Tum Bin 2 Movie Review: Carry tissues for this sappy melodramatic saga

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Pyaar, Ishq and Mohabbat is practically the only formula Bollywood feeds on. The sequel of the much loved Tum Bin follows the same plot.  Exactly the same one. There's an accident, there's betrayal,  there's falling in love and there's oodles mush. This one sadly is an overkill. In the first fifteen minutes of the movie, there's a fatal event. Soon after, a Pied Piper of Loveland appears. His tricks and tales are right out of PS I love you, with obvious Bollywood inferences, sets everything right. He is like Anand on Prozac. Finally, a woman coping with the loss of her fiance and a family looking for their son grows to love a stranger who intrudes into people's kitchens to bake chocolate cakes. But the heroine falls for the bloke, who is living off a fortune he once made (six years ago) and has been flooring women ever since with a little help from his gay friends who own a patissiere. Phew. He makes merry with the lassy and her family, spreading cheer, getting the girl drunk so that woh zindagi phir se jiye.

Of course, her man returns from the dead to claim back her girl and turning everyone's life Topsy turvy. The relationship dynamics are promiscuous, to say the least. You kinda lose track of who loves whom, at which point in the film, and why. Argh. But yes, our heroine much like Meredith Grey, finds herself stuck between two fine men, handsome and who have their eyes set for her. But she must choose. The entire second half has a few sappy scenes sandwiched between coochie coo songs. Fun much? In between beauty sleep and coffee, you won't care much for the characters who have such first world problems, in dire times of demonetization.

The only good thing about the movie is Jagjit Singh's voice and the love ballad of our childhood that's still capable of tugging at the strings of our heart. And yes, Neha Sharma's doe-eyed beauty makes for a pretty sight. The boys- Aditya Seal and Aashim Gulati play their roles with promise. Aditya with his chocolate boy looks makes a mark. Too bad their story lacked an inkling of real feeling and heart. Kanwaljit is a delight even today,  playing the brooding papa's part beautifully. What's exciting is that the film's supporting cast was used well and gel with the story. The Paki talk in these tense times is used to lighter effect.

However, the man who made Raone.,  Anubhav Sinha could've done better in the VFX department. The snowfall looks gimmicky, the water is almost painted with water color by a 10-year-old. Of course, the movie isn't as good as the original, which most would age deciphered by now from this review. Yes, it is breezy but the sequel is nothing more than a money-making exercise, to cash on the nostalgia factor of its prequel. Good try but nobody really wants to see a mediocre romantic flick that's all cheesy. For that, we have Karan Johar's and Yrf stack to fall on. We are looking for a solid, home-brewen romance which is set on the blueprint of its last one.

We rate the movie 40% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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I liked the movie except the fact there was zero chemistry between the heroine and heros. story was nice, cinematography was class apart and songs were good too.

This cannot compare to original Tum Bin, everything is about sensual, sex and hotness these days. The innocense in movies is gone, Priyanshu and everyone was amazing in Tum Bin and the music was a class apart. Everyone acted so good, the movie stayed with me over the years. I felt pain for the girl and everyone, why do they do this to classics!?

Is this the sequel of Tum Bin!? This feels and looks like a C grade where as Tum Bin was class apart. The songs, acting, story was amazing Priyanshu, Rakesh, Himanshu and Sandali were amazing. I still love the songs.

How do you choose between two really hot guys?

That aashim guy is hotttt

I actually found this way better than adhm. Movies like these deserve fair chance. They dont need to have to have a hige star cast or a karan johar to back them

I do think so as well !

Shucks! I was rooting for this despite knowing it'll be nowhere as good as the first one!

Waiting for this online.

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