Shivaay Movie Review: Don’t smoke what Ajay’s having

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Bollywood, get it straight one last time. Beautiful locales doesn’t make a good film. Neither can a superstar. Nor can great visuals. Neither can slick action. If you are missing a good story, please avoid putting 300 people through the turmoil of making a film for which we won’t have even a word of praise for. Ajay Devgn had a mammoth of a task ahead of him. He solely had to hold on to the attention of his viewers for a chunky runtime of 2 hours and 53 minutes. And with a lame story, that’s too much to ask of even from Al Pacino. Ajay fights the lost battle with all his might and in moments in the film, your heart goes out to him for his sincerity and commitment. Quick Reminder: He is also the director! WHAM! #Rantbegins Bro, what on earth were you smoking? Don’t pass the joint. (Prays for everyone’s sanity #Amen)

If you have a relative idea of Meluha’s gist then Shivaay’s template seems familiar. Let us forewarn you, there are few mercies lying ahead. A man, mountaineer, holds on to his chillum ala the Lord Shiva and chills in life. We recommend some sort of intoxication, grass, pot et al if you at all embark on this fiasco like we did. A guide and a tourist fall in love amidst the snow clad Himalayas. She is a firang called Olga who speaks impeccable Hindi. Too bad, the same cannot be said about Shivaay’s English who, much like Deepika Padukone of xXx holds on to his precious desi twang. He impresses her with his trekking skills, swagger and mostly cool tattoos. The girl, let’s call her a spineless bimbette, falls in love with him practically within minutes. The tattoos do the trick and I wish she had met Rock On 2 director Shujat Saudagar before Ajay. If tattoos is the criteria to fall in love, Shujat wins hands down. Olga and Shivaay are hit by an avalanche but they don’t really die in it. You really wish they did.

Let’s give you the chronology. Day 1 : Meet and Greet. She doesn’t freeze to death despite wearing shorts. He, too, has a high threshold for all things cold. Likes to lie bare backed at most times. Day 2. Love. Day 3: Avalanche. Day 4: Sex. Heard of gravity defying stunts? Now watch, gravity defying sex. #SingsDarkhast Like in the 80s, within the first half an hour, Olga is all set to be a kunwari maa. Hawww shame shame? Naeh, Ajay is too cool for it. He practically forces her to have a child she wanted to get rid of (hence spineless) and she relents a little too easily and conveniently. A mute cutiepie is born and Shivaay gets his adhi family, Olga goes back to Bulgaria.

In the next half an hour, the papa and beti bond over mountain-climbing. At this exact point, Shivaay becomes Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Letters reveals past truths and that’s that. The kid and her zid forces the duo to travel to Bulgaria (Gadar? Oh God!). Then she gets kidnapped and suddenly we land in Mardaani and Shivaay becomes Singham!

Another bimbette pops in during their Bulgarian trip (Sayyeshaa). Her expressions are hilarious and dialogues are priceless. She, in fact, concludes the film with a line - I don’t know what to say. I am at a loss for words. There, she sums up the film in fewer words than we did. And that’s her only contribution to this gareebon ka masterpiece.

Ajay, however, is ace. As an actor, we mean. As a director, he hasn’t made much headway still. His action is worth ogling at and his intensity evokes hoots.

It is shameful how logic isn’t one of the things Ajay spared a thought for. Sample this – Someone screams Shivaay’s name from the foothills and he jumps from approximately 6000 feet and literally flies down in two minutes. Oh cinematic liberties. Oh self indulgence. Why do I smell Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Ajay’s film?

Performances are stable but the story is a let down. 172 minutes is a lot to bear some good butt kickin’. Ajay, hire some better writers next time and give the chillum a break!

We rate this film a 40% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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Hahaha, the review is more entertaining than the movie!

Shivaay is best indian movie of year Simply the best,,ADHM is nothing in front of Shivaay ,it is very very unfortunate that some film critics

In India Ajay Davgan is a Superstar ,,if you don't think so then blow your mind

Apparently, they filmed in Bulgarian mountains pretending it to be Mt.Everest and then Ajay Devgan turns smugly to the Bulgarian heroine and asks her if they have such views in Bulgaria . LMAO . Raja Sen's review is scathing !

according to IMDB shivaay review is 7.6/10 on 28 oct.16 while ADHM only 5.6/10. PV reviews are not always correct.

Too bad 90% of the other critics have also thrashed Shivaay. And going by the box office collections, Ajay was right. The better film has won. :)

Everything in the above article is fine,but don't call him a superstar,I don't see any superstar in the film

then go find a superstar in KRK and karan

An 8 crore opening is NOT superstar level. Even taking into consideration that it's pre Diwali and the clash. It should've at least collected 20 crores. ADHM collected 13 crores, and in real collections, BOI said it would be around 18-19 crore. So if Shivaay had collected 20 crores at least, in real terms, it would've been around 30 crores (superstar level). Only the three Khans are superstars. Period.

Ajay's Singham Renturns collected on the first day 32Cr! This time it was clearly the ADHM effect. Im pretty sure, the opening collection would had been much more... PLUS: In ADHM there was Ranbir,Aishwarya Rai,Anushka,Fawad Khan and with KJ as a director! While in Shivaay there was just one BIG Name!

ajay talk talk talk then nothing , karan johar is averege but in comparison with shivay adhm is TITANIC.


From now I will never trust Pinkvilla movie review. Very childish review. Movie is really awesome.

KRK said the movie was awful. I believe KRK's review ...

WOW! Pinkvilla removed my comment that was against them.

"This is wrong on so many levels. One doesn't need to be Sherlock to know how PV is biased and promoting ADHM openly and trying all stunts to downgrade Shivaay. Is it just a coincidence that PV has come up with a review on the eve of a release of a movie - for the first time. That's shameful Pinkvilla! Really really shameful! What is the difference between KRK and Pinkvilla now?"

did u get paid as well to put such a review? very childish to put something like that out on the day of release . i know you have a huge following but seriously did not expect this 2 thumbs down for PV . We give you a rating of 0% on the PUBLIC METER.

Wow! Talk about a biased review. I have seen decent reviews for Shivaay (BL for one said it was thrill ride) and very bad reviews for ADHM (Fawad's scenes are cut really bad and it's FIOS remake but a bad one). PV has been blatantly promoting ADHM on this site. This site is supposed to be neutral but it's very obvious from the way this review was written, it isn't. I stopped reading the review the minute I realized it was giving away the whole movie. By the way, Karan, since you did this (I know you did) I have just decided to not watch ADHM with my family. I just showed them this review and there was 13 of us going to Shivaay tomorrow (which we will still go) but there is no way in hell I will support this kind of nastiness. First KRK releases the beginning shots of the movie from a screening and now you pull this! No way I will eve support a movie of yours! PV I dare you to post if you are really not biased!!!

This clash seem similar to Rustom vs MD...where both of the movies were bad...

MD was much better. Nothing new in Rustom. Only reason MD didn't well was because of media.

I read reviews of both movies from Critics and fans as I'm a fan and would prefer their opinion more...and Pinkvilla is right ADHM reviews are much better than Shivay reviews

I don't trust Reviews. Watch it for yourself, Everybody have their own opinion, doesn't mean all opinions should be same.

Reviews about shivaay are the same is a disaster.

If it was just Pinkvilla I would had believed it's biased towards ADHM but Shivaay has got negative reviews from every critic so can't blame PV actually they have given an honest review

Very wrong of PV to put out a rather childish review of Shivaay but does not do the same by ADHM. I very much doubt either movie is any great shakes , but if you must review a movie this early in the day ,please do the same for the competition too. Everywhere PV's promoting ADHM ,not hard to guess why !

I'm not even surprised...this is all we can expect from Ajay

Okay Ajays now I admit you supported ADHM! I guess that's what you meant when you said may the best movie already knew it was ADHM!

Very biased review. Even my family relatives have seen shivaay yesterday they told its watchable and entertaining. I'm going today.

Umm, I think it's unethical that PV is/was promoting ADHM (which is fine) and then putting out an early review of a movie releasing on the same weekend. What's the point of hate-reviewing a movie like this? And where is ADHM's review btdubs?

Omg the way u have reviewed it is sooooo funny hhhhhhhhh loved it

Such a cool and edgy review! Very well written :) Agree with Shivaay being -_-'

This reviewer looks Like a persona full of hatred..and the use of word bimbette so often doesn't much help in making this review sound cooler..I know PV you not gonna post this lol!

Too much slang in the review. We are grown ups here, hello.

First time pinkvilla got the review so early. One can only hope it is fair and not biased like Krk's. That the media is not sold but honest.

Shame both movies do not sound good at all, Just saw ADHM review a disappointment too

I'm not watching Shivaay or ADHM, but I just want to say that this review was penned down in a very malicious manner.

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