Force 2 Movie Review John-Sona’s actioner is slick but doesn’t hit hard enough

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This is clearly a month of fizzled out sequels. First Rock On 2 and now this; their mighty predecessors would be ashamed of their emotional stories running dry. But that’s precisely the problem, in both, there is not enough heart. RAW agents – Yash and KK (played by John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha respectively) are on the hunt for a mole in their system. The cue comes from a dying soldier, Yash’s BFF and the story snowballs into action sequences that are all mandatory. Shot with precision, even though the story comes straight out of a regular spy rulebook – predictable, though, pacy to its credit.

It seems the only area its makers invested a tad bit on, is the action. Skillfully done with elan, there’s poise and grace. At one point, the leading man starts a stunt in his towel. Saawariya moment anyone? Oh no no. But the epic question from Rustom kept playing – Towel gira kaise nahi. Oh yes, may we mention that shirts can kill, in case you run out of bullets. Close to the interval, Yash makes an announcement - “Something’s not right”. Hallelujah, now that’s a word of caution which we recommend you take seriously.

Even though all its characters seem to be suffering from a terrible hangover of their last film – John of Dishoom, Sonakshi of Akira and the spunky Tahir Raj Bhasin of his Breaking Bad-ish character from Mardaani. John, specifically, has looked the same in his last two films which we recollect. Yes, action is his stronghold and he is the best while batting on home turf but it’s high time, he and Abhishek get going with their Dostana. Needs a welcome break.

Sonakshi is in full form and yes, her action is worth hooting for, but her character is never given enough depth. She plays John's senior officer but abiding by the template of action films in Bollywood, she must abide by what her hero has to say and do. There is a feeling that she has a backstory to scream from rooftops about but thanks to some sharp editing, we are spared the melodramatic details. She comes out looking sincere but leaves only a little impact as she mutters “Nahi Yash, nahi” almost all through the length of the film. Tahir, however, perfects his Mardaani act with a vulnerable portrayal as the antagonist. He gives some fine touches to the role but has a little playing field to have fun with.

Aspiring to be Jason Statham film with the soul of James Bond, Force 2 looks like a step-sibling of Ek Tha Tiger. There is enough to get people whistling but that doesn’t take away from its mind-numbing threadbare plot. No wonder, the curse of the second hour bites this one harder. The action seems forced and unnecessary, exhausting to say the least. The film stays crisp all through but in its huffing puffing towards the climax, the story comes off seeming convoluted. There’s a cure if you get tired of the pummeling. Just ogle at the lovely shots of Budapest. Europe hasn’t looked this stylish in a Bollywood film in quite some time.

The one thing, you can’t question is Abhinay Deo’s intentions. He does his best to make a nifty thriller that doesn’t give you a minute to breathe and takes you on a roller coaster ride, which any adrenaline junkie will enjoy. The evolved movie-goers, however, need more than just time pass. There’s so much to enjoy yet it's just not enough.

We rate the movie 50% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.


Both John n Sonakshi r doneee ! Sona pls go marry ur rich sajdeh n b happy.

I just watched it in Sydney, only 5 people were in the cinema. It was only a ok film, could have been better. Sonakshi was a complete misfit in her role, she actually ruined the film. John was great, story needed much more depth

Why do such films even get made ? How can someone like John still be a leading man ????

This movie was very very good, and yet you gave it only 50%?
I recommend to everyone who likes action movies. It has a very entertaining storyline and good acting.

Bad movie Sonakshi acting is horrible


sonakshi ur career is officially over!

Reading this review I can say that this movie will be good

Bloody brilliant AWESOME movie. I LOVED IT!!!

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