Raman Raghav 2.0 Movie Review : Predictable, Haywire and Lacks the Marvel of Anurag Kashyap

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When we walked into the theatre to watch Raman Raghav 2.0, we expected this film to redeem everything bitter that was written about the filmmaker, everything that had gone wrong after his passion project didn’t take off.

But boy, this time around, it was a heartbreak awaiting. We walked out wondering what was the filmmaker snorting to have made something as unbearable as this. His ideas are edgy, staying true to the uncanny brand of cinema he endorses but one cannot miss the deterioration in the quality of his stories. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to go in and find a love story hidden in a movie titled Raman Raghav 2.0.

Are you wondering where are the spine-chilling thrills? Well, this isn’t the story about the psychopath Raman Raghav. It is the journey of a man named Raman and his journey to find his soulmate. This is a bizarre film that packs more mayhem than anything else. If you find yourself cringing at the blatant misogyny, you can decide to defend it by saying that it is exactly how this film is meant to make you feel. There is sweat, grime, dirt, murk and blood-vurling recounting of the psychopath’s own life. If you dig up the details about the 60s infamous killer, you’ll realize how wonderfully Kashyap has mirrored the man’s personal life in the film. From the chicken curry to the sister he had repeatedly raped in his younger days, the grim details repeats itself many times over in the film that is categorically set in 2015.

But the clever thinking is limited to just that. After a few scenes, the film’s grainy, dull color gets to you and the violence has you disinterested. Exactly three murders later, when Raman goes to meet his sister’s family, you can sense the doom awaiting in the closed walls of the tiny Mumbai flat. Shot stylishly, Kashyap keeps the camerawork nimble. There are focussed shots of Nawazuddin’s deep brown eyes, unraveling his lunatic side.

As the credits roll down, Kashyap makes it clear that it isn’t a tribute to the fear or phenomena of Raman Raghav. Neither is it a biopic about the torment he inflicted on people. Instead, Raman goes out in search of his Raghav in this tale, whom he finds in a cop intoxicated by lines of cocaine. Vicky Kaushal’s Raghav matches Raman’s insanity. They are definitely on two different sides of law – one is a protector and another the perpetrator of the crime. Kashyap shows the men to be cut of the same cloth and that is his precise problem. He fails to convince due to the lack of a backstory. Instead, his over indulgence costs him logic. As the smashing Vicky Kaushal loyally follows his director’s instructions and plays the role of a maniac, you are compelled to wonder what is the point of sitting through the excruciating film. Doesn’t an actor like him who is still in his formative years deserve better? And Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays to the gallery which is becoming a part of his DNA lately.

Is there a message in this uncanny film? Well, nothing that Sriram Raghavan hasn’t shown in Badlapur. And since, it is Nawaz again, the similarities are inevitable. You start off rooting for one character and find them on the other side of the fence by the time the film ends. Kashyap does nothing extraordinary when he plays with the personalities of Raman and Raghav to create the desired effect.

It is a visibly whacked out film with exaggerated characters who indulge in a little too much incoherence. The cop Raghav has a girlfriend named Simi who is treated like a fling all through (she is the film’s weakest link). There are fleeting references of multiple abortions and her character is used to highlight the frustration of Raghav’s life. Dear Mr. Kashyap, how is she enhancing your story? She comes off as nothing more than a prop who must be slayed to put across a point.

As the film’s final credits roll down, you have an unsettling feeling about it. Torn between your strong tug to appreciate the quirky bent of mind and slam the filmmaker’s over indulgence, you are left in lurch unsure about what to say about the movie. In such a scenario, one thing is certain. You definitely didn’t like what you saw. The material had potential but the vision was clouded by the need to prove a point. Dear Anurag of No Smoking, you are sorely missed! Did you hear overwrought somewhere? Ironic that it is the best term for the film. There is a mention of a packet of MD going missing in the film, probably Kashyap had all of it!

We rate the film a 50% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.


The movie is not all that bad. Nawazuddin is a good actor. I cannot imagine any of the so called big hero's being able to do even .05 justice to the role. A bit predictable and didn't like the ending. But I guess one has to explain everything to the Indian audience and can't leave anything open ended. Thank god, at least those days of every English sentence spoken in a movie being repeated in Hindi have ended! 'Get out!' 'Nikal jao!' lol.

The movie was such a letdown. Anurag Kashyap is all talk. I haven't seen a good AK movie since Dev D (except for Ugly). Even Nawaz wasn't as great as usual; like there were portions where I was rather bored. And I agree with the reviewer's comment, he did Remind me of his role from Badlapur. And Vicky Kaushal, who seems to think he's some Daniel Day Lewis, got on my nerves so bad. The audience can tell when an actor is too arrogant/thinks he's the shit. It shows on screen. Case in point, Raghav in the movie.

After Dev D he did make excellent movies like GOW...Gulaal,,That girl in yellow boots but i guess you did'nt like them or watch them.Anurag is still one of the best directors of India..Before Dev D he directed great Black Friday.So he is not all talk.

Bombay Velvet was so boring !!! i still finished watching it in 3 installments since it was on netflix. But it was all glitter and no heart.

Gulaal was good. GOW 2 was good too. I don't think they were better than Dev D though. I haven't seen That girl in the yellow boots. I think Anurag is a good film-maker. But for the amount he's been talking his movies up lately, often they underwhelm (Ungli, Shandaar (which he produced), BV, and now Raman Raghav)

Anurag Kashyap's films always have abundant misogyny. that is why I skip his films . He thinks being edgy = marginalizing women and showing violence towards them.

wow. I was expecting a better rating :/ I still might go see it though

Sirf 50% marks ???? I expected more Anurag! Thanks for ruining my weekend plans. :(

LOL ! What a lame review. "deterioration in the quality of his stories. " ......... "Dear Anurag of No Smoking, you are sorely missed!:

It's quite obvious the author hs their own predecided expectation of what an Anurag Kashyap film should be.
You want the AK of No Smoking? One of the most critically and commercially trashed film in Hindi Cinema. What?

"deterioration in the quality of his stories. "
If anything his films have improved in content since No Smoking. GOW, Ugly, Gulaal.

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