Baar Baar Dekho Review: Some gloss and gooey romance can salvage Sid-Kat's superficial acts

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Let's give Nitya Mehra some credit that she thought of a novel way to say the same old story. Spare a look to the little joys of life, live in the moment. Love. Laugh. Somewhere in her is a little girl who loves her frothy rom-coms and on canvas, she comes pretty close to whipping up a satisfying, watchable love story. Childhood sweethearts Dia and Jai have been inseparable since they met as tiny tots, holding hands and enjoying life like kids. She pops the question and he goes with the flow. Alas, that ends up becoming their entire life. Jai is a man child, shirking from responsibilities, commitment, socially awkward and a flight risk. He is Chandler Bing minus the sarcasm. The biggest problem with Jai is that he lacks personality. You bet his students won't agree because they clearly are more interested in seeing him jabber about formulas than in the knowledge he is trying to impart. He is uni-dimensional with perpetually perplexed look on his face. He doesn't know why he is in love with his girlfriend. Maybe that's because they have been together for so long that they have become an old married couple. She knows his favourite dishes - butter nan with butter chicken and extra butter. She is family, she is his cup of nice perfect coffee, his sunshine but somewhere he takes the love for granted. Typical? Well, totally. She, on the other hand is the bubbliest she has ever been, the most she has ever acted. What really works is the chemistry. It is amazing how two such non-actors manage to make you feel all mushy and gooey. 

But such a story comes with its issues. The time lapses are exhausting and Sidharth, who looks lost in each scene does so with authenticity but doesn't try to further the story or add depth to the character. You don't feel his pain at all because his acting isn't exactly up to the mark. It takes a really fine director to bring out the best in him. We never sympathise for him but he is like the little puppy you go awww for. Katrina is marginally better than him because she has really acted. Her blank eyes full of pain is done beautifully but her character suffers from weak writing. We never know what really goes wrong between her and Jai. Yes, he is a negligent husband, fretting about his career and clueless about his personal life. But his passion for Mathematics doesn't come anywhere close to Ranbir Kapoor's fantastic fanatic craze for travel. He doesn't sell it enough to us and no wonder we don't connect with him. Similarly, Dia's pangs for her homeland and her Hanuman Chalisa chanting father isn't explored well enough. The supporting cast comprising the luminous Sarika, the talented Ram Kapoor, the sparkling Sayani Gupta and the forgettable Rohan Joshi was left unused.

But there is a major problem with the concept. While it is hunky dory to say that we are so busy chasing dreams that we don't care for our families but is it so bad to pursue your dream. The film's understanding of the work dynamics is skewed. Then why do I praise Nitya? Because she is bold, her sense of scale and gorgeous canvases is fantastic. Her ear for music is worth raving about. And of course, there is a certain Jasleen Royal whose music and voice leave a more haunting impact than the film itself.

If you view this as a film about two good looking people who are in love and in the price of a movie ticket,  you get to see gorgeous locales in Thailand, Katrina in a beautiful pink bikini, a drop dead gorgeous man with dreamy eyes and trip to the future. Dude,  the gadgets in 2043 do look slick. If you have to settle for a half-baked story for the sake of all this,  I say it ain't a bad bet.

We rate the film a 55% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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Watched online. Not bad. You need to be in the zone of a rom com. Not worth watching in theatres though

Lol fun to see kat fans below tryin to defend the movie. The collections speak for themselves. A movie like kapoor and sons also was too advance for the general audience but it still worked. Reason- it was well executed. Stop blaming india and its mentality for a badly done screenplay and direction. Why would everyone so unitedly bash the movie? just because it is a kat film? You think we're that jobless? Just shows your insecirity regarding her career. Have a good day!

Mornings shows has been cancelled today. lol

game over for Kat. Bang Bang was her expiry date now she's longggggggggg expired. Either move on to bhabi and mom roles or just pack your bags, your shelf life as a heroine is gone baby gone.

Frankly, it is not a bad film. It could have been better though. Sid and Kat were never the strongest of actors but were they awful...surely not. One area that was a let down is direction - too superficial. On the whole, it isn;t bad at all.

katrina is nothing without a big superstar her idea of working with younger actors has completely failed

It wasn't amazing but it wasn't as awful as people on here making it out. I'm pretty sure most of these people haven't even watch it and they're fans of other stars who just writing comments to bash Kat. Thing is Bollywood are only good at making love story's and when they try to experiment with time traveling etc it backfires cos they just work it out like they do in Hollywood . The film wasn't planned through properly it just goes to show somethings sound better in ur head then they actually do in real life. Kat looks Gd and that's what she's best at. Sid isn't the best actor but he was tolerable ! The Stars weren't the problem it was just the story line it self it was all over the place. I guess Kareena , alia and anushka are going to be the only females this year to have back to back hits.

Audience was damn right when they said that there is nothing in the movie expect kala chasma during promotions. All said kat and sid cant act and don't have any star power . Those who praise the songs(few kat fans as she lost her fanbase snd popularity) didn't watch it either. Only sitting behind pcs and blaming others.

So called BO queen katrina.

Except sid-kat fans, the public wom of this movie is very negative. Hard for it to collect enough to be a hit. It can be average though

The collections speaks that kat has very few fans left. She has lost her popularity and fans.

It was a great movie. Sid and Katrina did just fine. Definitely not perfect by any means but it was enjoyable and made you really feel. When I left the theater I felt impacted, and that's all I can ask for in a love story! See the movie before you judge, this is the perfect example of that. Critics aren't everything!

You can't watch.. It's that horrible. We left before it was even over. Do not go waste your money.

Forget haters even kat fans is not willing to watch it in cinema. All they are doing is to bash Salman/DP fans and make them count their flops. Poor kat she has such a worst fandom. POST IT

The know movie is bad and kat cant act. Instead of abusing others and calling it a hit , they should go to cinema to increase collections. So it would be average no t a disaster like fitoor.

Competing with bv for first place lol ! Birds of a feather do flock together !!

One can view the comments below and make ou a clear indication that people are having more of a personal attack and personal agenda against the stars than actually giving honest opinions of the movie. I believe most Indians have a stick up their back side. They don't like Sid and Katrina As they've made it big without apparently having really good talent. So now everything they do or touch cannot be fathomed by most of the people who believe that they could probably have done a better job had they been in their position! Secondly I honestly think India is way too backward for a film such as this. It's apparently doing great business over seas. Which proves that people with a more westernised mind would probably like this film more.

In terms of numbers. It's already crossed 24 crores. Needs only about 20 more to become a hit. So regardless of the biased review from some people who were having more personal attacks on the stars rather than the movie it will still be classed a hit!

hi kat pr see this
BaarBaarDekho Fri 6.81 cr, Sat 7.65 cr. Total: ₹ 14.46 cr. India biz.
its a flop. no growth so stop fooling people.
post it pv plz

dont mislead the people plz. It only made 14 crs in 2 days sunday collections are still yet to come. So its not 24 crs. Budget is 50 crs so they need to make55 crs to make it a hit. Kat fans are liars just like her.

BaarBaarDekho Fri 6.81 cr, Sat 7.65 cr. Total: ₹ 14.46 cr. India biz.
learn maths please.

In two days it made less than 20 crs. And thats including overseas collection. It needs 75 crs at the least to be a hit. So 20 more crs still makes it a flop or average at best lol #delusional

Producers take down public review from youtube. Shows how much they respect the audience.

Its already made half of the cost with the sale of satellite and music rights. 15 crore for Friday and Saturday isn't bad. All of you are sad people making fun of the movie but when Aish's crappy movies come out and flop miserably then everyone is sympathetic and make excuses.

Heard Producers are reluctant to change the title of this movie. It's now being called Bollywood Big Disaster instead of Baar Baar Dekho.

Kat said fitoor and phantom flopped coz she was goin thru tough times in personal life. Now what? She only knows to make excuses

In bollywood, heroines only play supporting characters. Kat is not at fault .

Not all actresses. Kangana deepika priyanka even alia play vital roles and act well. They didn't sell their private life or moving in/out nor they sell entire movie on one song and abs. Its kat fault only. Plz post

Day 2 also was disappointing it seems. It might not even make as much as Akira did in first weekend

Probably we have best film for golden kela award

Now wait she will say i didnt give my 100 % to this as i am going through a difficult phase in my personal life.

No guys i seriously recommend this movie if you have insomnia

If you havent seen the movie dont judge! First see it and judge then.

Jab bhi koi time travelling try karte hai, they fail. Action replay, lovestory 2050 yaad hai kisi ko? Mujhe pehle din se hee iss movie ke baare mein bad feeling thi. Seems it eveb surpassed that expectation

No wonder why they only promote kala chasma and katrina fake breakup. Btw kat has disappeared from her fb page. Now you will see her in April when her next diaster jj will comem

Zor ka jhatka haye zaron se laga. Hahaha

Aggressive promotions, super hit music and no negativity around a solo release still its a flop and didn't get goood opening. Md with bad music , only negativity around manage to get 10 crs opening.

do not flatter MD, the first day of the film has collected only 8, 9 crore. By the way, BaarBaarDekho almost the same. clashes were in are both films. Hrithik not have been 2 years. Akshay released 3 films for the year. Director MD was Gowariker. Director Rustom was a flop director. So far Hrithik below level than Akshay

watched it online,sid cant act, and lets not talk abt kat.

BaarBaarDekho BO report: Turns out people aren’t even watching it once

Wish bebo and fawad did this


Its title is Baar baar dekho coz you wont understand it in first time but no one has courage to watch it even once. lol

What terrible waste of time movie was BBD

So far happy bhaag jayegi was my favorite rom com this year. BBD is a waste of time, money

Stay away. Both look great but are awful actors. Sid has same dazed confused expression

In summary I am so different than other PV people. I like the movie and Kat and Sid. But then I really liked Kite and no one else did.


I live In Karachi, Pakistan .. Tagged along with my family and took them to the theater to see this movie although she insisted us to watch some other Paki movie i still watched this and throughout the movie people were extremely bored in fact walking in and out apart from intervals .. could not bare her face more then an hour and left right away . It is garnering a really bad word of mouth in our cinemas locally aswell .

STAY AWAY from this movie
Watch songs in YouTube and wait to watch in DVD so that you can skip boring scenes ,fast forward and complete movie sooner. Except for songs, locales and few scenes movie is utter crap
Intention is good but slow narration and terrible acting makes it bad

No one can save a movie if it has a bad script. Least of all Siddharth..


Lol- Shraddha Kapoor opening records- Ek Villian- 16 cr, ABCD 2-14 cr, Baaghi- 11 cr. Jacqueline Fernandez opening records- Housefull 3- 15 cr, Dishoom- 11 cr. Katrina Kaif records- Fittor- 3cr, BBD- 7 cr. And KK is queen of bollywood (?) Lolwa

I'm not a fan of Katrina but I actually liked her look in Singh is king, she's cute but now she's so thin and looks old especially with actors like Sid. She's good for only acting alongside salman, Amir and Akshay with minimal screen time.

Even a married kareena gave a 7crore opening with ki and ka and couldn't even do that.

Deepika should have done this film, then it would be a super duper hit!.

Please save your money and time people.. Don't watch this movie. Simply Boring. Btw why katrina worked out on abs for this movie? I couldn't bear it and left in the middle. ILLOGICAL STUFF

it wasn't that bad, plus at the moment there isn't much else to watch. This movie will survive - there were a few good funny scenes, like when he returns to the present he is so paranoid about Sayani because of their potetntial affair...Haha XD

Is the film a copy of 'About Time '?

Just waisted my time so wish I could travel back and not watch this crap.. But Sid's performance was great and Katrina looks beautiful in the movie.. Sid stole the show

This movie made me realize sid can act.. Katrina is good that way she always make us realize that her coworkers can act

Another pakau movie. Katrina and Sid should retire already.

Uff I saw this and want my money back.. Crap movie.. Why did Katrina agree to do this.. At least fitoor has story

Katrina said the script of the movie made her cry. The audience also cried after watching the movie...... for their 250 rs -_-

For people who are saying the movie is too complicated to understand. It isnt. Just watch it. The concept is directly lifted from about time. But it fails to recreate the charm of the movie. It becomes so exhausting to keep track of whats happening after a point, you just want it to end. Reminds me of roy- spot on music but pretentious plot. Films like these as i read somewhere try to "underestimate the audience's intelligence". By unnecessarily complicating the story, they think they would make the story look smart but alas they just bore us. Whats worse is they have kept kaala chashma in the end. I mean seriously the only thing worth watching comes at a time when you would want to give up on the movie as a whole. Katrina is surprisingly improved in her acting but that couldnt save the movie sadly :(

I saw the movie and it's very boring. How stupid does KJo thinks people are. Only Bollywood hero can solve fermat's last theorem with Vedic maths. Height of stupidity. The whole movie is stupid. Even bang bang was better.

Yaar I feel so bad coming here and seeing this. I really enjoyed movie and the message yaar. And I hoped that because Sid done great acting it would be liked. But on pv very negative. All my friends and me loved the movie. So maybe there is mixed response. I think it will pick up on weekend. Monday is eid it will definitely do great then.

I went in with sooooo many expectations. The trailer, songs, jodi everything was so perfect. But the film failed me big time. It was such a snooze fest. Fitoor imo was way way better in terms of script and execution. Katrina is better off hiding behind megastars (khans and kumar) in big budget movies. She cant pull such stuff off. Even sid appeared to be miscast (someone told me he replaced aamir khan???). He looked hot but at some parts his act was so cringeworthy i had to look away and wait for the next scene.

that's the problem right there. you went in with expectations and got disappointed. I am sure even if you kept them low, it would still be a let down. This film was super boring

Ok will download it. Saved my money. Yay me

BEST MOVIE SO FAR... thumbs up to the team BBD... loved my Katrina in the film

Por Sid, Kjo has started looking away to other men> Fawad! That is why GodFathers are not good. You need talent to run inspite of support. I will watch BBD when the DVD comes out but for now Dharma your next overconfident flop is on the way.

I liked it! Ok, it wasn't a great masterpiece but is not that bad either. In our busy world, the film cointains a nice message!

Everytime I see a new trailer of Katrina's, I feel like she's gonna prove everyone wrong and come up with a great performance, but it keeps turning out that those 3 minutes are the only parts where she's acting well. Unfortunately acting isn't her cup of tea. She needs to play to her strengths. More importantly, directors need start offering her parts that do justice to her skills. Dance is what she's good at, so she should be doing dance films. ABCD 3 and Raat Baaki sound like good movies for her.

Lol this katrina's 3 flop (phantom, fittor,bbd) the raw and this the prove in which level she is standing now even her plastic beauty is acting against her and ppl celever to know which film is concept and perfomance based film and which film is not , now you can't sell your films based on your showing off your body and abs and wearing shorts dresses and marketing your plastic beauty , where are those ppl which said her films were success because of her they tries to take khans , kumars roshsns credit to make there plastic queen's stardom high, fact is she is nothing with out a lister stars strdom (khans, kumars, roshsns) , her recent film where a task to prove ppl but she badely failed coz of acting can sell good film not skini show and iteam songs and kssing sences, and with geeting agged early she is perfoming these things in her film more to make ppl believe that she has chemistry with young actors but i my self see shrddha , kriti , alia, parineeti has outstanding and fresh crismayic chemistry with young actors , katrina should stick to khans and kumars and roshans to get hits and save her strdom from embarrassment coz with younger generation actors she forced to act while with a lister actors(khans,kumars,roshans) she is not because can get success with having 15 minutes appearance in those films.pv post stop ignoring.

it is like you said Kat acted but her role was bad wriiten. unfortunately Bollywood hasnt got good script and characters writers. there are holes everywhere, even in time. why to make 2 hours long movie if you end up getting holes during the movie. it looks unfinished.

No But Kareena and Kangana are getting good roles

collects ₹6.81 CR on its opening day. BH

BaarBaarDekho was way below expectations on its opening day.. Katrina Kaif's box office pull is fading. Incdicine

kat 4th flop in a row : BB, Phantom, fitoor now BBD

Movie was over hyped , songs views were bought but still it didnt help. Now kjo is over hyping ADHM so do entire BW. Movie looks ok with same old story . its better KJO should stop all this.

BBD first day only 7 cr. lol Even Jacky movie made 11 crs

what happened to Katrina's mother? Why wasn't she in the second half of the film?

She probably got really bored in the second half so she decided to leave

kat fans must singing dil k arman anson mein bah gaye :P

Now Kaat and her fans go wear your KALA CHASMA so noone see your tears lol

The day trailer came i post this film will be a flop . If Yash ji cant make her act then who the hell Nitya is. See i was damn right. Katrian has never and will never get any movie on her own. She gets BBD after RK (kjo muse) asked him to. JJ due to RK. Kat time is over.

The film made 6.75 cr all india day 1 and was expected 12-13. The bad word of mouth will only make it worse. The budget is 50 cr and needs 75 at least to make it a hit.

To be honest it wouldve made more sense if sidharth's character was a chemist. they couldve developed a back story on how since hes so antisocial and dosent like interacting with people, he develops a drug that relaxes his mind and lets him focus on his research. but then after their fight he takes too much of it or with alcohol which makes him imagine his future or something like that.

yeah the mathematical stuff didn't make too much sense. or wasn't explained very well. I like that idea you said better

Not sure why some people are defending this film saying it is too complicated to understand and it's a niche film. Lol no it's not! The story is like so many other bw films. The guy goes through trouble, has a lover, he messes things up between them. The girl waits for him and still loves him, then he realizes what he has to do and yaay happy ending. How is the indian audience dumb to not understand that? I am sure a 6 year old can understand this concept smh -_-

As expected Kala chasma comes abruptly at the rolling titles

Just watched the movie. Did not go with any expectations but still could not bear the 2nd half. Very slow pace and confusing

And the were promoting this bakwas film all along......

I know how dp fans can be. They are just like their idol. They begged to have dp on the cover of tht paper magazine coz she only had a small inside story and thts why they agreed to do a digital cover. So the news came in saying deepika on the cover of paper magazine.... big lol for me. So I wouldn't be surprised if they are bashing bbd. They have so much energy and enthusiasm, I must applaud. PV post pls

LOL and all the critics writing reviews are all DP fans right? Its about whether a film is good or not period. People say it like it is and sadly the film isnt good. Truth hurts

kat fans obsession with DP and her fans continues. Movie is bad and kat cant act. Accept it. Begged? lol nice try but no one begged as DP is there as she deserve it. Small or big doesnt matter . How r u sure only DP fans are bashing? Stop this allegations,oh kat and her fans loves to blame others to satisfy their ego. I must appropriate there shamelessness and courage to do it. Dont forget how kat fans bash Tamasha, DP being the highest paid and now paper mag. kat fans are so jealous of DP success and happiness. pv plz post it dont be biased

Seems it's a good movie but for a niche audience . Will fare well in metros but not single screens

You know a film is going to be bad when the emphasis during promotion is the item song, actors chemistry and locations.

Been seeing a lot of negative reviews for the film so far. I don't think that audience doesn't find the story believable, it's just that it is confusing and things are not explained very well. It is also a predictable ending. Your typical bw love story I guess. By no means am I surprised by this. The leads are Katrina and Sid, what do you expect? I knew the film was going to bomb when all they promoted was Kala Chashma. It's going to end up like TMK but probably worse since Sid isn't a big hero like Akshay. Time and time again Katrina has proven she can't act. If Yashji can't help her, and her working with acting coaches in Fitoor didn't do anything, then what can she do now? 13 years and nothing to prove. Sid has backing by Kjo and until people speak up against him he will stay and continue to do bad films. But...we will see. He is only 6-7 films in.

this movie proves that no matter how hard you try, nothing can replace natural inborn talent. you can tell katrina was trying really really really hard to emote and play a geet-like bubbly girl, but her performance was still empty because she wasn't born with any acting talent. i feel like katrina was never ever meant to be an actress but still for some reason made it big.

The film is getting bad WOM so I won't expect the next few days for it to soar. Another flop for BW

Indians are way too dum to understand this!!

Hahaha...You mean dumb?

Why blame poor Indians when there are others too 'dum' to spell dumb ?

Good one!

only dumb people will like this movie and Indians are not dumb! You are.

I'll have to disagree with you on that. I think the indian audience wants new things and to see new type of films. However, Baar Baar Dekho didn't bring that to the table. The interesting sci-fi bits were cool, but the story was a reused theme we have seen before. Coming of age where guy discovers what he wants and its the girl! How cliched is that? Also, we want our stars to do different films. Even Salman is doing things different these days. What is Katrina doing? She is still showing off her mid-riff and being a prop in films. Don't be upset that she can't act. Some people have it while others don't. And don't get me started on Sid. He is handsome no doubt but the man is wooden. His eyes speak volumes however....

I just have to say one thing. Throughout the movie I could tell the transition of Katrinas face. I believe the sequences abroad must have been taken in the earlier part of shooting because Katrinas face is fully blown up and doesn't look natural. However Thailand and the marriage sequences her face calms down and this must have been shot more recently. Because Katrinas face has calmed down since last year and since phantom and fitoor with the puffiness and Fillers show. Me and my cousin saw the movie and as an ardent Katrina fan I have to please request that she leave her beautiful face alone now. It's enough. If she gets Botox done once more I will literally stop watching her movies. She looks beautiful in Thailand in sau asman and in the nachde me saare. She looks baaaaad in the pregnancy scene because her face looks extremely puffy. I wish someone would tell her to stop. Don't people love her around her? Why the hel don't they tell her to stop. Pv please post. She might see this.

I agree we love Katrina! She has no know it looks better (a little bit wrinkles) then a swollen face! Plus you can see that she takes botox :/ otherwise she is so attractive! She is like on of the prettiest ive seen

I heard once you start them its hard to stop bc it can mess up your face. You have to keep doing them and it turns into a vicious cycle

the morale of this is,kat don't go after dp's left overs,whether it's bfs or movie offers coz if they were any good she wouldn't have passed on them

Gone are the days when indian audience was in awe of Katrina (some 6-7 yrs ago) now we have tall, talented girls who could look gorgeous in all kind of attire, act well..learn language with accent(Kangana for haryanvi, Deepika for south indian(CE), bengali (PIKU)), dance and emote with just eyes..gone are the days when heroines were only for dancing and smiling..Finally BW is getting rid of katrina..Glad!!

Someone should make a movie "Rise and Fall of Katrina" and that should be her last movie!!

I hope SRK and karan stop working with her to save their images and careers.

This doesnt surprise me. The concept seems good on paper and wasn't told very well. So it left you confused. I can see lots of people wont get the film. The actors didnt help either. As predicted, Sid was the main focus on the story as Katrina was mostly eye candy. There was one scene in particular she was okay in. Other than that, they could have just used a manniquin that looked like her and you wouldn't know the difference! Same for Sid. I get you are confused as to why you are time travelling, but dude, you are a genius....ugh a lot of stuff just didn't make sense to me. The film was beautiful and was mostly sold on location and the hot actors. Don't waste your money if you want an in depth or good story.

One of the public review videos I watched had a person who described the film perfectly : ' a great film but probably ahead of its time for a country like India'

Oh puhleeez what about this movie was ahead of its times ??? And a country like India doesnt accept dumb movies with dumber actors...Stop dissing the country for the failure of a crappy movie.

perfectly? What about India's contributions in film as been an incredible journey from the earliest years, just to mention a few--classics with Amitabh, the riveting brilliance of Maqbool, Bajirao Mastani, Don 2, Lunchbox, Mary Kom, bringing highest praise from all around the world. This film? Too crappy for a country like India to uphold as among its finest films.

Wth are people talking about? This was sooooooo good. One of the best movies I've seen!

Please get your head checked.

I think people can talk. People need to visit Twitter and Instagram to see the reaction reviews don't matter. This film will do 100 crores plus. And I can fully bet on that.

This was the one film where I feel given more of a chance Katrina could have shown her worth. The scenes she done were amazing. But the film hardly had her. I wish she was in it more. This was the perfect ground for her to show her skills. This kind of a film goes with her look her image and her way of speaking but again she was hardly seen

Sorry but Kat had 13 years to show she has acting skills. This film she kind of emoted in a scene and that was about it. Mostly there to show off her hot looks and that is all she is worth in 13 years.

People find the wind tearing salman khans shirt open fully believable but this...THIS they have a hard time 'making sense of'

I watched it and I loved it. I honestly think this film is for the people who speak English watch Hollywood films and go to posh restaurants. It's not for the majority of Indians. It's not your typical love story.

This is a coming of age of Bollywood movie. This is literally something Bollywood may not be ready for. But they should be. It's about a man finding his real self and discovering his inner self. It's not really a love story. But it's great. If given a chance this could open some crazy creative doors. I think people need to move away a bit from the dab and style now

yeah, cause there has never been a coming of age film in bollywood ever before? haha who are you kidding?

Okay I never come here to rate but I had to for this one. I must say living abroad this was VERY surprising for me to watch considering it's coming out of Bollywood. It's totally a Hollywood style sci fi film. I absolutely loved it. I have to say though that even though I am a bit of a Katrina fan this film is 10000% sidharts film!! I was amazed that he acted so well. Honestly Katrina could have done a guest appearance she was hardly in the movie. But thr scenes she was in she nailed them. Especially the house scene when he tells her he doesn't want this. I think her acting there was by far the best I have ever ever seen her do. The only lacking in this film is that they advertised it fully as a Kat and Sid chemistry film. The audience thought there would be more love and more chemistry. But it was more about Sid and his journey. It was more the audience wanting good for a good guy like jay rather than jay and dia together. That's the only part I think they could have worked on. Otherwise honestly I think people should give something this difference a chance. It was perfect.

ek bar Bhi Nahi dekho

Thank god no fake praising on Twitter by other actors too. Even ranveer who looked like he was having fun at the screening didn't praise it lol

I was so looking forward to this movie - but it gave a headache .. Hoping ADHM doesn't disappoint like this one :(

Lmao to all Kat fans. Everyone who said dp can't make a hit. Well watch piku where she didn't have to dance and apply too much makeup but it still became a hit and her acting just wow. Kat is the next kanta laga girl. She should stick to doing movies with shakti kapoor boom. Now she'll be best friends to salman to do a movie with him cos she needs a hit

Lmao to all Kat fans.

Right now a few DP fans are going mad perhaps just to prove their point that BBD is a flop.Xxx will release in jan and exactly the same behaviour DP would be getting.Fans of other actresses are going to pray that she fails miserably.This is kind of becoming a never ending cycle.Let it be guys.If it is a good movie it would succeed,if not it would fail.Just stop this fanwar.

Awesome, fun and quirky film!! definately a must watch.

People said na BBD is a final good bye to katrina. its a bye bye katrina. Kat fans next time trust haters as they are never wrong.

I just came back after watching BBD.Its a very nice movie.I don't know why people are writting such negative comments but most of the people sitting around me in the hall seemed to like the movie.

Hi katrina

Such kind of Hi Katrina comments are super lame to say the least. I could reply with a Hi Deepika or something like that but I am not 13yr old like you. I stay in Europe and did watch BBD with my family. Kindly stop writing idiotic comments just to prove your point.

Hi katrina

katrina said dont watch my movies if you dont like me . People take her words too seriously. People dont go to watch kat movies but the movies which has their fav actors kat is only their for 15mins. so she thought its a hit due to her .

Srk will now think twice to work with her. He needs a hit badly so he wont go for her.

No wonder why kat is linking her name to every movie but no one wants her any more. Wait JJ will be a flop too. Kat is over and finished.

Nitya Mehra. #legend#lol

I am so fed up of Bollywood now due to so stupid fan-wars. I mean according to them all movies are bad since Kat fans bash- DP and DP fans bash Kangana and Kangana fans bash sonam and kareena fans bash PC and PC fans bash DP and Ranbir fans bash Ranvir and Varun fans bash SID and OMG list is endless...... so all the movies get bashed here practically as for revenge.

I am nobody's fan and I have better things to do than defend or fight about some silly stars who have no clue we exist. That said, this movie stank and that is the truth, it was a waste of my money and time. The lead actors were plain wooden. I loved Sid in Kapoor and sons but he was awful in this movie. Truth be told.

Finally someone said it!

This movie should have been titled - Katrina in Bikini and Beyond. Bikini babe. Bikini actress of the year. National/Filmfare award for best Bikini actress of the of year. #KatinBikini#QueenofBikini

i just came back from watching this film. it was so stupid and predictable. the only good parts were the song and dance sequences. SAVE YOUR MONEY, guys, just wait for the songs full version to be released on youtube.

Irony is tomorrow on JDG which has been shot much before the release, they will say movie got good response and doing well. lol

I knew from the trailer itself this movie would be really forgettable and blah but I was thinking of watching it anyway since I have some free tickets expiring at the end of the month. But now with the reviews this bad no thanks. I don't understand for the life of me how others are able to tolerate and bare 2 stone-old mannequin model actors!?!??

If a film like Houseful 3 can collect 100 crores n be a hit, y not this? Please do not tell me it was funny or entertaining or had great songs or acting. It was shredded by the 98% of the critics. So y is it so painful for people here to see a movie starring Kat which is well intentioned, have amazing songs, a beautiful star cast, awesome cinematography and decent reviews?

Katrina is not akshay kumar. Even his worst Roady rathore makes 100 crs.

So all kat efforts go in vain. Joining social media, fake breakup, fake smiles and sweet to media, all moving out, try to gain sympathy an act like saint , kissing , touching sid and always in his lap. Poor kat. All she gets is Kaala chasma so she can dance on it for next 4 years. pv post my comment

I mean if Kat has worked her haert out, then lets credit were it's due. Good for her. However not a fan of kat, the last films of her's that I saw was jab tak hai jaan, definitely will not be watching. She's a snooze fest!

She ruined JTHJ for me!

That does not say much as JTHJ was stupid in itself

Right...... and Fitoor was a masterpiece ?? If Yash Chopra could not get this so called actress to ACT decently with SRK by her side, then NO ONE can

@Make you LOL @faceless actually I thought JJHJ was kinda nice. However Kat made it soo awkward for me. Not to be mean or anything but her facial expressions looked awkward thus made me cringed the entire film.

@DarkDelight exactly! even I was cringing so much during the film I couldn't enjoy it

Public is also trashing he movie. See on Youtube. All that glitters is not gold. Kat fans were over confident and said DP and her fans are jealous ads BBD songs getting good response and its a hit. LOL.

Proved again katrina cant act, has no star power and is nothing without her star BFS. She is a flop without big actors thus lobbying hard to get a movie with SRK..
post pinkvilla

Kat fans where r u? hiding your faces and some abusing Dp and her fans.

This is what i love about katina . She always proves her haters right.

Wait now KJO wont sign her for his next with fawad. In a day or 2 his PR will release an article.

Kat never disappoints her haters and lives up to their expectations. Poor kat fans were jumping and calling people jealous. pv post it

katrina will get a national award for this.

I got Cancer after watching this movie. K thanks bye.

Even if you dislike this film, What has cancer got to do with it? Hopefully you'll be hit by one by the end of the end of the year to experience the real deal.Disgusting comment.!

Ufff I just came back. My friend is a big Sid fan and she took me along to watch, even tho I kept saying this movie is going to be bogus!! (Things you do for your friends smh) I got headache and all the time I kept on thinking why these two non actors? Songs were pretty good tho!

I never knew this was offered to Deepika first? Anyways one cannot look away from the fact that all the movies she has rejected are literally flops and are critically pulled apart. And it is so interesting that the movies she has grabbed from others have made her what she is today.

Poor sid,he thought by sticking to kjo he will be star no matter what...he can't act and he doesn't even deluded
interviews about how he playing different roles...and on top of that now kjo has fawad...

Honestly the reviews are not too bad.TOI gave a rating of 3.5 and NDTV gave a rating of 4/5.Most of the critics have given more than average ratings except for Raja Sen.Twitter reviews are pretty good as well. Movie is definitely going to be a hit.just wait and watch!

go and check india today, anupama chopra, rajeev masand, faridoon, news 18, salil etc . All trash the film as well as kat acting Even toi says kat cant act. For more you can public review they were asking their money back some call it torture. It will be an average or semi hit as budget is low. Twitter reviews are from kat pr and fans. Even u MD twitter reviews all +ve .

I think now fawad is the official poster boy of Dharma...kjo's lucky boy...

He can actually act!

So much for kala chasma. That's the only thing people will remember this movie by

Thank god deepika got saved from a flop by rejecting this movie!

Not sure about the fate of the film...but it looks like people here want it to fail and are celebrating bad reviews. For that and for that reason alone...I want BBD to perform well at Box office

Deepika should have done this film, then it would be a super duper hit!

NO actor can make any movie a hit if story is not good. Kat is exceptional as she has ruined every good movie with her terrible hindi and accent.

I'm so glad Deepika (or any other actress) didn't fall for Dharma and Sid pairing. Happy that she rejected the script.

one of the times u realise that if RK was in this movie, he would've nailed this character and gotten the chemistry right with Katrina.

L O L the reviews were so bad that at on point I felt bad for Katrina and Sid. I shamelessly closed the browser it were that bad.

When will Karma stop following Kat?

She hurt many people and wronged them. Duki dil se nikal badua hai jo hamesha qabool hoti hai. she should ask forgiveness from the people she hurt and her fans should stop blaming and accusing others. May be then. PINKVILLA PLEASE POST

Oh god... Just saw the movie. Awesome movie of the year till now. Hw can people write such stupid comments. Love #jaidia #dubai

Remember how Shaandar got a 13 Cr opening? And then when Audience and critics WOM went down the movie didn't even collected 13 Cr lifetime lol.

Another Shaandar on cards for Dharma.

Another Shaandar on cards for Dharma.

Problem is Kat will keep trying and kjo will probably cast her again. He has casted Kareena 4 times and all 4 times the movies were flop.

Bebo can actually act her pants off. Cant say the same for Kat

KRK review :- (Well he is not a critic but because he gets his info from distributors and Theatre owners so his predictions and results are bang on) BBD opens average at ticket window and Freaky Ali is a poor show.

One more point here..When a movie is promoted just on the basis of one Kaala Chasma in this case or hot abs of the lead pair ..their is a high chance the movie will be a poor in terms of quality...Queen and Piku are perfect examples of minimum promotions with great results..Both the lead actresses ended up winning best actresses awards and they were among best movies of the year...Still i don't expect makers to learn anything from this.

Lead actresses winning awards and doing well on word of mouth doesn't have anything to do with promotions. Promotions are for spreading awareness and getting the initials. Both Queen and Piku opened below par and piku picked during weekend and Queen picked up during Weekdays. BBD had a good promotional campaign and lets see if it has paid off. Opening to anything less than 7cr would be disappointing.

Those films didnt need much awareness bc they were GOOD. Word of mouth made them hits afterwards. Clearly BBD doesnt have much going for it, therefore the promo campaign was revolving around songs to get people in the theaters for a good opening at least. Once word of mouth spreads that the films sucks, its over for them

Anand L Rai should rethink now lol.

This movie is going to meet Shaandar fate. Big opening and then zero lol.

Why are Katrina fans bringing Deepika here? It not her fault that iconic Katrina cannot act!

If Deepika rejects a movie, it sure has no fate. Dhoom 3, Kick, Roy, Shaandar, PRDP and now BBD. All crapfests rejected by her!

To be honest no one cares why critics say and what people posting on a website are saying. It's about the audience and the money the film makes. The film is already making money and public reactions are good. Go check on Twitter. If w film is good no one can stop it from being a hit.

Are you kidding?! One video of public review posted on twitter, there a quite a few that said it was totally torturous and intolerable and just haehaat! I am waiting for it to come on Netflix.


What movie! Outstanding performances. I see National Award falling in Sid and Katrina Lap. And what a director Nitya Mehra is.. NA worthy. Wow just wow. DONOT MISS THIS MOVIE.

LMAO love your sarcasm


Reviews are soooooo bad omg I can't even. Even God cannot save this movie...

Kat's third flop in a row loooool what a looool.

No wonder Deepika Padukone rejected it.


This is not a film for pendus or people who find it believable when akshay picks up a car with his bare arms. This is a Hollywood style sci fi film. It will appeal to the classy audience. More top notch people. Not your average hero beats up ten villains without a scratch masala film. I think it's a break through in Hindi cinema.

its not a breakthrough bollywood has been copying hollywood since its inception.

Baar Baar Dekho? No thanks, ek baar kaafi tha! What a pathetic film. i am a kat fan but sorry its just the worst ever.

This review is pretty descent! Wonder how much Karan paid

Baar Baar Dekho had an interesting premise which required some believable performances. Not wooden actors in fancy wigs.

People commenting over and over again about Raja sen's review...well that guy gave 2stars to movie a like 3idiots!!!. Completely ripped it apart. Just google it.Anyways coming back to the movie,this is definitely a good movie with a good message.

Go and watch public review. even they are trashing it

Too soon to say if its box office hit of not. wait till the week's collection comes. Flying Jatt was a hit for gods sake! this is still love-dance and beautifully shot locales

This is what majority of people said after seeing the trailer.

Thank god DP, Alia, Anushka, Hrithik reject this film.

In one of the youtube review the distinguished looking gentle man said you don't go to watch Sid and Kat for their acting but for fun and that wan't even there!! So no thanks how long can you watch pretty people!!

Raja Sen annihilated the leads in his review.

AS i expected there is nothing in the film expect kala chasma. Poor kat fans.

In the movie Katrina only motive is to be MRS, JAI VARMA lol like in real life her only motive is to be MRS. RANBIR KAPOOR :P

I knew something was off when they were over promoting the film. All the credible film critics, who I trust, that being Raja Sen, Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand completely ripped the film apart, destroyed the lead actors performances, was quiet frankly was really embarrassed while reading the reviews for the lead actors. I mean what Nitya thinking taking two actors that have no acting ability to hold the audiences attention in which the performances are the highly important.

I wonder what Karan, Siddarth and Katrina felt after reading Raja Sen's review. He completely trashed the film and the lead performances, I was feeling embarrassed for both Sid and Katrina, the review was EPIC!

This is what bollywood gets done from assistant director of Life of pi.

feeling bad for sid actually, karan trying hard to promote sid.crap movie.

Its a one time watch , Sid as usual didn't impress a lot though he looked handsome . Katrina's performance was much better than earlier movies , she is cute . Overall , not a bad movie and can do a satisfying business

How many more non-performances by Sid is it gonna take for Kjo to realise this guys not Bollywood material

Raja Sen have ripped apart this movie and gave it 1 star just like he did with Ram Leela.And yes i agree with him, both movies are pathetic.

he gave 2 stars to Bajirao Mastani though.

He rated Guzarish higher than Zindagi na mileage dobara and we all know which one failed miserably...lets wait and watch

It's received average reviews everywhere . Sounds like the same old has to grow up while woman patiently waits for said man to grow up .

All of you, I'm a Deepika fan and i watched the film and liked it. Kat is good, Sid is not.
Katrina convinced me more than Sid.
So it's not like all of us hate her. Don't generalise. Peace :)
Pv post plz.

katrina overshadow sid then we can untrestand what sid is as an actor