The Pinkvilla Movie Review - Dilwale

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The romance of SRK-Kajol after a wait for 5 years is like another chance at reigniting your unrequited love story. You can never have enough of it. However, as expected, Dilwale is out there to sell only for its lead pair - Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol - who still have enough merit to make you feel giddy. We have no idea how they manage it each and every time, better than ever before, but they stand true to the tag of silver screen's last, most enigmatic on screen jodi. They are like a dream, reminding us of their past glories of Raj and Simran, of Rahul and Anjali. Somehow it is far too difficult to take the names of Meera and Raj in the same breath as these iconic ones. The actors are still earnest, putting their best foot forward but we wish the duo had returned in a film that deserved them. Rohit Shetty's Dilwale brandishes its lack of brains and has absolutely no shame in admitting its low-IQ humour and underwhelming plot. The director banks heavily on the stock traps of the actors’ chemistry. People fall in love at the drop of a hat a la ‘spread-of-arms’ pose. Shah Rukh plays himself to the gallery and quotes his famous lines from past movies. Chal koi nahin…"bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai..."

The privilege of getting this electrifying pair back on the silver screen should've been best reserved by the likes of Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra, who use them to the best of their abilities. Shetty's romantic tale about an estranged pair who fall back in love is never his center stage. He continues his affair with swanky cars which fly and co-habit the motor haven as his story falls apart in parallel universe and a few talented actors struggle to make some sense of the convoluted mess that plays out on screen. Crash-Boom thrills, puerile humour and other Shetty-isms take over and that is end of all that could've been good in the movie.

Meera and Raj played by SRK and Kajol own the film, or whatever little there is of the movie. The two belong to warring families, involved in crime. Amidst everything, the duo fall in love in a tender, old-fashioned way. There's ice-cream, rain dance, candle lights. Rohit is manipulative enough to get them dance in rain and remind us of that wonderful scene in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The only reason why you might remotely soften towards this film, is for the sake of nostalgia. These actors charmed their way into our hearts on our first dates, as our childhood crushes and are inexcusably the reason for our bizarre expectations in love. They hold far too special a place that Shetty tampers with.

There are reasons to be livid but then Kajol and SRK compensate for a lot of wrongs. They alternate to own different halves of the film. Pre-interval belongs to Kajol, who nails it in a smashing sequence which gets her man go  all - "Aaj ke baad shakal mat dikhana jaan le lunga". Khan takes on the mantle post that and is impressive as he vanquishes his arena of romance with panache. 

There is little to talk home about the film's wafer thin story. You wish Rohit had stuck to churning out Singham clones year on year. Even though fall-in-love Rohit Shetty style wasn’t up to the mark but atleast he had fresh jokes and more fun to offer. Going by Chennai Express standards, Dilwale is a damp squib. The jokes are sparse and its heart almost untraceable. Unnecessary angst, too much pangs, you thank God for David Dhawan's streak of fun Varun has inherited. His comic timing comes handy when sappy mode reloads. Kriti Sanon is a mere prop in the larger scheme of things, whose job is to look beautiful. And hell, she manages to be an absolute cutester. Sanjay Mishra and Boman Irani are the best things in this part unbearable and part tolerable flick.

The film's breakneck pace is a problem and let’s not even get started on the lethargic writing! It is cornier and has more gags than any of Rohit’s past ventures, which after a point becomes too much to bear.

So what keeps you going when you have spent some 800 bucks a ticket? Well, some good ol' romance, Varun Dhawan, iconic DDLJ dialogues (you’ll want to make a dash to Maratha Mandir after this) and stunts that will put Vin Diesel to shame. (isn’t it?)

But Dilwale never lives up to the hype it had created around itself. For most part, it is an all-noise vanity project for stars who genuinely want to show us a good time but are held back by an impotent script helmed by a man whose competency lies is another genre.

We rate this film a 50% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.  

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This Day That Year


I actually went and watched it on Christmas night and it was packed (to my surprise) it's never packed when any Bollywood movies are playing. Anyhow, I actually enjoyed it...the action was better and less crazier than other Rohit Shetty films. The movie made people laugh out loud and it also brought tears in the eyes of the audience. I liked the little plot twists and humorous dialogues but the bromance was the highlight of the film IMO. I liked the fact that each of the cast members had held the spotlight at some point and managed to attract attention.
Now I just have to watch Bajirao Mastani soon just for Ranveer and the hard work he put into it.

Good movie bad movie, walked out sooner... later.....you still paid $$$ and SRK is one step from being a billionaire. SRK knows what sells, and he delivers the product. That's the morale of the story.

SRK...Naam TO Suna Hoga.

All I can say is if you want to watch both Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani, I suggest you watch Dilwale first, that way BM won't expose how terrible Dilwale is and you can enjoy the film for what it is. If you watch BM first then watch Dilwale you will HATE Dilwale. Totally UNBEARABLE.

BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE OF Shahrukh to release Dilwale with Bajirao Mastani. Not only does it expose how glaringly mediocre the movie is, but is shows his arrogance in thinking he could crush BM. He just brought heavy embarrassment and ridicule upon himself. Yes of course Dilwale will make money, I don't wish for it to fail but it exposes the rubbish SRK has made. Using his star power to push silly films and making us pay for it. Shameful. Well it's his own fault, Dilwale will soon be forgotten while Bajirao Mastani will forever be hailed a great film. He should learn from this.

this movie is soo predictable, nothing new, however kriti stole the show....she is here to stay and become the number 1 actress

SRK is a great business man. He uses his son Abram to promote his flop movies.
Dilwale Movie is a total trash-rehash of lot of old movies. It is hard to believe SRK is the same guy who did
Bazzigar, swdesh, chuk de india, My name is khan, Devdass.

SRK you can take a risk to do good movies with a substance. You are not working for money now. You should be very selective
with your choice of movies.

Overall it was a feel good movie ruined with a very weak script and poor humor. Songs are done really well but because all of them are already out, they can't impress you as they should. Fortunately action is done in a decent way. Comedy is very cheesy. Boman was completely wasted and Johnny Lever needs to retire ASAP! Kriti and Varun are like supporting actors. Shahrukh-Kajol chemistry is still intact Though I think Kajol was not the right choice for this type of role. But still there are moments in the movie where you go awww seeing them!
The only saving grace is Shahrukh Khan himself who's absolutely charming and looks and sounds damn hot without even trying hard. I enjoyed the movie, but I think they could easily solve some major flaws in the script before doing it, because it actually can spoil the mood and takes away from the hard work.

SRK usually pleases his kids when he makes his movies. He said.. FAN is for his little one, AbRam. He always says his children doesn't understand him in romance.. they love him in action scenes.. So that's what he's doing. What does he need to please anyone anymore... he's become so grand, that he can just make a movie and dedicate to his children, and that would be a blockbuster. Come on guys, he's been working since 1991. What more can he do.. more love scenes. It's so hard to please everyone in this world. Give him a break.

#2 Post 3 days in a row.

Wasted my money, wasted less time- got out before the interval. Rohit Shetty needs to step out and see more world cinema. He's stuck in the 80's. Or perhaps read or travel- something to get his creative juices flowing (that's if he has any). It's really sad that SRK is STILL doing cinema like this. Sigh. C'mon man, you know it's not cool to dish out the same garbage time after time. It's killing our brain cells. Not to mention it seems like you will do anything for money. Ask yourself- is it really ok to be stuck in the same class year after year? You need to make and endorse better cinema SRK. You have the acting chops- c'mon show them! As far as Kajol is concerned- I have no words. Poor thing I guess, she must have been looking for a comeback film and was just offered this repetitive formula. Sorry guys- really disappointed with my experience. :(

you totally deserved the movie. It's because of people like you ( who buy the ticket) that the movie is made. If you had the brain cells to buy the ticket (knowing fully well what kind of movie it is) then you have no right to complain. It's NOT Shetty or SRK's fault.

Who can complain or not after spending their own money for a film is not for you to decide. And judging by the tone of your comment you need to chill a bit and stop deciding who deserves the movie and who doesn't.
I'm with the poster above. Yes, it was a total waste of MY money too and I'm complaining about it!!! The same mediocre films year after year. I hold both the director and producer responsible, not the poor audience. We buy tickets hoping for new and better films not the same old crap recycled and pretending to be something they are not. PV please post this.

My day got ruined watching this shit

I like masala entertaining movies. But this movie was so rubbish.i really liked chennai express which I felt was solid entertainment, but this movie I felt like setting the screen on fire.horrible movie

Make of this what you will: I think SRK needs to stop producing his own movies. That way, he will always play it safe because his money will be at stake. Dilwale was not only him playing it safe, but it might have backfired. Chennai Express wasn't a masterpiece but I accepted it. This was just exhausting.

Kajol ! :)
Loved dilwale! Kajol is the BEST thing about it!

Just watched it today! Was a bit dissapointed. SRK kajol pair was great but sadly with no strong story together.. Varun's comedy with the other actor varun sharma and johny lever was funny.. Kirti senon had side role to give... Overall this movie had no story line at all!! I would rate it as 2.5 stars!! didnt like it at all

Kajol has a gupt hangover
Srk is trying too hard to be sweet and charming altogether.
Kriti is confused
Varun is tryna act like salman and govinda
Story is nonsense.. theyve ruined the kajol-srk magic.. it literally felt like a spoof on their chemistry. Rohit shetty is no chopra or johar.. he should stick to golmaal series only.

i wish rohit shetty made srk and kajol kiss in the film..i know many like me would have looooved to see ! better than kissing katrina kaif!!!!! love srkajol

Dilwale. What is good about the movie

1. Shahrukh is hotter than ever.

2. Kajol never looked so beautiful before. She is just STUNNING.

3. Janam janam song which is very beautiful but it gets irritating when it plays every time Shahrukh-kajol seen on screen.

What is bad....

1. There is no story in Dilwale. Rohit Shetty just decided to make money as usual. What you need if you want to make money by the name of making movie and you have no story and you are one of the worst directors in bollywood? Well you should cast Khan in your movie then add the actress who makes the best pair with the Khan, now you have most loved on screen couple of all Bollywood lovers. Then to make young audience happy cast a young heartthrob and a hot girl. What else? stole some scenes from here and there mostly from very famous Hollywood movie and if you feel that it's not enough and you need more manipulation then add the most famous dialogue of this most loved pair from their most loved movie DDLJ ...now you have a stupid movie which will make lots of money and you'll continue making such stupid movies, making fool of your audience till one day they would say stop, we are not idiots, don't make any crap by the name of entertainment.

2. Varun Dhawan is imitating Govinda in comedy scenes which is a bad idea because no one can do comedy like Govinda. Also he has a kind of funny voice here but the boy is charming.

3. Boman Irani is wasted here, he was out of place. BTW he and all other comedians ( though he is playing a don but in the movie he is more like comedian) speak in the same manner, like they are drunk which was annoying.



I dont know why rohit shetty didnt make them kiss in the film. i would have loved to watch that..great film...

They don't have to kiss to sell their jodi, that's Katrina's forte.

Movie is spinning money for fimmakers.

Shahrukh Khan...Naam to suna hoga.



OKAY people are Blindly in Love with SRK because he is a Star and people pay money to see his movie to see his stardom.
Kajol gets loads of Skin whitening and skin bleaching treatments -she has lost her aura. It is not the Same Kajol people lied in Baazigar and Dil Wale Dulhania le jaynge.
Nothing special about Kajol role she has played same role many times.

I can't believe the same man did a chak de and a swades

watched dilwale ! it was great to see ajay devgn, suniel shetty battling out for raveena tandon. good story !

story = nothing new + very much predictable.

varun dhawan was fabulous in the movie.

I love masala movies that's are good entertainers but this was SHITT! Had to leave half way as I couldn't bear seeing my fav couple do a dumb movie like this. Please spare yourself the torture

Aishwarya, Madhuri, Karisma, and other 90s actresses need to learn something from Kajol on how to come back.....She was one of main high points of this movie. Killed it with her performance + looks! AMAZING!

Aishwarya and Madhuri have nothing to learn from Kajol, I don't know about Karisma but Aish and Madz are good, thank you...not everyone wants to ride the Khan name to the top of the box office...every comeback Kajol has ever made has been in something blockbuster-y or on some big name, others (including her cousin Rani) have taken risks. She gave a killer performance with her real life hubby in U ME AUR HUM yet it flopped because the audiences never accepted their on-screen pairing, no one remembers one of her very best performances where she wasn't riding on the name of a Khan because the film was a flop. Sorry Kajol but this troll made me go there. Ciao bella, all is well.

Well, nobody remembers Aish's performances either, even in her hit films. Sorry Aish but this troll made me go there.

I wish SRK and Kajol had not done this movie, its just a step down from their previous movies. However I feel Kajol never challenges herself, she can do these kind of roles with her eyes closed. Plus its a sure shot hit, just a convenient role.

There was so much hype about this movie that I went to see it & was disappointed. SRK fan - there was not much of a story - like I knew what's gonna happen - we see it all the time in movies. I didn't find that magical chemistry between them like what I saw in their old movies. It's like they so confident and sure of themselves that the young yearning love - chemistry is gone. I enjoyed Varun & Kriti, Boman Irani, Sanjay Misra & Johnny Lever. I recommend people to watch it on dvd at home, as a pass time, not a smash hit.

TBH, Pinkvilla's rating on this film is kinda of harsh. Dilwale is popcorn movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it so much. The songs were great. Kajol + SRK chemistry was amazing.

Epic DUD


There is a demand this type of movie...its a genre made very popular in bollywood and i have to say i really enjoyed myself. Srk is so damn gorgeous and amazing. I cant have enough of him. The movie was so enjoyable the whole cinema hall was laughing whistling and cheering. Thats entertainment.

50%? Wow that's harsh.

LOL didn't Jazba get like 60%? Don't worry it's still gonna get more people to the theaters than Jazba for sure.

That's exactly why I said that. I use JAZBAA's 60% as the benchmark now and I must say 50% is pretty harsh.

Guys really I am a die hard fan of Salman, but I have seen this movie today, in one word amazing, after a long time you will see Shahrukh like this! We really enjoyed watching this movie. People who don't like it go and watch Hollywood movies. I really don't like movies like kal ho na ho and kabhie ghusie kabhie gham that kind of movies I love more like chak de india intense type of movies.
And this one has everything I think one of his best movies, and I really hope he will make more like this. It is just like mr.Bachchan I was a huge fan of him but kind of movies he is making now the last ten years I don't even watch his movies and that same happened with Shahrukh his movies, last few years I didn't like his movies but this one my god amazing, too good! thanks Shahrukh!! for making my evening so special! really everyone enjoyed!! I give this movie 200% , Cheers!!!

I have a feeling SRK knew this film would flop. That is why he pulled out all strings at the promotional events to get audience to watch Dilwale. No wonder he couldn't stop talking about lil AbRam. SRK even use his own son to sell this film. Too bad audience can judge for themselves.

Just watched the movie and I honestly liked it. we had a complete package of everything.. romance, comedy, action and some drama too... People will enjoy this movie. Its worth the money and the time :)

It is sad and disheartening to see that movies like Bajirao Mastani which rarely gets made have to struggle in box office and same old masala no-brainer flicks that so called superstars churns out every festival in india turns out to be block-busters. This is so discouraging to talented and creative film-makers. If this is going to be the way then i feel sad for indian audiences as they might never see another creative movie and will have nothing left to boast about in the international platform. Bollywood will remain as a mockery..truely sad!!!

Well if Sanjay Leela Bhansali had released the movie on another day when another blockbuster isn't there for competition, surely people would have flocked to see it and it would have fared much better. He was arrogantly adamant about releasing the movie on the same day as Dilwale and over confident about it's success. His loss is Dilwale's gain even if Dilwale is mediocre in comparison to Bajirao Mastani. Dilwale will steal the limelight from Bajirao Mastani and it may not do as well as Ram Leela simply because of bad timing.

It's just a movie..not the end of the world! Chill!

Kriti and Varun were just props , they had nothing much to do . SRK Kajol hogged all limelight . Varun was going on and on that Dilwale is his film too.

Varun scenes were the highlights of the movie, kirti was a prop but considering this is her second film was fine but Varun definitely was not a prop

Wow!! Sooooo disappointed!!! In terms of story, this is SRK's WORST movie in recent times. Action is fine, songs are fine, SRK-Kajol chemistry is great but the story is soooo weak!!' Kriti

A request to Kajol - Don't take a break again , at-least Do two movies per year !

Kajol was unbearable with her over the top acting..

she was amazing

Critics review for this movie are mixed but it's full too entertainment movie , loved it with my family , It's not that great as DDLJ or KKHH but much much better than Chennai or HNY but yes I must say SRK-KAJOL charm is still the same , my rating - 3.8 out of 5 , All did great but Kajol is definitely the SHOW-STEALER !! Kajol-fans , this is a really gift for you !

Kriti was much better than overrated Kajol.

LOL you are just a jealous hater. kajol is the queen. who is kriti?

Either IQ of Indians is going down... Or these directors like to waste their money... Making something intolerable...

People still spend money to go and see non-sense and intolerable movie.
End of the day we the audience is responsible for box office results even though movie is a crap.

There is now a large section of people in India who are the "kucch bhi dikhado (just show us anything)" variety ... Guess film makers pander to them now. Why make a quality product that takes more time and effort when a sub par movie makes you a ton of money as well! Guess that's why we see so many mediocre movies/remakes release every year.

I fail to understand why do people put the other movie down in order to elevate theirs. Some people like commercial films and some people like artsy movies. If Bollywood was only making movies like BM, it would be very boring. Remember these commercial movies bring in the money and is beneficial to the industry at large. With all the negativity surrounding SRK for his statement (EVEN THOUGH HE NEVER SAID SUCH THINGS), protests, Dilwale is a BIG winner. Bajirao Mastani is akin to a black horse steadily galloping towards victory. So BM should relax (Not including the PR queen fans; they anyways won't relax ever).

SRK clearly said it to Rajdeep Sardesai -- that he felt intolerance was on the rise. And then he chickened out thanks to the rabid right wing elements and their unfair boycott call.

it is a good family movie and will make you feel romantic as hell..lol it does get a tad bit cheesy in some scenes but it is worth the watch. it will certainly keep you entertained and i loved it...must take your family as i did :D ENJOY!

It was overall boring and never ending film.

the review is really biased. Anyways I request all those masala genre lovers out there to stop reading and just go book a ticket. Rohit Shetty has struck the right balance this time. It has everything in the same proportion.. comedy, emotions, twists. i totally disagree by the opinion that dilwale is damp squib when compared to chennai express. That is where the biasedness became evident since the movie had deepika.. the movie is far better than chennai express.

Watched Dilwale yesterday and surprisingly liked it. Had extremely low expectations after the super dud chennai express by this duo by Dilwale is drama done well. It is no masterpiece but an enjoyable dramatic fun film is hard to come by these days. If you liked Main Hoon Na, chances are you will like this one too. Also, far better than any crap srk has been in over the last 5 years.

Pinkvilla review:
Dilwale- 50% because it doesn't have DP.
BM- 70% because it has DP.
Jay Jay DP.

i will watch this movie soon:).Love srk :)

Just watched Dilwale. Loved it. It is fast paced thorough entertainer. Full time pass. Shahrukh isamazing. Varun dhawans comic timing is great.

hahahaha I wont believe any pinkvilla review. this site hates srk and loves dipika hahahaha pr bs from pudu koun! ill watch dilwale tomorrow and bm online! pv post ;) ;)

Strange.... A lot of people claim that the comments praising DP are not being posted. :) As I've said before: The PV review is similar to that on other sites. So why don't you go write the same comment on those sites too.

I saw this film right after Bajirao Mastani and OMG it was so unbearable that I left the film mid-way, the only good scenes where between SRK-KAJOL rest all action sequences, comedy sequences and Varun-Kirti bit literally KILLED the film for me.

Kajol once again played safe... Ash and Lara had better comeback roles this year...

What is the film about? Can someone tell me?

Flim is about SRK-STAR POWER.

Also, certain stars and movie makers are fooling the audience for years and we the audience pay money to make these movie
successful. Rohit Sheety and SRK are laughing and enjoying their big bank balance after making this Dilwale.



Almost all the sites have negative reviews. That does not really matter as nobody expects great cinema from Rohit Shetty's movies , but here the general public have given it a thumbs down. People expect way better of SRK & Kajol after their immense body of work . This one is like a rehash of numerous Hindi movies ! SRK is a bit too old to play lover boy now , look forward to Fan & Raees from him.

will download soon... don't wast money.

Just saw the movie, it was mediocre to the core, too much over acting by all, Sharukh looked too old for such kind of romantic movie and to add the movie had silliest jokes cant even call them jokes.

This is an exact honest review.

To bad PV and their users represent a very tiny percentage of an actual global audience. They'll have you believe otherwise and scream go watch the other film instead and whatnot. This is a movie review thread and most of the comments are bashing this film (even without seeing) n encouraging BM. The hate is strong. Go write about BM in Bm related threads. The bubble PV'ers live in is going to get exposed again and as usual the popular opinion on PV will not actually translate at all in reality. BO, Dilwali has already taken a massive lead.

Ok watched this movie - I cringed - each time kajol and srk did their romance. It honestly doesn't suit them anymore.

Something has abysmally gone wrong with shahrukh khan and his choice of films. I really hope rises to what his fans expect of him which is not a mindless brainless entertainer but something on the lines of swades and chak de.

people will watch Dilwale for the entertainment! fun, comedy action with SRK-Kajol romance thrown in! BM is a heavy art/ historical movie which will be watched by art lovers and those who appreciate this kind of cinema and Deepveer chemistry ( I personally would watch it for PC). No one expected Dilwale to get rave reviews and everyone expected BM to get rave reviews. Its all about box office! 100 crores/ 200 crores movies. These two movies should not be compared. They are catered for different kinds of audiences and both will do well. Dilwale will bag the mulah and BM will bag the awards. End of story!

Thank You! No one expected Diwale to get raving reviews, after all it is a Rohit film and we know what to expect from them. Everyone involved in that film cares about the box office not critical acclaim.

cant wait to watch it, dont really care what PV says, will judge for it myself :)

And I actually enjoyed it :) so guys just go watch it and judge for yourself...

Good for YOu.that is what I did.but boy ,I hate to say This but I had to agree with PV.

I don't know what people were expecting... I mean Rohit Shetty films have never been favorites of the critics yet are hugely popular amongst the masses and yes there are plenty of people who don't go on pinkvilla (shocker I know right) who enjoy such movies. Those who are saying SRKajol chemistry is wasted, I mean you can't exactly expect a DDLJ or KKHH type film from Rohit Shetty so just enjoy it for what it is and if you're not interested, no need to post hate, just go about your business and watch BM if you'd like. Saying this as a nonbiased person because I also do wish to watch BM.

I don't know what people were expecting... I mean Rohit Shetty films have never been favorites of the critics yet are hugely popular amongst the masses and yes there are plenty of people who don't go on pinkvilla (shocker I know right) who enjoy such movies. Those who are saying SRKajol chemistry is wasted, I mean you can't exactly expect a DDLJ or KKHH type film from Rohit Shetty so just enjoy it for what it is and if you're not interested, no need to post hate, just go about your business and watch BM if you'd like. Saying this as a nonbiased person because I also do wish to watch BM.

they have opened more sessions for dilwale and all have been booked! full! this is from overseas. i can tell you srk's stardom will definitely carry the movie. its holiday season and i want to be entertained not sit through a slow periodic movie with yellow and beige colours encompassing me ugh!

That's not true--In the US Bajirao Mastani/EROS has a deal with AMC theaters, and they have a lot more screens then Dilwale. Also, Priyanka promoted the movie on US shows in America, and they played the Bajirao Mastani trailer on TV. However, I think Dilwale has a much bigger pull in places like Dubai.

Srk doesn't know how to make good movies including fan
Has created a superstar personality cunning Indian audience who are easy to manipulate

Ott is the word..srk+kajol=ott

the only thing I liked about Dilwale was VARUN DHAWAN!!!!he was awsome in the film.Other than that the film is just....

Even he was not that great but definitely best among all.

I don't know what people were expecting... I mean Rohit Shetty films have never been favorites of the critics yet are hugely popular amongst the masses and yes there are plenty of people who don't go on pinkvilla (shocker I know right) who enjoy such movies. Those who are saying SRKajol chemistry is wasted, I mean you can't exactly expect a DDLJ or KKHH type film from Rohit Shetty so just enjoy it for what it is and if you're not interested, no need to post hate, just go about your business and watch BM if you'd like. Saying this as a nonbiased person because I also do wish to watch BM.

50 is waaayyy too generous pv they should get 30

Totally agree with you. This movie gave me headache.

SRK is too old for this kind of film. He needs to grow up and find mature story lines. The audience has changes, so should he. Kajol needs to stop bleaching her face and realize her time is finished. Varun made a big mistake working in this film. Very disapointed.

What did you guys expect? 4-5 stars rating? It's a ROHIT SHETTY film. Only die hard SRKians will think this is a bias review as they are too blindly in love with SRK. A true fan will accept flaws. Face it, SRK may be a good actor but his film choices lately has been poor. If anything goes wrong, his fanbase always point fingers elsewhere.

A man of SRK'S CALIBER should stay away from cheesy movies like these.
Even if you don't act,that is fine.find something of your status and dignity.

OK watched the movie.being a Shahrukh fan,I was waiting for this movie.though I was a little apprehensive with his movies lately,I decided to keep an open mind.
But,sorry,ladies and gentlemen,the movie is not good.same old same old.the only good thing in that movie was Varun.he was delightfully funny and charming.I actually cringed seeing SRK-Kajol romance.it is nothing like KKHH,OR KKKG OR BAAZIGAR or any other great movies,that I keep watching again and again.this movie is a one time watcher and put it in the back of your mind and forget about it.
Going to watch bajirao tomorrow.will tell you guys how it is in bajirao review section.

lovedddddddddddddddddddddd the movie ...it's amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Total bakwas movie. waste of time, money and grey cells.

rohit shetty films are really bad i dont understand why do they become successful may be because he work with big stars i think it will be a hit although at the end it has srk kajol and varun but it wont achieve big success imo

Bajirao Mastani has crashed in North America. Dilwale advanced booking tremendous.

i can't believe this.i am in us. i watched BM on Friday but my friend was trying to get tickets today and all tickets sold out for bm she says. so she will plan to go on today during the day

There is no way that is even remotely true, I don't know a single person waiting to watch Dilwale where I live in Canada. The movie is not sold out at all (mostly due to Star Wars), there are lots of tickets available for all shows. BM's evening show in my area is sold out but the others are doing average. Nobody disputes that Dilwale will do better at the box office - that is what it is meant to do, it is just a money spinner for the makers, while BM is not made for the money but for the love of cinema. My family in India says they prefer these mindless entertainers to get a good laugh and don't care for quality, here in North America we are used to good quality cinema (Hollywood movies) and so don't like Rohit Shetty's movies.

Wake up and smell the coffee. North America loves Deepika-Ranveer jodi and SLB too. SRK is dying star if not already dead. Kajol and Kirti are no match for PC and DP.

It's sad really. Despite that this is a brainless SRK film and has bad reviews, it will probably become a hit because SRK/Kajol jodi :/

It's a Rohit Shetty film...what did people expect - an AMAZING story?

kriti is worth watching and Varun is ok too.. Please Kajol and shah rukh I will never come back again for Shahrukh movie until the movie will be hit

Still confused whether to watch it or not.

My advise: Please don't. If you are SRK fan save it for FAN.

FULL Paisa Vasool movie!!! I watched it with my family and enjoyed it a lot!

Don't waste money

Hmmmm.... Masala / Romance gone slightly wrong I guess. But LOVED this line : "...as our childhood crushes and are inexcusably the reason for our bizarre expectations in love. "
Couldn't have said it better myself :)

pinkvilla reviews are always opposite of what i think about the movie so not gonna believe it sorry..

Seems very boring

bought!!!!!Silly excuse everyone expects this.

This is NOT a biased review. I've been reading the exact same thing on other sites. They all said that the movie only works because of Kajol/SRK, everything else is just...

Thankyou Pinkvilla. People don't waste your time and money on this BS.

I've seen most reviews and there positive except for this one. And the positive ones are coming from not so known critics so i doubt those are bought as some of you are saying. It's not suppose to be a ground breaking film it's a light hearted movie, calm down! U deepika lovers lol

same person writing all the comments. No one can dare write a bad review of SRK movie. If PV says 50% , in reality it probably is 20 to 30%.

ON every site, twitter updates, Dilwale hasn't got good reviews. This was expected with the trailer. Having said this, this movie will still be a big hit, because it has Shahrukh in it. Even if he had to repeat scenes from all his old movies, the movie will be a big a hit. As a bonus, this movie also has good songs, Kajol and Rohit Shetty. As an entertainment package it rates high. It should not be compared with Bajiao or assessed on quality. BM is an artist's delight.

jitne marzi meter do par box office winner dilwale hi hoga. this website is deepika villa

The film has got mixed reviews mainly positive. His review is terribly negative. Kriti has been appreciated and is touted as the next big thing. This film I'd a gateway to getting to more offers and recognition she's not playing Mastani or Paro...

honestly, i didn't expect anything else from the team/.....brain dead movie...

Glad someone dare to speak reality not scared of king khan's stardom, the only pv has guts to speak reality as other reviews of dilwale obviously were paid , can believe some of them given 3,5 rating to this briankess nd crap movie just beacuse of it stars srk nd kajool, while creativey and dedication and passion can go to hell when you have supers like srk and kajool, it's seems like they will sell movie beacuse of srk nd kajool previous successfule movies nd the standard of movie shows from iddioic poster above.

Glad someone dare to speak reality not scared of king khan's stardom, the only pv has guts to speak reality as other reviews of dilwale obviously were paid , can believe some of them given 3,5 rating to this briankess nd crap movie just beacuse of it stars srk nd kajool, while creativey and dedication and passion can go to hell when you have supers like srk and kajool, it's seems like they will sell movie beacuse of srk nd kajool previous successfule movies.

Poor SarRogantKhan fans and pr..keep trying.

PV is biased towards BM. Others giving better review to DILWALE and tagged it as more entertaining in comparison to BM. Let's see if your good review will do any good to BM. I don't care if you post my comments or not. But I want to you to read my opinion

The movie sucked ..And no I have not been bought by eros.Losers

ohhh 50%? Well, its Rohit Shetty, what would you expect. I'm gonna skip this one

Congrats Eros.. You couldn't buy screens so you bought PV instead

Congrats Eros.. You couldn't buy screens so you bought PV instead

Poor Kriti :(

Pv is so bought

I can see this is a biased review

Not biases at all just watched the movie ...id give it 20% actually . Pinkvilla has been really generous

No This is not a biased review. This is an honest review. This review is meant for ppl with brains and not just blind SRK followers. I am looking forward to Raees but not this one.

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