Madhuri Dixit and Hubby Sriram Nene Attend The Charity Gala Dinner Mumbai!

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Madhuri Dixit and hubby Sriram Nene attended the gala charity reception held as a welcome dinner for Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on Sunday. The gala raised funds for various NGOs and saw the who's who of B-town attending it. 

Landing in the metropolis just before noon on their seven-day tour of India and Bhutan, the royal couple went straight to Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, where they were accorded a ceremonial welcome. Madhuri tweeted about it saying, "Amazing weekend. Morning in Goa at the beach. Evening with the royal couple, Prince William and Kate in Mumbai."

Madhuri and her hubby mentioned that they were honored to meet the royal couple.

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Her husband always looks fed up. Not surprised! Poor guy always out suppporting his fame hungry wife. Post this PV

Perfect ki and ka jodi of today's time

Looks like she and her hubby just had an argument before posing for the media.

Madhuri Dixit is not only known for her dance but also her acting... So what she goes judging dance shows, that is work right?Ash is known as only pretty face and daughter in law of Bachan.

ADHM, Sarabjit and other films for Aishwarya while Madhuri is going on another show to hear herself be praised. Facts says it all about who is better

Madhuri is only known for her dance which even then is over hyped so no Aishwarya has achieved more in her life, I mean look where they are now. Aishwarya is continuing to look more beautiful and has continued being at the top after marriage and kids while all Madhuri does is go on dance shows so the host can praise her beauty

Ash looked youthful while Madhuri has come out to look like the real plastic face

Okay I'm sorry but we desis really love to put on layers and layers of makeup! So tacky!

Someone below said she is overshadowed by Aish...I mean really, Madhuri is achieved more than what Aish please don't even compare her with Aish..

Both Madhuri and Aishwarya have achieved a lot. However Madhuri needs some intervention in terms of her make up and dress sense. Her Make up looks like Ram Leela make up. Aishwarya look was perfect and make up was just the right amount.

she was star struck...lookin at kate longingly

overshadowed by ash

Okay Ash hater!

Beautiful and stunning madhuri miss her on the big screen

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