A Flying Jatt movie review: A terrible superhero spoof that turns into an Environmental Science lecture

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There is no standard potion to make a fine superhero film. There's the usual drill - a man in his cape,  his goofy love story and his David-versus-Goliath epic fight. There is pummeling galore and in parts, that works here too. However, the film's story is far too juvenile to strike a chord with adults. The only person who would be really happy about this movie is my former Environmental Science teacher. Director Remo D'souza has reduced his work considerably by sewing together the story of a goody and silly young chap, who derives his superpowers from nature and fights the evil villain, who gets powerful by toxic waste. Quite a lesson for kids who shirk studying that subject. In fact, it would've been pretty appropriate to run a line with the title - A Flying Jatt (An EVS lesson to remember...) 

When you've sat through something that reminds of your least favourite subject in school,  the experience, too, could be encapsulated in few words - Boring, dull and its other synonyms.

There is some charm, some laughs, some novel thinking but the problems weigh them out. Clearly, the target audience is children. What else explains the clichéd depiction of waste in barrels that read 'Toxic'. Spoonfeeding the audience is a dangerous space (even if it's kids). Dear filmmakers, trust the IQ of your viewers. They are not as dumb as you think. Sincerely, a poor chap who didn't get a chance to figure out things for himself. It sucks out the fun from a film. In some ways,  this movie is a concoction of everything Hollywood has done away with in their superhero films - bad writing, lack of depth, superficial stories. After villains like Joker, it is hard to watch a menacing figure, who is scary just coz of his brawns and physical brute. Our desi superhero is a Mamma's boy.  She stitches his cape and this Maa Da Ladla returns the favour by cleaning cobwebs with his superpowers (It happens only in India) and bringing lauki for her. There's a preachy scene about the wonders of gourd of its nutritional values. 

The only thing worth watching out for in this film, is Tiger Shroff. Every trick in the book has been used to make him look good and he is sincere. He dances like a dream, fights flawlessly and dares to step out of comfort zone. He might not have the robustness of a superhero but his effort is worth applauding. Though am not sure whether to compliment his attempt to be different than his Baaghi, Heropanti avatars or question his guts to do something so silly.  Whatever he does, at least he is damn good. His nemesis, Raka played by Nathan Jones is a unidimensional character. We have no backstory. He pops out of nowhere, inhaling waste and feeding on everything that pollutes the environment. Neither are we told how Tiger suddenly develops superpowers. In middle of a fight sequence, he develops healing powers. Good thing is Tiger tries his hand tickling your funny bone and he is half decent at it. Amrita Singh as the nagging, spirited (ahem!) mother is adorable. She brings out the best in Tiger in their scenes together, which are perhaps the film's most memorable parts. 

But there is a lot not right with the movie. After interval, the film goes downhill. The tempo drops and not like it was some sort of infallible fun even before that. But at least, you could laugh. Post-interval, it becomes an unbearable mess. There is a love story, where the couple has no chemistry. Jacqueline Fernandez looks dolled up, but their doe-eyed beauty can't cast a spell. Her character is not fleshed out well and she has little material to work with. There are space fights and Chinese rockets, which have nuclear battery labelled on it. I guess the makers were confused with they were making a superhero flick or a spoof. The minute the action shifted to space, it was clear that cinematic liberty, as a term, has found a new definition. Jai Ho's tanker scene was a benchmark of being lame, this beats it hands down. Well, if it is the latter, Remo has a done a terrible job at it. If I want to watch a public service announcement, there is enough of it playing before the film - from the cancer poster boy Mukesh to the Khushi kaun nahi chahta kid. Why should I have to watch a film which feels like one? If you want to spoil your weekend watching a documentary (meant for kids) on global warming and environmental pollution, this is a safe bet. If you are looking for a superhero film, we will have to ask Krrish to return. All those who love their Ironman, Spider-Man and Superman, avoid. Vishwas uth jayega. 

We rate this film a 40% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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Looks too tacky .... even the songs, wouldn't waste 2 hours of life on this shit

My kids loved the movie and the message was very good ... Finally there is a movie for kids with good message

I thought it was going to be terrible film.....but, the first half was quiet funny. The later portion of the film is a drag!

Even 'Krrish' and 'Ra/01' were so childish. They think the audience are 8 year old boys .

This movie should make money! House Fulls, Jisms, Love Sex Blah Blah mint crores , I hope it bounces back and make the producers HAPPY!

This film just looks so embarrassing

LMFAO. Funny review but I still hope they make a ton of money at the box office.

definitely better than senseless Sajid Khan movies which rake in crores

All the best Tiger and Jackie. Whoeve did the trailer messed up though

it will be hit many silly films become successful these days

You guys really think this will do well? I know the Indian audience is stupid, but not THAT stupid. If the trailer was bad enough that they had to disable comments, who knows how bad the full movie will be. A Besharam or Himmatwala might open well, but they fizzle out. This movie could face the same fate.

I just cannot respect anyone who down plays how badly we need to fix our environment. If flying jatt is a environmental lecture i will watch it. God knows our children need to know about it, the adults have destroyed the earth and dont care fix it.

I love Tiger he is talented version of Hrithik! Unfortunately he doesn't get right director. Jackie is everywhere. I am sure she has 10 more releases in this year itself!! Plus people on Pinkvilla thinks she is talented version of Katty! Whatever that means. Good luck

I think this will still be a hit like Baaghi and Heropanti, if not more. Why does the universe want Tiger Shroff to be rewarded for his sincerity which is good for nothing? And the worst thing will be Remo D'souza pumping his chest and taking about cinema like a self-proclaimed auteur. I hate Bollywood for giving money to these choreographer-turned-directors every damn year. None of them have made a decent movie till date.

He may be one of those very few hard-working star kid who has sincerity, humility, genuine manners and a Confucian filial piety, that may be your answer to why the universe is conspiring to reward him. I hope he steps out of his comfort zone to do a serious film in the near future with some art-house director to balance his work, I think he has the talent to shine in them.

Lol but I have a feeling it will do well. As it is indians have very bad taste. Children are excited for this crap

Trailer is good .


mark my words. this film will become a hit. it might be a terrible pathetic excuse for a movie but when the audiences have bad taste they will think its the best thing that could ever be made.

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