Meri Pyaari Bindu Review: Parineeti-Ayushmann nail it as cute lovers in this half-baked, corny rom-com

Here's our detailed movie review of Parineeti Chopra-Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Meri Pyaari Bindu
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Dear Bollywood writers. A quick word of advice from a romantic soul – there’s nothing romantic about unrequited love. In hindsight, it might make us smile as we safely secure the details of a childhood romance in the nooks and crannies of our heart but nah, don’t glorify it. It’s tragically painful to love someone and not have them love you back in equal measures. It’s worse when you keep missing the person you love for over 10 years at stretch. So that’s what’s wrong with Bindu. It’s beautifully put together and we obviously didn’t sign up for realism when we booked tickets for this, but Meri Pyaari Bindu evokes mixed feelings. A teenage version of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Parineeti Chopra is the woman version of Mr. Big. After years of binging on Sex & The City, women all over the world have decoded that John James Preston (aka Big) has the EQ of a sociopath. If the trailer of the film gave you the feels of 500 Days of Summer, here’s the film – a part replica, part tribute to the film Bollywood Ishtyle. Do romantics mind it? I certainly did. Simply because Bindu is caricature-ish. One must shudder and wonder what would’ve happened to her if there wasn’t any Parineeti Chopra to save the day for them. 

When we point out the prowess of Chopra, by no way do we undermine the charm of Ayushmann Khurrana. But what do you make of unilinear characters like them? Sweet, alright, but are they memorable? After much thinking, I realised that Bindu hits you only if you’ve had a Bindu to deal with – man or woman irrespective. A commitment-phobic character who could be a potential risk… You know anyone? Then you’ll get the heart of Bindu. For others, it’s an inane story about being friend-zoned. 

Bindu, an aspiring singer has always been torn between being a wandress and love for her childhood sweetheart Abhimanyu. He seeks stability and she needs to be wild and free till she finds someone as wild as her to run with. The germ of the idea is a gem and thankfully, the film manages to create heartwarming moments. Setting it in Kolkata was a masterstroke, tapping to the city’s vibe much like Imtiaz Ali did in Love Aaj Kal. There are trams and Ganges and the Howrah bridge. Tasting love with a tinge of past and a sprinkle of bittersweet memories. 

Mixtape and montages make Ayushmann and Parineeti look wonderful together. They make us believe they belong together, they fit like pieces of jigsaw puzzle. They have the effortless energy of knowing each other inside out and then there is the brimming uneasy sexual tension. The Bong connect, especially Abhi’s adorable carom playing brethren is spot on. 

There should’ve been more to Bindu – her messiness, her psyche, her inability to hold on to the man she loves – who is the terrace of her childhood, her sukoonghar. Since it comes so soon after Ae Dil.. and is as inadequate on so many counts that it only half works. Watch it – only because tumko bhi pyaar se pyaar hai. Those who got that must book their tickets, others watch it TV some Sunday

We rate the movie a 55% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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I liked the movie..better then a lot of overrated films imo

You have THE most honest and intellectual reviews over movies. One which benefit not only audience but from which film makers could also learn a thing or two of their responsibility of power of cinema to guide youngsters.

All love stories don't have a perfect ending. As a romantic myself, I was not disappointed with this movie. In fact, I found it rather nice.

The same old story with bubbly girl and shy guy...

Paper Town ?

Keep up the good work Pari! Want to see you in more movies...

Good job Pari!!

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