Teraa Surroor Movie Review : Himesh Reshammiya is Fifty Shades of Copycat

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Teraa Surroor is the kind of movie that demands you to leave your brains at home. When we took this guilty pleasure trip, we knew what we were walking into. Yes, it is bang for the buck on that count. Himesh Reshammiya, who needs to give us the number of his liposuction expert, spends the entire runtime flaunting his new shade of MAC lipstick and pouting like a pretty girl. Even in his action scenes, his perfectly gelled hair stays intact and his clothes as crisp. Now those are creative liberties that shouldn't be judged in the Hindi film industry. C'mon everyone does it, don't they? But aping Christian Grey is not something women all over the world can forgive Sir Himesh for. Last time he was aping Leonardo Di Caprio from The Great Gatsby. He is inspired yet again, the source this time is the much controversial cinematic adaptation of EL James' bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey. The parallels just go on to prove that Himesh is indeed fifty shades of f***ed up and more importantly he is fifty shades of copycat. Much like in Grey, director Shawn Arranha spends a lot of time focussing in detail on every fold of Mr Narcissist's body. His so-called-droolworthy physique is the love of his life, a lot more than his actress Farah Karimaee who is falsely framed in a drug case. She has the misfortune of romancing Sir Himesh who in scenes looks way prettier than her. 

The one-liners are the kind that will put Milap Zaveri to shame and the dialogues, hai tauba... they are the bad memories that are best left undescribed. In the director's words, it is a indeed lethal love story. We just didn't imagine it would be this lethal for us and our mental health. The supposed spine-chilling film fails to whip up any real tension. Infact, you want to laugh and laugh at its long stretched sequences. 

It is beyond me why artistes like Naseeruddin Shah, Kabir Bedi and Shekhar Kapur need to go this low for hefty payments. Certainly, it couldn't be worth more than their belief in good cinema. The problem with this industry is that good cinema seldom pays well. No wonder, the stalwarts sleepwalk through their parts without any feeling. But even in their disinterested worst, they perform better than 
Himesh, who despite three-four failed attempts hasn't learnt the basics of emoting. He looks unaffected by the cataclysmic changes around him. Even when he promises his fiance's mother that he will rescue her, the face and tone doesn't change much. 

Naseeruddin Shah also known as The Bird is notorious for his jailbreaks. The actor looks like he is ready to take flight any minute but feels responsible towards the lame film. 

The only person who deserves to be applauded in this movie is the one who worked on the set design. It is a terrible story with some good looking locales and great sets. The film with its army of meaningless characters and senseless plot is sailing has nothing that can save it. 

Watch it if you need some comedy on a weekend. When you are in some desperate need for laughs, unintentional humour can provide you bucketfuls of it...unadulterated. Get some beer and friends to go with it.

We rate this film a generous 30% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.


he truly acted like Christian grey.

Seriously. this movie will break the record of "50 shades of grey" .

Himesh copies Pakistani Hit songs and make it his own songs. Same is true for Pritam and Anu Malik.

2016's golden kela award for "why are you still trying?" should go to none other than himesh

You guys always give good and accurate reviews but on the same time it's entertaining to read it. good job. i also doesn't understand why a producer is willing to spend money on Himesh's acting. His music is most of the time good, though. I am not talking about PRDP.

Ouch! Brutal but cannot help laughing at some of the sharp, caustic, witty lines! Cannot understand how Himesh's shenanigans keep getting bankrolled!

Chal pagal pagal khelte hain !

LOL... this has to be the "Dialogue of the year"...

hahahahhah. Everyone is talking about this line. "tu apne aap ko pagal kehta hain na? chal pagal pagal khelte hain"

OMG cant wait to watch this one! :-ll

"Naseeruddin Shah also known as The Bird is notorious for his jailbreaks. The actor looks like he is ready to take flight any minute but feels responsible towards the lame film." I died at this line LOLOLOLOL..Thanks PV for the laughs


Seriously Himesh channeling Grey??

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