Befikre movie review: Ranveer-Vaani give us Bollywood's most adorable rom-com!

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You like Bollywood romances? The sarson ke khet and babuji ki permission before you tie the knot and take the plunge. Well,  there is none of that in Befikre. It is as Western as modern Indian relationships are. As my cousin in Brooklyn is or your sister in London is. But this is what any modern relationship feels like. A lot like lust and more like love, amorous in a charming sort of way we could relate to. Frankly, the last time a romantic comedy made this much sense to us was Ekk Main Aur Ekk Tu, that was an endearing take on labels and commitment. Befikre is similar in design but there is a Desi Punjabi heart right in the middle of it. A Dilli ka launda named Dharam who makes his living by cracking terrible jokes and a French kudi Shayra, who besides her impeccable diction in French and her boyfriend repertoire is all things Indian, seeking solace in aalu paratha after a break up. The plot is as run in the mill as you'd imagine but it's the telling that catches attention. It starts with a break up scene where Shayra and Dharam are calling each other names. Of course, her slut status is a nail in the coffin. Months go by and they realize that they are cut out to be buddies, who drink beer together, sing Hindi songs in karaoke parties and call each other when arrested at 3.00 am. So that's sorted, mutually friend zoned. 
Dharam is a homophobe, who has no idea of feminism. Women are for sex but he is goofy and cute. Shyra has too much of a mind of her own. They are a match made in hell.
Most around us can vouch how exes can never be buddies. But expect Aditya Chopra to turn that idea around, wrap it in romance and give it a twist. Don't ponder too long on the wafer thin plot. It is never about the ingenuity of the story in romantic comedies. It's how you make the audience feel. For us, it was a great Friday watch, that we would love to catch in the confines of our house whilst spooning into some chocolate ice cream and hugging a teddy bear. It is as breezy as breezy gets, as frothy as Bollywood has never seen before. There is nothing new and yet so much to cherish. In particular, a scene in which the lead man leaves a pole dancing show to be a friend to his ex, is wonderfully done. "Cancer se kum agar kuch hua hai toh meri haye lagegi," he angrily tells her for spoiling the chances of him getting some action that night. She tells him a wonderful man has proposed to her and he convinces her to take the plunge. 
There are many firsts for a Hindi film in this movie. A leading man's ten second tooshy show is more adorbs than hot (Sorry Ranveer, even though you would want it otherwise), you lose count of kisses because it's more than just a haww haww thing in this movie (are you sure Adi is Indian and not French) and the most important thing, sex is intertwined with love and there is a general openness to embrace it, quit being a prude. With the arial shots of Paris, rooftop romancing, long walks with Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, you fall in love. The spirit of the city is beautifully and candidly captured. 
But despite these abundant things to appreciate, cinematically, Befikre is ridden with flaws. It has a convoluted second half. There is a genuine lack of impeccable chemistry but individually they do a smooth job to even out the odds. However, these hitches don't kill the carefree spirit of the film. This one makes you want to rejoice, laugh with abandon, love unabashedly, kiss freely and dance with joy. Aur kya chahiye?
This movie feels a lot like love. 
We rate the film a 65% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.
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Don't get why YRF promote their movies as trashy sex movies! I didn't watch shudh desi romance for long time. I saw when it came on Netflix. it was good actually! not sure about this movie. may be will wait for it come on netflix

I loooooove rs in romcoms, just wish he wasn't saddled with such a loud

Dont care about the movie due the theme of it. I am conservative. But Vaani Kapoor is good. Can give competition to Deepika in acting and Katrina in dancing.

The irony that adi chopra has directed a film thats most popular with ranveer singh's younger, ternage/college age fans. What does that say?

I enjoyed Ek Main Aur Ek Tu, but this film seems very superficial with OTT acting , idk ..

Imdb ratings 3.7 thats enough to not watch dis

The moment you realise aditya chopra is an over rated star kid.

Adi (Befikre)

Befikre is bakwaas. No story.
Very disappointed with Ranveer especially after stellar performance like Bajirao.

Befikre is more watchable than DZ or ADHM imo. Nothing really incredible but it's breezy and not a drag. Why the extreme reactions?

Very Hollywood styled rom com. I loved loved loved d background score which easily makes u believe u r watching a movie set in France. It takes a good critic to appreciate good movies and efforts associated with it. Ranveer - can't describe his performance in words. He is that good, smooth, cute, hot, charmer never thought will say dis about Ranveer. Irrespective of which fan base u belong to go n watch d movie as it entertains u , makes u laugh which is more important...

I can't believe the high ratings..The movie lacks soul, was not funny OR romantic. We need better storylines -- this was terrible.

I fell asleep 10 minutes into the movie, woke up an hour later and walked out halfway.. And I've never fell asleep watching a movie!

Befikre makes adhm look like a msasterpiece

TAKE A BOW! Ranveer ! Bajirao to Ranveer ! What a journey ? What a journey? Heights of versatility.. Anushka Sharma- listening...

The movie had a weak plot and felt soulless, after 2 hours what was the point? A good soundtrack? Only ranveer's character and the parents were memorable and there's nothing to say about the main love story besides the cliche ending.

Amazin Just amazin! Nashe se chad gayee....yaar..Never knew Ranveer looked so handsome and hot Reminded me of young Saif.. long time since we got something better after luv aaj kal...

Yes Make way for most loved superstar- Ranveer Singh. Fly high ..

Don't believe critics and check it out for urself. Nothing better than movie bringing a smile on ur face. Ranveer like never before. Such a cutie patootie

Ranveer U r next big thing in Bollywood. Audience dancing to Nashe Si chad gayee in Bollywood. God bless n keep u away from negativity coming ur way which is very visible

Saw it just now ! Contrary to a lot of reviews and what the trailers shows, its a good movie. Its good fun ! I think the trailer was misleading and put me off, I am glad my friends dragged me to this one :)

Its a romcom, nothing more. Defo better than what I expected after the trailers. Both Ranveer and Vaani were good to watch, no life changing cinema, but not as terrible as some are making it out to be.

This movie was so bad that i have started to detest BW now! Give my MONEY BACK!

I loved the movie, only the last bit looked unplanned. Vani is elegant

Agree with Jaya Bachan's opinion

I got a migraine. Please, refund my money YRF.

The movie was too loud and the leads were too hyper, it hurt to watch. They nailed the dances but it takes more than that to make a film. This is what middle aged adi thinks of young love? Leave it to actual youngsters. Thank goodness it was in Paris or there would be no point to the film at all. Yjhd was flawed but ayan mukerji had a pov worth watching, that's a real bollywood romcom.

I still can't understand past two years are depressing for Bollywood still no one is ready to learn. Rather paying for actresses plastic surgeries and actors vanity start paying to good writers. The money they spend on promotions and after party should be given to talented directors and technician and musicians. Or I don't see any future.

I went with my mates. We exited the hall after 30 mins. This movie hurt my mind like the morn after ten shots. ugh

guys go watch - it is a really funny movie!

About this film:in Jaya's words: "Sharam Naam ki koi cheese Nahin Hai ab movies main"...!!!

Deepika was the first choice of Vaani's role but she rejected it cuz of the crap script!!!!!

anushka rejected it too and got sultan instead

I watched the movie online it was awful glad I didn't watch it at the movies

Ranveer owned the film....words fall short...

I don't know about the movie because I haven't watched yet but I really love Ranveer-Vaani as a couple on and off-screen!! Their chemistry is GOALS!! They're too fun and simple and comfortable together and this is actually the first time I find chemistry between Ranveer and his costar!! honestly I never loved Ranveer-deepika or Ranveer-Anushka and the other actresses who shared the screen with him. I want Ranveer and Vaani to do more films together (romantic and drama preferably) in the future

Honestly this movie turned out to be so good! I am actually a bit shocked. It was so funny and had such witty dialogues, an awesome soundtrack and great actors!

Right?! Same here - I had like 0 expectations but really enjoyed it

Honestly this movie turned out to be so good! I am actually a bit shocked. It was so funny and had such witty dialogues, an awesome soundtrack and great actors!

Well, 'Bollywood's most adorable rom-com' is getting negative reviews everywhere else.

Public reviews are +ve Critics -ve, is it time to have some fresh critics who understands the youth of today.

The movie is really good rom com and was hilarious but seems like indian audience are more into dramas.

It's actually a damn good movie. See it. Then say it!

I actually think vaani acted well (it's totally her movie, ranveer is the eye candy frat boy love interest who matures in the end) but her face was so jarring at some points :( if they had just waited for her work to settle this would've been huge for her

This is the best Romcom of Bollywood ever made... Well dont Aditya Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Vani kapoor and the entire french team involved..... Just loved the movie watched it 3 times already.....

300 Cr+ has been confirmed by trade analysts..people have loved this film and dying to get tickets...theatres r houseful so people r even sitting on floor and watching

I couldn't survive past the dares. Walked out. There were no repercussions for their criminal activities like shoplifting

Ranveer is the jaan of the movie and the dances are fun. It's a one time watch

OMG! This is adult movie. Just came back. Ranveer was naked and was showing his butttt.stupid movie.!

Loved ranveer it's damn good a movie if u loved ADHM u should love befikre as its 1000 times better than ADHM. Ranveer u rock as always...

Actually her french was awful... I completely disagree with "impeccable french diction". I speak fluent, native French (It's my 2nd language) and I had a very hard time understanding her.

pv reviewer obviously is not a native french speaker

I walked out 10 mins into the 2nd half. And I last walked out of Dilwale

I watched Befikre to actually watch the Raees trailer on the big-screen. Alas. Never watching a YRF film again

Worst movie of this year for me. Why does Ranveer associate with YRF still is beyond my understanding. They've only given him the worst projects .


I completely agree with the review. Saw it yesterday and audience was in splits. No one could have done this role better than Ranveer and Aditya Chopra and Anupama Chopra were very correct with what they said about Ranveer. I personally disliked ADHM and loved Befikre. Kiss and sex scenes are not the focus. Movie is different from trailer and it kind of surprised me even more. Its complete Ranveer show and as someone said in public reaction video Its Ranveer who is our next superstar or he will already become one if befikre does well. He has completely carried this movie on his shoulder with no famous actress agains him. Vaani is every bit of French lady and people will say nasty stuff about her but the fact is she is far better than anushka sharma in Pk/bombay velvet with her surgeries. She is damn natural,classy with her performance which is not easy to achieve as there is high chance of getting ott like Kareena Kapoor in K3G or Anushka Sharma in all her movies. For me, It has been Priyanka in Dostana, Deepika in Cocktail and next is Vanni who portray modern women with so much élan and dignity.

I'm sorry but Kareena Kapoor in K3G was perfection. She wasn't playing the "modern" woman (as you like to call it). She was a comedy character and she nailed it.

Was actually really enjoying it up until the climax (which was awful). Still a cute watch and yes, I liked it better than ADHM

I haven't seen Befikre yet but since everyone is comparing it to ADHM (which I have seen) I will say this. ADHM was frustrating for me to watch as a normal person. Any given person in the world has a set of problems, jobs, exams, family, money, health, parents, kids. And then I see a movie in which a person who has no problem in his life except that he is friendzoned. And the ENTIRE movie is based on that. What?!?! You need real problems dude. You don't get everything you want in life. You move on and make the best of what you have. Everyone does it. That's life, plain and simple. If KJO at 40 doesn't get it, that just tells me how immature he is.

Well ADHM sucked too, that doesn't make Befikre any less shitty. Seems to me like Karan and Aditya have just lost it.

Time for new stories!!

Didn't really care for it, but thinking of going for a second time because seriously RANVEER LOOKS SO GOOD.

"It is as western as modern indian relationships are. As my cousin in Brooklyn is and your sister in london is".I am sure the person who has written this review has very less knowledge of NRIs. Most of the NRI s are not into multiple relationships and they follow the Indian culture more than the indians in india. Even any white indulging in multiple relationship will not be considered to be having a good background. These kind of personalities are definitely the result of some underlying problem. Anyway I feel that the story idea of AHDM was still better. The actors acted well but KJo did not present the movie well.

Each to his or her own. You can't classify people oh he is NRI ( who is an Indian, grew up in India but lives abroad), he is Indian origin, or an urban Indian. Different people want different things in life. I know lot of commitment phobs in India also in America. There is nothing called Indian culture. Culture is constantly changing due to history, geography, peoples mobility and etc. Culture and art are two different things they could be intertwined. I dont understand when people say I know Kathak and hence Indian culture.

I agree with the above .Even most Indians who are not NRIS but are of Indian descent are more Indian than the Indian in India.

True. Born in France from indian parents. Im more indian than indian in india. Never had any relationship. So idk why these People say we are aditya chopra's "befikre" type. Ridiculous

Yup. I'm of Punjabi descent and was born and brought up in Canada. Never had any flings/hookups. In fact, I've only had two long term serious relationships, with the last one being my boyfriend who I'll be getting engaged to in the summer. Bollywood needs to realize not all NRI women are like Shyra from Befikre or Veronica from Cocktail. The closest Bollywood has gotten is probably Naina from KHNH. We're just regular women, not sex crazed monsters. Same goes for the NRI men.

No,not a good movie..

it's a cute romcom with a wtf sajid khan climax but RS is sexxxxxyyyy in it. vaani is still an eyesore

My friend sent me a SC at the credits saying they'd rather have gotten a colonoscopy than have watched this film. Enough reason for me to not watch it.

It's a effin' rom com ya'll. This isn't trying to be the next Pink.

65% like really ?! I knew you'd be biased towards it but try to be believable at least !!

Seriously Pinkvilla? 65 % for this stupid movie? I watched it and I was right. This movie has no story at all. it's about two idiotic adults who behave like teenagers. It's hard to look at Vani and don't think " who did this with you girl?", seriously every time camera was on her, specially close ups I couldn't concentrate on her lines. I was just trying to understand what exactly went wrong with her plastic surgery, same was happening to me while watching PK. Anushka's ruined face was distracting from the movie. plus Vani has bad dialogue delivery which she didn't improve since SDR but now it was worst because her chin was not moving when she was talking, it was frozen. Only good thing about her that she can dance really well. what about Ranveer, this role and his acting is a huuuuge step back from his performance in BM. he was seriously overacting. Adi just let him to do what he wanted to do on screen

i thought he was OTT in his goofy playboy persona beginning part but he was PERFFF towards the end with the romance parts. i get why he had to do that though, because the comedy was the only thing to keep people engaged in the first part.

I have seen Ranveer's all movies and this is first time I didn't like his acting. he said that Adi Chopra was not directing him in many scenes, he was letting him and Vani to do it by their own and that was visible. Even in bad movies like kill dil, gunday and Ladies vs Ricky Bahl he was giving decent performance but here I didn't like not his acting not his character, he was trying to do comedy but for me it was trying hard to be funny. He was better and more natural in DDD comedy scenes

To be fair the only Aditya movie i liked was DDLJ..but that was because it was xo written by Honey ( Farham Akhter s mum)...all his other movies have been average.

This movie has dolops of sex..meant to attract the young teenage indian cinegoers..who love anything that means ditching indian values for "progressive" western values...

DDLJ had yash chopra written all over it.

And JTHJ has Aditya written all over it, refuse to believe that Yash would make such trash

Hmmm just when we were acknowledging Pinkvilla as having some of the best Bollywood movie review writers comes this piece! It is a superficial, glossy movie with a non existent plot and it is exactly what it is being marketed as. At least I felt for the characters in Ek main aur ek tu :/


I think this post is solely for people like Rajeev Masand who liked ADHM and disliked Befikre. This comparison springs from Masand's contradicting reviews and therefore, you can't accuse me of simply pulling ADHM out of nowhere. This is using ADHM to make you realize Befikre is good. (I feel like I'm writing a paper. Geez!) So Rajeev Masand mentions he disliked Befikre for reasons...same reasons...he mentioned he LOVED ADHM. ADHM tried to be this story of larger than life "friendship" and "love" without a foundation. Two people can't promise a lifetime of friendship after bar hopping for a week. Also, I won't buy that a man falls in love with a girl just because she is the first carefree one he ever met. In Befikre though, Adi Chopra clearly understands that for audience to buy something, it requires work. a-small-non-movie-ruining-SPOILER ALERT: the two become friends in Befikre after having known each other for at least a year and after having lived with each other. The friendship totally makes sense! I'm not a Vaani fan yet, but even in acting, her carefree-ness is much believable than Anushka's wanna-be-carefreeness-meets-aggressiveness. Ranveer's honesty is much believable than Ranbir's complicated feelings. Oh no...I just turned this into a Ranveer vs. Ranbir post. Didn't mean to. I haven't been able to decide till date which one of the two I like better. But you all get my point, right? Liking ADHM and disliking Befikre just doesn't make sense to me. Blame Masand for my post!

Both are trash, end of story. Aditya and Karan have lost it

Speak for yourself please. LOL

spotted a delusional fan....I stopped at Vaani's acting. Have some sleep. Will you?

I didn't like ADHM but comparing to Befikre it looks like a masterpiece

Who cares about Rajeev Masand?Let me tell you this being a RS fan that ADHM was way better than Befikre.

Pinkvilla is seriously biased!

Speaking FOR Befikre...If people are okay with leaving their brains behind for some movies (you know which genre I'm talking about), why have so much trouble leaving their hearts behind this time? If audiences are able to like movies that entertain without asking for much brain-work, why can't there be a working Hindi movie that doesn't ask audiences any heart-work? This Pinkvilla writer puts it correctly. Don't expect a fantastic plot. It is in the telling that the movie triumphs.

This glowing review is suspicious ...

Wow pinkvilla 65%! You must really love this movie 'caz I've never seen you give a rating higher than maybe 40% to the best of em!

I feel like people think that those who criticize this movie are doing so because they are "prudes". Well I live with my boyfriend, so I am not a prude, and the reason this movie was bad was because of how shallow it was. Youths are not like this, we all have deep reservoirs of emotion. There's nothing wrong with sleeping around and drinking and partying, but be honest, it won't fulfill your soul. Going around stealing chaddis and dancing in the library won't make you happy. Not to mention this is literally how 14 year children behave. I'm not against fun movies, but there's a difference between "befikre" and "trashy"

Thank you, this! Loving carefree is good but it doesn't necessarily represent youth. I actually read the line about being prude and I was for a second taken aback. Prudence has nothing to do with quality. Love and sex go hand in hand but sex is not all that is to love. For some people perhaps but its a very shallow form of love that everybody in the world is capable of feeling as it is the most primal need humans heck all species exhibit as a part of our genetics. So, no.......I saw if and it felt vacuous to me. I felt the the second half was a major downer. I wasn't a fan of Vaani or Ranveer, they were decent but nothing groundbreaking. It will make money but its a very forgettable average film and very trademark yash raj romantic comedy or the one's they try selling in the name of romantic comedy.

I looovved ek main aur ek tu

best rom com is LAGAAN

OMG , 65 , seriously pinkvilla , the movie is just like "Nayi Botal , poorani shraab " as they say , was really a bad cocktail of Hum-Tum , Salaam Namste and Love Aajkal. Only teenagers will like this.
1.5/5 for me !!!

GUYS! Get BEFIKRE!! Seriously! About time most of you took a chill pill! Times are changing and it is exactly or even more with some, like it shows in the movie. Get over it. Enjoy or don't. Why being a p!ss about It! They said it is supposed to be a comedy rom com, light hearted. IT is not like they promoted it differently and gave you something else! need humor and light heartedness in your liveS!

You sound a lot like Ranveer Singh! I can read this comment again in Ranveer's voice with his expressions! People who are not liking this movie are not asking people who are liking this movie to take a chill pill! Nobody is getting judgmental about people who are liking this movie. Let's keep it neutral to the movie, its actors, plot, direction, etc. If people don't like the movie, they have a right to comment so. Keep the audience members and their lives out of it when you comment!

Why would rs waste a whole year on this!? Oh well at least he looked delish :(

I loved it ! RS and Vaani were super cute ! Perfect Friday date movie :)

People are asking for something more refreshing and modern. Here it is and you guys are being prudes about it! Get over it! Times are changing we like sex and we can live carefree! I love RS and will go and support him. If you want to see same boring crap go watch movies from the 70's, 80's and 90's

It's getting bad reviews every where else. Is that surprising to anyone? It looked so bad.

It's okay. RS is really hot in it, and there's some funny moments. That's it

Ranveer is awesome. He can bring any role to life effortlessly.

They gave 60 % to an amazing film like Kahaani 2 and they r giving 65% to Befikre?? Whats wrong here?

Movie is average thanks to good production value and chpora brand otherwise it would have been disaster. I don't know why Ranveer selected this film probably for Adi. That's what SRK did and lost his charm and audiences. SRK rejected films like 3 Idiots, Munnabhai. In mean time Amir and Salman revived their career with their respective strengths. Ranveer is stuck between Adi , Bhansali.

srk had to let go of munnabhai coz of his health.. srk made the right decision by backing off from 3 idiots.. he wont look good as an engineering student.. out of the khans aamir is the only one who has chocolate boy looks..
srk had a sucessful career for 24 yrs.. even without being from the industry he never faced the kind of lows aamir and salman( who are from the industry) had to face.. salman gave back to back flops for 10 yrs and no know cared for aamir till lagaan and he became as big as salman and srk after ghajani...

So proud of yashraj ..such a captivating movie...200Cr +++

100 Cr in 1st for proud of Yashraj!!

A fun ride it is!!

Yay! Befikre finding love with the viewers...I love!

OMG!!! are you for real PV??? Bollywood's most adorable rom-com!! You guyz clearly havent seen many bolly rom coms i guess.

Full of grunge and vulgarity. This won't be a hit.

Have you lost your mind PV?

You kiddin right!!! I am a RS fan but not a blind one that I would appreciate this crap movie...Adi's worst movie so far

I doubt the film will do well even if it is good. Too much negative buzz around it. Sad but true. Anyways thanks for the review. Extremely well written :)

Awesome! i will download soon.

It's a wonderful movie I loved it

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