just never felt that Mohabbat as much as I should have. The movie kind of let me down at that part. And also Ranveer was so AMAZING. He has always been one of my fave actors but after this one he is on the top of the list. He was just so damn wonderful it was a treat watching him. But yeah, Deeps kind of let me down in this movie. I expected a lot more, in paper ahe completely nfits the role but I wished they went with someone else... and also the fake lenses was so annoying. She should stop using them and everyone else aswell.

well we must have seen a different movie,i think dp did a very good job specially in the fighting scenes and the songs,mastani wasn't well written that's why you didn't relate to her,also her dialogues weren't that good,can't comment on the dialogue delivery part,i don't speak hindi,don't know how you guys should deliver your dialogues to say what's good and what's not and to be honest i didn't feel dp in 2 r 3 scenes she was too subtle or maybe even wooden in them but she worked so hard for this role,learned sword fighting and some tricky dance moves so even though i think it's not her best performance but i also think she was given a raw deal writing wise and she made the best of it so plz don't discredit her hard work just because you didn't feel for her role in the film,i do second what you said about ranveer though and i think you've always been a fan of his or maybe you were a fan of him only as a person and now you like him as an actor for pc she was charming and cute but she had 2 expressions throughout the film she was either giggly or agonized,still her role was better written and less demanding so for me it was ranveer,deepika,tanvi azmi and then pc

i didnt think piku was 'really good' it was good enough but not worth critical acclaim. i think her performance in cocktail was more admirable.

Wow, you COMPLETELY missed the point and the lesson to learn with Bajirao and Mastani's relationship. She didn't ruin Bajirao. The prejudice against Mastani's religion ruined them. Because she was considered a Muslim regardless that she was only half, that automatically ostracized her in Bajirao's family's eyes. If she had been Hindu, things would not have gotten THAT ugly as Hindu men were allowed to have more than one wife at that time. It still would've bothered Kashibai, undoubtedly, but it wouldn't have been nearly as insulting. It's because Mastani was Muslim that the Peshwa family didn't consider their marriage valid and hence Mastani was merely a mistress to them, someone beneath them. Bajirao's family's attempts to kill her (several times in real life, might i add) incensed him deeply. The lesson here is tolerance. PV please post this.

I don't think anyone commented on Mastani ruining Rao, more like ruining Rao and Kashis relationship. Yes I did understand the point, love has no boundaries. But that wasn't the point what I nor Gohar were talking about. It was about the fact that just Mastani FAILED. She failed to make the viewers care about her and her love-story with Rao. I wish I got to see the undying and love between Rao&Mastani.. thats Why I got angry when the end didn't make me cry. I wanted to bloody CRY!! All of Bhansalis movies have made me cry, and when I say ALL I mean ALL! The only time I cried was a scene between Rao and Kashi when they were blowing away the candals... Isn't it weird how much Mastani had to go thru and I didn't even shed a single tear.

Yes exactly my thoughts. Her father was Hindu but still people don't except her. Had she been a Hindu those era polygamy was allowed. Hindu kings too had so many wives , just because she was half Muslim she never got excepted and was treated badly and they tried to kill her and her child . Bhajirao loved her and in order to protect her he created a separate mahal for her . He wished to give her respect by legalizing their marriage but people were againat because she was Muslim. If she was Hindu she would have been a wedding second wife and she she was smart and warrior might have even overpowered kasha. It's all about how religions were treated those days

Deepika is not versatile or natural at all.She can play modern roles better though.I enjoyed reading your views,Gohar.Glad that u shun mediocrity and say it like it is :)

Where did you see it, if not on the big screen ? #Confused

"The camera is occasionally distracted by Mastani's luminous beauty, but Deepika still manages to lend depth to her character. She also reminds us of her penchant for action in one of the film's best scenes, in which she single-handedly fends off a group of attacking swordsmen." Anna Vetticad, Firstpost
"The leading ladies Priyanka & Deepika are looking very beautiful and performed their characters brilliantly."
"And Deepika Padukone is riveting as the legendary beauty Mastani. Her face is so luminous that she seems lit from within. " - Anupama Chopra
"But thanks to the strong central performances by Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, the impressive sets and costumes, and the power of the visuals rustled up by cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee, Bajirao Mastani is never less than watchable." - Saibal Chatterjee
"The actors offer relief in this period saga, especially Deepika as she enters the scene with sparkling brilliance, stepping up the tempo every time she is in the frame." - Hindustan Times
"Deepika looks ethereal. She is pitch perfect throughout. " - DNA
"This isn't an easy film to dismiss. Mainly because, Deepika has made it her habit to be the best thing in the film that she is working in. This one is no different.' - The Quint
"Mastani is played with stupendous elegance and wide-eyed idealism by Padukone, who it seems can do little wrong at this point in her career. She is captivating, with a highlight being the detachedly ferocious manner in which she fights attackers off with a sword in one hand while the other protects her young son, who is clutching her tightly in fear. At the same time, she shines in Bhansali’s most obvious tribute to K Asif’s Mughal-E-Azam (1960): the song ‘Deewani Mastani’, a beautifully-shot, wonderfully composed song that is easily one of the film’s highlights." - Huffington Post
And these are just some of the few. When she has gotten reviews like these to balance the negative, (most of which still liked some aspect of her performance, but didn't flat out dismiss her the way a Sonam or Katrina are in most of the critics reviews they get), and the haters still say that the critic reviews are brutal, you know, even the haters think that she needs to be held above the average standard for actors - she is THAT good.

Mohe rang do Laal, deepika looks like a fairy princess so pretty so well toned, so gorgeous, love her natural smile . She has the most beautiful natural smile in the world ,

Mohe rang do Laal, deepika looks like a fairy princess so pretty so well toned, so gorgeous, love her natural smile . She has the most beautiful natural smile in the world ,

It's been a day now after watching movie and the aayat song still going on in my minda, beautiful,,, perfect casting

Deepika has had unanimously amazing reviews for both Piku and Tamasha. Most reviews said her role was one-dimensional and she was bogged down by it, except for Raja Sen (who: look up his reviews for Tamasha, Piku, FF, YJHD and CE if you use him to judge her skills) and one other. The haters were obviously waiting for that one little thread of negativity to pull her down like they have before, but she will be fine. After the critical acclaim she enjoyed for Tamasha and Piku, if BM is only about her spectacular beauty, that's still an amazing year for her.

Deepika has done over 20 movies now and she has become really good at acting natural and playing modern day characters; she clearly doesn't have any inhibition acting before camera. But real dramatic acting, she can't do at all. She always looks lost and her eyes don't show depth, just shows her reciting her dialogues

This movie had such an important lesson that love has no borders. Ranveer and PC were the standouts. I wish Deepika had more to give. She was great in the start but then she became bland. :(

Have watched the movie is the word....Ranveer is best. Deepika and priyanka are amazing

While the audience can't get over Deepika's beauty, the haters here are seething with their their fake reviews. Go on. Your hate just cements her stardom.

While the audience can't get over Deepika's beauty, the haters here are seething with their their fake reviews. Go on. Your hate just cements her stardom.

The movie was long and boring. Pinga song ruined the second half portion for me because I felt the song took away from their characters especially Mastani...I mean she was crying one moment, and she is dancing. HUH? This movie was definitely below Ram Leela. As usual, the story is depressing!

Initially I wanted to hurt everyone involved in the delay of Star Wars in India. After watching BM, ain't even mad. BM made the 1 week delay worth it. Thanks for an incredible movie experience SLB! (although a less predictable ending pls?). But now shoo! next week its time for the Force to Awaken!

people say ranbir and deepika are the new srk-kajol, they are so wrong......... ranveer-deepika are the new age love birds.......i get so emotionally invested in their films like i did back in the days with kajol-srk...... i hope next film they do will be with aditya chopra or karan johar film where will see them in a happy ending........(spoiler alert)

Sanjay should have taken someone else as mastani , deepika acting isn't quite there yet. I feel like Kareena would have been better. It's really not deepus year , flop after flop

I personally think slb should have stuck to his original star cast , Salman Kareena n rani. While RS was great , pc was alright and Dp was a complete let down . This film required experienced actors . The story it self didn't help either I fell asleep nearly

This movie is a epic fail so slow and boring unnecessary songs but one can appreciate SLBs work the costumes and the stage setting RS was good PC was amazing and DP tried to hard to show emotions with her eyes instead it just looked as if she was sticking her eyeballs out but she can be appreciated for the sword fighting have to give to her there tho she was good with the sword

Someone on twitter put it so well. In SLB's films the third lead always has the more earthy, warm, sacrificing and therefore likable role. Witness Ajay Devgan in HDDCS, Madhuri Dixit in Devdas, etc. I'm not surprised that Priyanka has so much warmth coming her way for this role. It's written that way, empathizing with her, and she's competent enough as an actor to enhance a good role.

I personally liked Deepika!! She was superb

I watched it yesterday here in US..First day last show.
I am Deepika-Ranveer fan so I was super excited about watching this movie. For everyone did an excellent job and the part they were given to perform. I wanted to see some romantic scenes between Bajiao and Mastani but I can see why they did not show that. It would have been another protest to show Bajiao making love to a kind of "mistress". Just because Deepika fell in love with a married man, it made her look in a negative light.
If I have to line them up according to the acting it would be:
1) Ranveer (simply because he is BAJIRAo for me and what a mad one at that)
2) Priyanka (because it is easier to love the person who has been wronged)
3) Deepika ( Her lover was her life and it took her life but my being Indian made me look at her as a villain in the story)

Someone said it but I have to say it again...Deepika's fans come across as more dignified eloquent and intelligent in their analyses and comments. I have long noticed it.

LOL.You gotta be kidding me.I used to like deepika a lot but her fans are just too much!!

I have no doubt that bagirao mastani will sustain in spite of the clash with srk's movie. See we all have that inherent ability to appreciate quality when we see it.

my thoughts exactly!

Even I hope so. Because the movie was picture perfect . There was lot of effort and thought and money went into making this and you can clearly see it in the film. If this does not make money people will atop making these kind of movies, these are epic which will be remembered many more years to come

lol the fact that slb took priyanka for his next and ranveer for his khalnayak remake says everything you need to know about deepika's performance

umm maybe SHE doesn't want to do an SLB movie again? She gave SLB his biggest hit after Devdas but she surely doesn't want to stick to him only.

lol pls, every actress is dying to be slb's muse. that's why she does the "i owe you my life" dramatics

Get well soon, hatred and jealousy not good for ur health

Pettiness does not become Priyanka's fans. She's gonna be so disappointed in you guys.

Wait, whaaaaatt ??

ahhh i hope someone casts ranveer-pc together again now that they actually have chemistry!

Ranveer should experiment with other actresses too :(

First Post: However, all three are too model-like, too manufactured with their toned abs. Deepika looks ravishing but her contact lenses don’t let you see the historical, strong figure of Mastani. Priyanka's performance touches the most with her moist-eyed dialogue delivery, even though this is not Kashibai’s story. However, her authoritative ‘chaala’ is just not enough to bring real authenticity.

Ok thank you!! I'm so glad that someone finally mentioned the contact lenses! Honestly, I LOVED the movie but I do have to say I was very disappointed that someone like Sanjay Leela Bhansali wanted his Mastani to wear contact lenses. Her eyes looked creepy and dead and she just had a blank stare throughout most of the movie that made her look deranged. In comparison she looked much more alive in Ram-Leela. I also didn't like how light and pale she looked - I'm guessing that was to look the part of a Persian but it just wasn't necessary she looked pale, lifeless, and had reptile eyes with the contact lenses. Otherwise she's a beautiful girl but Priyanka Chopra had more expression throughout the movie. All Deepika did was look blankly and then fall to her knees.

this movie was stunningly beautiful... a real piece of art but of course in india everyone's too dumb to appreciate art

Beautiful film but parts were bit slow paced. Luved everyone's acting though RS was the best. PC is experienced actress and shines in a smaller role; DP tried her best but could have been better, she performed amazingly in the last scene.

First Post: However, all three are too model-like, too manufactured with their toned abs. Deepika looks ravishing but her contact lenses don’t let you see the historical, strong figure of Mastani. Priyanka's performance touches the most with her moist-eyed dialogue delivery, even though this is not Kashibai’s story. However, her authoritative ‘chaala’ is just not enough to bring real authenticity.

Mid-Day: Surprisingly what should have been the strongest link of the film ends up being the weakest. Deepika Padukone as Mastani looks stunningly gorgeous but seems unfortunately handicapped with an unidimensional role and not so inspiring dialogues.

Awesome movie.. Bajirao Mastani.. Go for it......

Trust me or not, I am not a deepika fan or I dont define myself as a fan of anyone. But who are these people commenting on her acting did they even watched the movie, because I really think she was amazing, doing a second woman role in a way you are not hated but still liked, you know it was a hard role to pull. Deepika is the soul of the movie without doubt for me. PC's role was just emoting but deepika has to emote, fight, dance and what not. She did it all. And why compare anyway, and I dont understand why PC fan base is so insecure about this. Do they not understand that bashing Deepika is bad for movie sales and impacts their star at the end of the day. Lame!

Agree with you. Saw the movie yestrday and deepika was the soul
Of movie , she had so much to do and yet her character was written weakly and yet she pulled it off . People don't even watch and still comment like they did

no, honestly not really a fan of any of the three but ranveer and priyanka just so completely owned their parts that deepika was left looking like a one-note amateur. she had no dimension to her performance, it was just her responding back to bajirao's family in a weird wide-eyed stare or pursuing bajirao. sure some of that is fault with the script, but she could've done more with the role, which would have been sympathetic in the hands of a better actress.

Priyanka Chopra lightens up this travesty of a movie. Iam still mad that this is the travesty shown as if it was the real story of Bajirao & Kashibai, but of course PC did her justice:

Firstpost review: Though Kashi gets less screen time than the titular characters, Priyanka makes the film as much her own as theirs, shining with grace, poise and restraint each time she comes on screen. She also slips comfortably into the role of a Maratha woman, tweaking her body language to fit the part and going well beyond the crutch of that sparkling nose ring and those lavish outfits.

PC got less screen time ? I swear, that's not how I experienced it !!

Bajirao Mastani has sold out more shows than Dilwale in my area. I was surprised to see how hard it was to get a ticket considering that dilwale was reported to being more popular. This movie left me with a lump in my throat and my hands trembling. it was that powerful. so much richness in each scene. i have to see it again to be able to fully enjoy each detail and nuance. My favorite part has to be the song Mohe Rang do Laal. the whole song was like a dream and deepika looked like an apsara. all the actors were amazing even someone with a supporting role like milind soman..but none of the characters are relateable so don't watch this movie expecting to hear any character say or do anything that anyone in our time would say or do. By the end of the day Ranveer Singh will go down in collective consciousness as one of india's talented actors.

Yup! Just watched the movie in Vancouver, Canada, and thank God we had bought our tickets on Wednesday cause both evening shows were sold out by the time we got there to get in line (1 hour before the first show). People were leaving disappointed, Dilwale's first show was sold out but there were still tickets available for the 10pm show. And, yes, I loved the movie as did many others walking out with me, many were discussing coming back to watch with other family members, let's keep our fingers crossed!

I just could not bear the scene where mastani'a son was taken away from her . I kept thinking in reality did he survive ? Remember when Rau gives land in mastani'a name saying when is was alive they all could be so mean to mastani, what will happen to her when he dies. The departing scene will bring tears, humhare dil ek saath dakakthe hai mastani, deepika played really well in her climax and her her face when Rau realizes she is having a child , awesome .

I am thoroughly amazed by this epic movie. Deepika and Ranveer were flawless and powerful. What great proformances by them. They made BM a beautiful movie to be watched again and again. I am definitely going for a second showing. DeepVeer rules.

Seriously I can watch this again in theatre, deepika looks sooo damm pretty especially in the rang do Laal song

The best song is aayat, cannot imagine how beautiful deepika looks, the clothes fit her like second skin in the mohe rang dho Laal song .ranveer? Want to bow down, he is amazing , everything about him was so perfect. I am his big fan now

Some reason lot of deepika haters here, I guess jealousy

Seriously from the start till end except for that malhari song , I had goosebumps. My favorite scene in the movie is the initial war scene when he strikes deepika thinking she was trying to kill him, the look on his face? Ending was pretty painful to watch , especially I kept thinking did mastan's son really survive?

Seriously from the start till end except for that malhari song , I had goosebumps. My favorite scene in the movie is the initial war scene when he strikes deepika thinking she was trying to kill him, the look on his face? Ending was pretty painful to watch , especially I kept thinking did mastan's son really survive?

he did. and he inherited the two plots of land that bajirao wrote in his mothers name. later fought he alongside the peshwas. he has descendants as well.

Hoping they recover the money,I liked the movie , it's intense and more songs were not needed , but it's no doubt a masterpiece

Depu was out of her depth in this possible role of a lifetime. Kat would have acted this weak.

dances and songs were a let down and made the royals look like common dhobis

PC stole it from DP. BM both came across as selfish arrogant stubborn self indulgent lovers without much romance

i must say pc 12 years, dp 8 years, and ranveer 5 years in filmy industry, i know they'are all excelent actors. but who give more dedication for the film? of course ranveer? he closed himself for21 days berofe shooting, shaved his head and didn't doing anything else except bm. pc back to back bm with quantiq. but she did bm before quantqo. i think she has enter kashi character depply and after doing anther film she'is easy back to kasibay every time she want. dp is last enter for bm she did piku until march, then shoot for bm. back for tamsha in april. bm again. and last shoot for tm in august. after that do bm again with tamasha promotion begin. in this case it no how oood your act but how much you commit and dedication for this. i think ranveer has that. and of course its no surprise if he shine in this film far away than the girls

Excellent Movie, Commendable performance by Ranveer, Priyanka chopra. Deepika wrong choice by Bhansali(Kareena best fit for Mastani & Leela roles).

not at all. bansali did the perfect casting. no one else could have played mistune better than deepika. the only actress who cld come close was kareena but she can't dance gracefully or fight like a warrior. ash lesser said about her the better, just look at umrao jaan. she cld not have pulled this role at all.

Kareena looks too old now and she isn't a great dancer. I think deepika is a great choice. Aishwarya also would have been good

"And Deepika Padukone is riveting as the legendary beauty Mastani. Her face is so luminous that she seems lit from within. She becomes, incredibly, both sensuous and spiritual." Anupama Chopra
"Deepika Padukone as Mastani is a woman of exquisite beauty. You’re captivated by the heft that Padukone lends to her fight scenes, or when her eyes speak more of her suffering than words." Rajeev Masand
"The actors offer relief in this period saga, especially Deepika as she enters the scene with sparkling brilliance, stepping up the tempo every time she is in the frame. She makes a dashing entry as she attacks the Peshwa (Ranveer) in his own camp when his attendants do not allow her to meet him. Dressed like a soldier, she moves forward kicking and slashing Ranveer’s soldiers." Hindustan Times
"Deepika is absolutely outstanding as Mastani, a woman in a man's world, a Muslim in a conservative Chitpavan Brahmin setting, and a mother driven by the power of love." NDTV

lol masand said she was one-note and tedious

lol exactly praise for her looks.

I watched the movie and the read Raja Sen's review. That guy is a complete lunatic. I usually agree with his reviews even those that point flaws of DP but this was actually bonkers! SHE DOES NOT make sword sounds and he totally didn't get her sarcastic smiles when she delivered some dailogues. I think her brain cells took a hit after watching Dilwale.
"And Deepika Padukone is riveting as the legendary beauty Mastani. Her face is so luminous that she seems lit from within. She becomes, incredibly, both sensuous and spiritual." Anupama Chopra
"Deepika Padukone as Mastani is a woman of exquisite beauty. You’re captivated by the heft that Padukone lends to her fight scenes, or when her eyes speak more of her suffering than words." Rajeev Masand
"The actors offer relief in this period saga, especially Deepika as she enters the scene with sparkling brilliance, stepping up the tempo every time she is in the frame. She makes a dashing entry as she attacks the Peshwa (Ranveer) in his own camp when his attendants do not allow her to meet him. Dressed like a soldier, she moves forward kicking and slashing Ranveer’s soldiers." Hindustan Times

*Just got back from the theater* BAJIRAO MASTANI IS EPIC !!!! Ranveer was SPECTACULAR, DP and PC are the Ying to each others Yang, Tanvi Azmi's performance was as sharp as her dialogues, Milind Soman was a calm yet crucial presence and Vaibhav was the perfect shady villain. TAKE A BOW, BM-TEAM !!

Priyanka had the easier role of playing Kashibai-- acting sad, jealous and hurting. That's up her alley..she does these heartbreak, dramatic roles easily (because of her real life I guess) ;) She will NEVER be able to pull of Mastani's character. She will never look as beautiful, can never sword fight with so much grace and agility, she can NEVER horse ride and act out war scenes while still mounting grace and beauty..never do Kathak with such delicate grace. DP pulled off her marathi character Mohini with such great thing (unanimously praised...the accent included). PC was great but lets be fair Mastani was the tougher character! PC's was easy and more sympathy inducing.

Look at how dignified and sensible DP's appreciators are-- Nerveends, Sizedoesnotmatter, Strider, QuirkBox to name a few and how petty, repulsive and obnoxious PC, Sonam and some others (PCisMine, BollyFanLover, Lizard) are. The latter can barely string a sensible line together and hardly make any compelling point. They just spew venom against DP on whatever little they find. They're more consumed by their hatred for DP that their love for their actors. Sad and nullifies any chance of having a healthy discussion.

#1 Post.

Watched both dilwale and bhajirao today. No comparisons. Bhajirao all the way. What a performance by ranveer. Officially now i am his fan. pc rocked and deepika nailed it.
Dilwale is full of crap except kajol srk chemistry. Wonder what was varun kirti amd all other jokers doing in that movie. Good songs though.

Please post my review pinkvilla. Thanks

Tanvi Azmi was amazine...beautiful costumes and jewllery. Fantastic insight into the Mughal Nizam era....they dont make movies like that defo go watch in the cinema. Visually stunning...and yes it does have a devdas..mugla azam feel...but still worth a watch.... Ranveer is like a younger version of SRK. Ranveer is no star kid like SRK.... he s versatilwle...from Band baja bharat to Lootera ...from DDD to Bajiroa..he s amazing

Pathetic movie, it's like a daily serial, deepika is beautiful but in terms of acting priyanka and ranveer nailed it

now i am sure u dint even watch it

Just saw this movie this afternoon in Miami. It blew my freaking mind. Deepika's eyes and her dancing were lovely, the empathetic emotions of Priyanka stirred my soul, but most of all, i have to say that Ranveer's performance was out of this world. He went beyond my expectations as an actor in this role and i don't think any other actor's performance in Bollywood for this year can touch his. He was in the ZONE. He and Deepika really made me empathize for their situation to where i wanted so badly for everyone to leave them be. The music and visuals were amazing but the acting performances really weaved it all together. I'd be happy if this movie won awards, but i think that more than anyone, i'd love to see Ranveer get for best actor. He did one hell of a damned job.

Copy and Paste of Devdas, JA and Mughal e Azaam sceens

May be u shd watch this movie before saying that because there is absolutely no similarly between any of these films u mentioned

Ranveer Singh take a bow. What a magnificent portrayal of Bajirao. I just saw the film in Vancouver Canada- thanks for such a convincing act. Deepika is also on point. And Priyanka is fabulous. The overall feeling after the film is overwhelming- A beautiful love story held together esp. in the end by a stellar performance by Ranveer Singh...each frame there was pain and intense passion felt. Thanks again's great to see hindi movies mounted like this.

Another Mastani would have saved this from being a FLOP. Sanjay erred in his choice.

Can't help if u just simply hate deepika but as far as movie is concerned no one cld have played mastani better than deepika , she looks gorgeous and plays in convincingly without overacting or drama, very surreal

Bad copy of JA, Devdas and MA. Lost respect for BM although Ranveer acted well. SLB should have not distorted history as the public is literate enough to know facts from only 150yrs ago.

And you are so literate that early 1700s is only 150years ago to you. Didn't realize we were in the 19th century still, I must have gotten into a time machine and found myself in the 21st century.

Only if Ash were Mastani..... Oh Well!!

she would look like umrao jaan lol . she cannot match deepika in acting or talent.

LOL! she would have well suited as ranveer's mother.. She looks so aged in comparison to ranveer

That would have been tragic.

Romance between BM was weakest link, jumping around with guitar is not dancing, ending epic fail. RK best performance.

Her presence was not notified to bhajirao and that was one dance, it looked magnificent in large screen . I also loved her kathak in mohe rang do Laal, she looks app pretty in her costume

why make royalty dance modern steps

Ruined by DP performance and lack of emotions and flat ending. SLB changed bio made Bajirao die as a lovesick weak fool, king and queen danced silly modern steps none of them could do classic dances, no wonder the peshwas protested.

Deepika ruined it with empty eyes no acting or dance skills.

Deepika's dance was the best, so if u call this non dance skill? And no one can compete madhuri'a dance skills , she has both taxis expression plus dance

Did u really watch the movie? I guess No. Deepika was very good? Even her sword fighting scenes were as good as her dance.her dialogs are fewer but that is how u can deliver those dialogues given to her

I liked the movie for the overall experience but I couldn't feel the romance between Bajirao and Mastani in the movie. I felt that Mastani was stubborn and Bajirao just gave in. SLB should have showed more of the romance. There were no scenes required of any wars or fights. as the movie title suggests, focus should have been on love and the tussle between Kashi and Mastani.

Seriously guys instead of fighter who was better in the movie, please go and watch the movie and support the movie . People are watching mindless crappy movies and making it blockbuster , if the Trent continues people will really stop making good movies? This is a master piece

Bhajirao mastani is a epic and it will be remembered many years later too. I loved watching the movie, every frame looked so beautiful , aayat aong still ringing in my ears even after I left the theatre . Loved all the main leads in the movie

I saw this movie today in USA, I really loved the movie, of course it's pretty intense , ranveer Singh should be ready to take best actor award for this one, no competion for him

No. 1 Post! DP Power! As much praise as she is getting everywhere, the 2-3 repeat commenters posting the not-so-flattering-to-DP reviews here cannot help themselves from spamming the same old rehashed comments on each post. Who is denying it - sure not everyone liked DP's performance but the MAJORITY of the critics LOVED DP's acting and looks. Even the comments not praising DP so much, are better than the comments ever received by Sonam and Katrina (whose fans, I suspect, are posting the most here and trying to pass off as PC fans. PC and DP like each other and their fans do too)! Spamming those same 3-4 comments cannot change the FACTS.

haha Dp power! her fans are dumb like her. she ruined the film.

As a DP fan but not blind, I hate to admit that Kangana Ranaut is the Best Actress of 2015 (TWMR)!!! You simply can't ignore the performance both critically and commercially. Hats of Kangana. May I join your fan club, please??

WORD!!! I'm sure they will accept you open wholeheartedly. PV needs to support actresses with true potential rather than PR made overnight stars. Candidly, DP is out of work next year anyways. I can't wait until 2017 and need someone worthy to cheer on. Who better than Kangana?? Have you seen her line-up??? My My... we haven't seen anything yet!!

DP has few projects in 2016 , she is smart enough to keep quiet about it for now, thanks to haters like you

There are certain people whoo always sends the same reviews of two or three critics to bash Deepika who isn´t even bashed so get out and pray that your fav actress even can get in a league of these two ladys. Here are people who genuinly wants to review the movie. All three Ranveer Deepika annd PRyanka played their part well.

AHAHAHAHA!!! The meltdowns are BEYOND & above delicious. HAHAHAHA!

Raja Sen Review:
"Padukone — as Mastani, the fiery warrior princess — looks dazzling but her performance is wishy-washy. She starts off smiling oddly through grim dialogue and then appears to be making sword-noises with her mouth when in battle. We can’t hear her over the thundering score, but she has the exact same expression boys with lightsabers sport while making their own sound effects. Her Mastani is obsessed with Bajirao, and while it was perhaps the film’s requirement that Padukone look giddily entranced, there are times when she appears completely lost."
"It doesn’t help that she’s entirely eaten up by Priyanka Chopra, who, while not in the title, owns Bajirao Mastani. Her role is that of the moral right, but Bhansali goes out of his way to imbue her character with selflessness and dignity. Chopra’s terrific in the part, her intelligently expressive eyes speaking volumes and her no-nonsense Marathi rhythm bang-on, but having the film side so obviously with her — placing her on a pedestal over the two lovers, even — is a narrative misstep."


Stick to playing the girlfriend, Deepika Padukone. That is your max & you are mediocre. Good that people notice it now

Unbelievable . A Sonam Kapoor fan talks about another actress abilities when Sonam has proven again and again she cant act, emote or utter a dialogue properly . Aisha,Mausam,Players,DKD many many more, recently even PRDP she is sooo bad . You set yourself up for ridicule

Ridicule? I beg to differ. Deepika stans have been above & beyond obnoxious in all Sonam Kapoor related posts, acting like their fav is a flawless actress. NOT!

& iam GLAD she is proven to be mediocre by the same critics who made her a star. So yeah, sue me. Deepika has OVERWHELMINGLY been called BAd for the movie that was supposed to define her career. All looks, no substance. EAT THAT HUMBLE PIE DEEPIKA . This is karma coming your way.