Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan-Anushka Sharma’s alluring chemistry will melt your hearts

You need to watch Jab Harry Met Sejal for Shah Rukh Khan. The man still knows how to get ladies swooning.
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Jab Harry Met Sejal should come with a disclaimer – Anyone with low threshold for mush, stay away. And this isn’t a regular Imtiaz Ali film either. It’s commercial and thus, there are stretched gags, banal sequences and overacting from the supporting cast. But, this one is for the romantics, for those who are looking for real all-consuming love. Only they’ll get why there couldn’t have been anyone better than Shah Rukh Khan to play Harender Nehra. And as surprising as it sounds, there couldn’t have been a better fit than Anushka Sharma for Sejal. Let’s put it out right at the first go, SRK can romance anything and makes you go all-dreamy eyed about it. And here there is Anushka, matching his wit with her brazenness and his raw, melt-in-your-arms gaze with her assured look. At 51, or whatever his age is, SRK looks his magnetic best. He is more charming than ever before and just makes you realise how much we’d all missed this romantic side of his. It was almost like taking a trip back to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai days. 

Going by an Imtiaz Ali design, this story is weak on plot. There is little soul searching even though the film screeches about it. But it’s selling point is the leading man and his chemistry with the lady. At one point, SRK’s Harry prompts Anushka’s Sejal to say, “Haye, ye sab ki training mere fiancé ko de do…” A bunch of voices in the audience echoes that sentiment. It’s hard to replicate the intensity Khan brings to this character, which elevates the mediocre material he is bringing alive on screen. To be frank, it is a little silly to have a girl going around the world to find her engagement ring. But that’s how Ali plotted it to be. 

As the duo begin their journey as two bickering kids, he a loudmouth, self-confessed womanizer and she is snooty, overconfident brat, they find what they are really looking for. In his heart, Harry is a lonely man, dreaming of the bylanes in his pind even as he walks down cobbled roads in Amsterdam. And she is looking for a comfortable queen sized bed and a man who is as wild as her. There is never a discussion over their social disparity, she a diamond merchant though she keeps mentioning that she isn’t the kind of girl who can run away with the tour guide. 

There are a few stellar sequences in the movie, where eyes do more talking than the dialogues. A jazz performance that Sejal fakes to be boring her (reminiscent of Dil Chahta Hai opera scene), while she tears up quietly in Harry’s arms is heartbreaking. And so is the one right after where Harry screams into the sea calling for Sejal, saying how much he’ll miss her. It’s almost refreshing to see Khan as the man who can’t handle his libido, proudly wearing the badge of his womanizing tendencies. Thankfully the mush and the music blend in together to pull through the film’s fidgety parts. The film’s best songs aren’t even out and they say a lot more about the plot and its crux than the dialogues do. Irshad Kamil, Pritam and Arijit Singh have as much a share in this glory as the writers. 

However, you need to watch this for Shah Rukh. The man still knows how to get ladies swooning and there’s no one in this country who can do it as well as him. Over the years, his fans have grown up, the world has changed enough to shake up our faith in love. In such a time, comes an Imtiaz film which gives you the hope that what you are seeking will find a way to you. There’ll be a spirited Sejal (which is one helluva performance by Anushka) telling you sometimes an adventure can unlock a side of you, you never know. And then there’s SRK, who assures you of old school love – find the one whose hug gives you peace, the woman whose beauty supersedes the sex appeal of everyone else you’ve ever bumped into. 

For that, you are likely to excuse a bunch of terrible jokes and some overripe sequences. After all, this generation is made up of broken hearts, souls drowning looking for that breath of fresh air, for the one who can save you. 

WE are going with a judicious 70% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter. We say, let’s give love a chance. 


It is time for all three of them to invent themselves!!!

Loud mouth Anushka needs to zip her mouth
Midlife crisis Shah Rukh needs to go soul searching
Messy hair Imtiaz needs a hair cut
Problem solved :-)

Yup. They need to go soul searching. He he

Srk is also a producer on this so he has alot of control and input, he's not just an actor in this film. It's not awful but not the quality we expect from him.

imtiaz needs to back to the drawing board with kareena as his muse one more time rekindle that magic kareena was the one who got himon the scene he needs her magic and pozzazz once again

SRK is a superstar. He should use his brain next time and select a good script according to his age.

Watched today. Honestly SRk and Anushka had given their best performance. But the story is a drag and same old, nothing new. If this movie doesn't works its only because imitiaz keep recycling the same old shit.

I've been watching bollywood movies for 6-7 years now. I first got introduced to it with K3G and fell in love with your movies. Now I must say I'm shocked about the direction SRK is taking. I mean, like most of you are saying, he's not aging well and the choices of movies are questionable. I haven't seen that movie so I can't give a review on it. But all I can say is that the last few years have been disappointing in terms of content in the industry. As someone living in the West, the thing that attracted me in BW movies was the fact that it was different from what we're used to see. It added a certain charm to everything. I feel like previous/older movies could talk about different subject but keep the "indian charm/aspect" intact (no offense I just don't know how to describe it). Usually I can't wait for movies to come out and go watching it but lately I haven't seen anything except Bahubali. I know times are changing and all but I just don't want the industry to lose the soul it once had. If it's just to mimic what people are doing in America then what's the point in watching a BW movie. I'm not trying to completely bash the industry but it is just something to think about.

Honestly, this is getting irritating. I wanted to see ADHM because I love KKHH and K3G and MNIK. I wanted to see Happy New Year because I love Main Hoon Na and OSO. I wanted to see Dilwale because Golmaal is entertaining. AND THEY ALL SUCK. Has every director in Bollywood lost their previous charm? I'll still go see this one, Imtiaz has a style I feel like only I like, despite reviews. But if this fails, I am so done.

I really need to see this movie now. It's like 7 on IMDB, and you know why? Because haters all vote 1, fans all vote 10, and nobody has probably even seen it. Anushka and SRK are too famous, people already have opinions on them. I can be a judge for myself, I loved Tamasha.

So many weak ideas in this movie,for example SRK's character outwits a group of gangsters by telling the flimsiest and stupidest lines(he lies that he has the gangsters' records,implying he is from the government)-the tough goons immediately shake with fear and let him go.
Sejal threatens a woman who yells at Harry for abandoning her.So according to Imtiaz Ali,unless there's a written legal agreement between a couple,its perfectly fine if a man in a relationship suddenly leaves the woman without as much as informing her.and if the woman complains,she is "harassing" the man.

The dumbest part is the place where Sejal actually finds the ring-you want to sue her for sheer stupidity.that really took the cake.

Why young actress like anuska, katrina, deepika goes to do movie with hero like grandpaa. WONDER!!! At least Amir Khan doing something different & age supportive role.

The film is crashing.

Nicely written!! Shahrukh is and will always be the king of romance. Like SLB said, there is sadness in his eyes but with JHMS and KHNH there is also love in those same eyes. It was lovely entertainment and that is what a movie should be. I enjoyed it much more than Tamasha

SRK as a womanizer(Pukish JHMS), SRK as a gangster (The horrendous Raees) - Oh man! This guy has totally gone nuts & I hope that he calms down after this debacle. He needs to pick better scripts and stop producing rubbish. No Romeo & Gangsta roles please -- you are just not convincing enough to do such roles.

May be this movie's debacle is a wake-up call for the industry to invest in good writing and fresh ideas. Perhaps even cast some people other than these so called "stars". Audience will not watch a movie just because they like the actors in general.

Anushka is a fine actor but i never connect emotions to her characters, always a version of a bubbly girl

I'm surprised at the actors for okaying the script. Where's the connect in these two characters? It's not radical enough to be progressive or interesting nor is it a classic love story.

Deepika make me cry in bajirao mastani her scenes with child still my favorite so people your hatred cant change people mind and I am big fan of kangana

Yes , Bajirao Mastani made me a fan of Deepika and Ranveer, was not so impressed with them until then.

absolutely! I'm also a big fan of Kanganа and I like Deepika's performance in many films. I also love Karееna Alia and admit that Priyanka talented. As for Anushka, I do not like her. I'm not saying she bad actress, she is talented but very much the same

Deepika is a piece of wood compared to Anushka ..she ruined Bajirao ..Anushka has blossomed into a fine fine actor quite unexpectedly

Keep BM aside. Why bring Dp and Bm in this. But still, As someone mentioned below Anushka did not appreciate DP's performance in Tamasha saying it was Imtiaz Ali movie.But she herself failed to give a descent performance in JHMS. She is worst Imtiaz herione. Kareena, Alia and deepika were too good in their respective movies. Had deepika worked with the directors anu has worked dp would have been on a total diiferent level. Even with the other directors she is much ahead of anushka.

I can't believe producers and srk actually put their money to make this film. What a dumb and pointless movie

70% pinkvilla, really? Lol More like 10%

FAKE REVIEW! Shame on you PV.

i can't believe anushka liked this role over tara in tamasha... Tara was under written bt was better than sejal.. It had various layer.. She definately knew she would get overshadowed by RK. Bt deepika did it and got lots of appreciation where as anu did this crap sejal character. When asked about dp,s performance in Tamasha she said "It will be good because it is Imtiaz ali movie" something like that. Now Anushka you worked in Imtiaz ali movie and you were not even half as good as dp.

the more negativity these sad people generate,the higher srk and anushka shall go in life..they are fabulous actors

SRK, "Let's plan a trip"
Anushka,"Par kahan, EUROPE?"
SRK,"Europe nahin yaar... bahut paisa kharch hoga... biwi ki shopping ke baad local train ki ticket ka bhi paisa nahin hain mere paas"
Anushka,"woh sab mujhpe chod, I have a plan"

Anushka on a call. "hey imtiaz, whats up dude?"

Imi,"Hi Anu, kuch khaas nahi, film ke liye story dhoondh raha hoon".

Anu," bas yeh baat hai??.... listen I have an idea........ blahblahablahablahablahalhablahablahablahalhlahlahalhalhalhalahl"


post this PV.....

The only good thing about this movie was the beautiful locales of several European countries.But even the backdrops of Czechoslovakia,Netherlands,Hungary and Portugal all put together don't redeem this film.Maybe Imtiaz got some discounts on Europe travel.The farrago(thanks Shahsi tharoor) of locations through which the characters hop through, flitting through new places every few minutes,makes no sense at all.Couple reach Budapest,a few shots of the country are shown,before Anushka realizes the ring is in aonther country.More like a travel ad.

A very random movie where no concept is led till its conclusion.There are disconnected ideas like attention-seeker Anushka goes out to party,she keeps insisting that SRK act like her boyfriend,she challenges SRK to make her fall in love with her,her belief that money rules,she defends him against a woman he cheated on - all these had a small possibility of moving the story along,connecting these 2 people.But they are just abandoned as abrubtly as they were introduced,giving you the feeling that they are just some very random scenes.
It feels like SRK and Anushka decided to act out all their teen fantasies all over Europe,and Imtiaz decided to film it.

I went to watch the movie prepared for a weak story from reviews.Unfortunately,there is no story,it seems like random events thrown together.The characters lack motivation or logic.I read that SRK refused the other tragic story that Imtiaz had in mind for him and instead asked him for a "happy" movie.I guess this is what happens when directors play to the whims of actors.

I don't know why people are saying such bad reviews!! It's actually a pretty darn good movie...not the best but it was still entertaining :)

I actually loved the film. SRK is at his best, first time a differnt role, no Rahul in this one and I loved him as Harry. Anushka very beautiful . Both SRK sir and Anushka's acting was par excellence.

What a rubbish film - if after two and a half decades this is the rubbish SRK is gonna take then I'm sorry it's time to bow out of the industry head held high. Anushka is absolutely pathetic, her face is ruined, her dialogue delivery is rubbish, she looks horrible. The overrated director Imtiaz Ali has got one story since Socha Na Tha and twisting it to death. Such a big superstars film that is so painful to watch. How the mighty has fallen SHOCKING!

After reading all the awful comments, I actually want to watch the movie. Just so I can have fun criticising it..lol

I thought it was a thoroughly entertaining and clean movie. Shahrukh was so refined and sophisticated, yet vulnerable. Anushka was totally natural as Sejal. Why should movies always have a meaning and message? This was full paisa vasool. Please don't keep putting down Shahrukh Khan, just for the sake of doing so. Leave your brains behind and have a good laugh.

people are just being additionally mean to srk....the film was good..much better than the so called hits...the reviewers are unnaturally harsh...are they from film school....?i loved the warmth of their equation....its a breezy romantic film...not some dangal..and sek has delivered and how!


I liked a comment by Shakuni and Queen Rani thanks to this crap movie ! LOL

Tamasha is the notebook compared to this movie. So disappointing

i really liked the film..like all imtiaz ali films,the film is ahead of its times..and shahrukh..oh...shahrukh...u r fine....how r u so under rated as an actor ..and so so good...anushka was fabulous as well...i feel people make an additional attempt to write down shahrukh coz he is just so darn confident...pinkvilla has shown that its bias free and impersonal coz i felt exactly the same way about the film

Kindly enlighten what part of this movie was ahead of its times ? The done to death clueless girl falls in love with a been there done that womanizer or the oh so innovative airport scene ????

The narrative made of moments and not a given story was ahead of its times .y don't u watch toilet ek prem katha.it will appeal more to your sensibilities

Which I will bet be a 1000 times better than this crap this old hag has churned out. If your sensibilities lie in an old pervert with a young clueless girl with archaic ideas.....Good luck to you !

Yeah Lady - blame everyones sensabilities but dont blame your God SRK for doing Socha Na Tha part 8 - ahead of its times? do why is it made in 2017? rubbish comment backing a rubbish movie... its rubbish and a disaster... SLEEP WELL!

LOL this is the worst film I've seen of SRK - I am shocked that you can even like an minute of it. Under rated? the mans a superstar! Please post sense on PV!

i liked it..i am a part of the audience..u have to respect my opinion dear frustrated soul.If someone tries something different doesnt make it bad for everyone...i am film school alumni...a gold medalist...not every film has to adhere to generic sensibilities(your im sure are less than that) to be good.It appealed to me and frankly majority of women .

Yeah so this film is intelligent?pull the other one lady, this is a mega disaster in terms of movie making, it has no flow, the dialogues are robotic and the story line branches on stupidity so that intelligent people like you think its some masterpiece. It's people like you who back this kind of nonsense and thats why we keep getting nonsense. Dilwale was pathetic but was better than this Sejal movie film by miles - story wise, acting wise, music wise - The box office has spoken, SRK is doldrums thanks to this 'film school alumini' made film - samjhi madam gold medalist?

in fact pinkvilla is being biased in this case and i'm glad to see most of the commenters actually are sensible enough to see jhms is not a good film. srk can do better.

Just went and watched the movie and I personally really enjoyed it. I agree, the film did lack in terms of music and a weak story line. However, the movie compensated for that through the performances, direction and screen play. After Love Aaj Kal, this is the only Imtiaz Ali film I actually liked. It was far better than the over hyped pathetic Jab We Met which only managed to become a box office average in India due to the Shahid and Kareena break up scandal. Pinkvilla please post my comment.

You do realize Jab We Met was not at all an average, it was a clean HIT and ran for months in theatres, right? And the fact that this and LAK are the only Imtiaz films you've liked says enough about your taste in films, lol. Jab We Met, Socha Na Tha, Tamasha are far superior.

Imitiaz truely deserve an oscar for looping the same old formula.

Harry shouldn't have met sejal. Wasted my time and money.

watched it and there is nothing new in it!! Imitiaz needs to take a break for 2 years to get a fresh script. He cannot milk the same topic again and again. Anushka's Gujju accent is pretty weird and SRK was forcing himself to play the character.

Gosh! pinkvilla only likes the romantic movies and gives them higher ratings... nonsense films like ADHM, Befikre, and now this ........

I didn't understand Anushka's character in the movie. Sejal kept falling all over Harry, making too much unnecessary physical contact, leading him on etc. but at the same time kept telling him he had "high hopes" about getting her interested in him. Unlike Imtiaz Ali's previous heroines, Sejal ended up looking silly, stupid and irritating.

I want to see SRK in movies like the remake of Kabhi Kabhie or Silsila. Not roles like the one in JHMS, which are more suitable for thirtysomething actors.

By the way PV you just rated this movie on par with Bajirao Mastani and Udta Punjab. That's how transparent you are.

This looked bad in the trailer and all those stupid teasers. Funny how high PV's rating is for it though. When was the last time PV gave a rating of 70% to a movie? Biased much?

srk seriously needs to take some advice on choosing film scripts from Aamir. Salman was at least ok in bajrangi bhaijaan but i don't remember the last time srk gave a good movie. And imtiaz ali is no genius, jab we met was only good because of shahid and kareena.

I had trouble sitting through Jab We Met, so much over the top acting and the same old storyline.

Absolutely agree with u. Besides Jab We Met, Imtiaz Ali hasn't made any good film till date. The scripts of his films are massively weak and unconvincing, the films drag on and are made on repetitive and overlapping themes. He's the most overrated director in Bollywood.

Shit movie. Every actor should stay away from Imtiaz ali

"Shah Rukh Khan-Anushka Sharma’s alluring chemistry will melt your hearts" -- Really? It melted everything from my hard-earned-money to few of my brain-cells.

Hahahahhahaha good one

Shahrukh and Imtiaz, I hope you read this.
Just finished watching the movie and AS A SRK FAN, I am disappointed. I was literally cringing my way through the movie. So many flaws. First of all, the movie seemed all over the place! Can't believe Imtiaz directed this! Story was good but Imtiaz could have directed it better. He should have emphasized on the emotions of the characters rather than showing us so many different countries. I still don't know why Shahrukh got such emotional flashbacks that made him cry. No relevance to the movie at all. Imtiaz could have emphasized on the "falling in love" part more. It just seemed to me that after literally one incident, Harry and Sejal started suddenly falling for each other. Bizarre. Why was Sejal obsessed with validation? Maybe a story could have been shown to give relevance. Why was she all of a sudden touching Harry and hugging him and telling him that she's his pretend gf? I understand that possibly she was also falling for him during that stage and she was in denial. BUT the denial part was not shown well in the movie. Imtiaz could have emphasized on that part as well. Last, but not the least, the kissing scene.... Shahrukh, I love you, but please don't do kissing scenes. It feels like an old uncle is kissing a young girl. I had to close my eyes during that scene. Also, somehow, it takes away from the "eternal romantic hero legend" phenomena that you have created for yourself. Please stick to movies like Love You Zindagi, Raees. These are excellent and you do justice to them.
Shahrukh's Die Hard Fan

Amir ,Ajay ,salman n Akshay has moved ahead n doing role that suits them n Srk is still trying to convince us by playing a 20 something

Amir, akshay n away all SUCK at romantic roles and are too selfish to share screentime eith a love interest. No thanks

Why film makers take Anushka in a love story . she does not look convincing as a girl deeply in love . A fun loving quirky girl role suits her , In emotional scenes one does not connect with her .

I agree with you o this one.She does not suit the role. know Imitiaz has taken Deepika in a few of his movies and it would be a repeat-Deepika in fact would have suited the role better.Like Sejal says in the movie-the relationship seemed "sister like".

Srk your dear Zindagi was great please focus on more movies like this one you are so talented you can versatile

Shahrukh is way too old to play such immature roles with women who are more like his kids. The guy needs to realise that he no longer looks believable acting like a teenager. He is a brilliant actor but can't seem to age gracefully. I would love to see him in a dark, mature role where he can let go of the urge that the movie be all about him him him. I loved him when he played the underdog. Sick of seeing him as a superhero, super star.

Sharukh has all of sudden started doing kissing scenes now at age of 50...this itself speaks a lot about his desperation to make his movie work but unfortunately reverse is happening and ppl are calling it cringe worthy act

Ashwarya has taken her in laws to Cannes. Here she is not with them because they don't need her in mumbai.

It was a pathetic film. Couldn't believe Imtiaz had made it. The only part that got my emotions out was the song hawayein. The lyrics are beautiful. Everything else seemed forced, the jokes weren't funny, the story was lame. So disappointed. But it's okay Imtiaz, you can do better on your next project.

imtiaz ali please stop making such nonsensical movie if you are out of ideas. he is still not over jab we met hangover. and why SRK? he is too old and total misfit in the movie and anushka is again playing the same signature loud mouth role with a different name and accent. what a rubbish watch. pv please post. this is highly disappointing

Srk needs to do age appropriate roles now. He's a good actor, he's not doing anything different.

Not worth watching

Why did Sejal say she's not 'that' type of woman but cry like a little b because he won't try it on with her?

I think srk shpuld act with older woman like Aish and bebo.

Anushka is in bollywood for 10 years but she havent won Best actress trophy. She rarely gets nominated.

Why do you think she said 'I genuinely don't believe in awards' in KWK? ;-) She an award for Best supporting actress for JTHJ since the other one was Kat. Clearly indicating Anushka is better off acting supporting roles

Movie is so bad but less torture than Adhm. I dont understand Indian Audience taste. They dont like Films like sarabjit but likes to watch Adhm becauae Aish was playing glamarous role in it unlike sarabjit. Neither do Randeep hooda got any nomination

Just because jwm was good, imtiaz has taken audience for fools. Jwm, socha na tha, tamasha, cocktail ( written by him) , love aaj kal are have the same basic plot. Pack your bags imtiaz

SRK needs to find more mature love stories if wants to continue acting as a romantic hero. This one is pathetic, especially his attempt to come across as a full-of-lust womaniser. Can't believe Imtiaz Ali has made such a shallow movie. So disappointed!!

Ha, Nushi's gone quiet on Twitter. Usually she spends opening day retweeting reviews. But not today for some reason...

Wait for it. An angry essay on how people don't appreciate good movies and how they hate women

Anu is ridiculously overrated.

Critics said the direction is very poor, I am sure this is going to be a sure shot FLOP

Same old same old same old, we are tired of watching you romancing your betis oldie SRK move to some roles that suit your age, you are no more in your 20s

I can't explain how much I am irritated by this movie, king of bollywood? Really?

What a pathetic and cringe-worthy movie with zero logic, everything is terrible, the plot, the acting, the screenplay, the songs, the direction EVERYTHING

Loud, over the top and unbearable. Imitaz films have always been boring to death

I had high expectations but I was left disappointed. I want my money and time back pleeeeeeease

I am so disgusted with this film, shame on Imtiaz, Shahrukh, Anushka and everyone involved in making this piece of garbage

film has a weak story? then why did they even make it!?

Why SRK?!!! Why? Why? Why? Why?!!!

His time is up

With this film, Imitaz has joined the bandwagon of filmmakers like Farah Khan, Shirish Kunder, Sajid Khan, Brabhudeva and Rohit Shetty with his stupid direction and lame script

well Imitiaz's only good film was jab we met and that succeeded to a large degree because of Kareena and Shahid. Everything after that was a downward slide. even the trailers you can see SRK struggling to play a womanizer. The interaction between Anushka and SRK is so awkward at times. the chemistry is just not there. SRK needs to start playing roles with more depth like a lawyer or coach or parent etc. He shined in Dear Zindagi. The role came so naturally to him. Or a chak de . Akshay Kumar has understood that really well and plays more evolved roles like cop, army person or businessman who situation forces to become a hero (airlift).

This film is very irritating and Anushka is the worst thing about it, SRK's performance isn't impressive either

Leading websites have all given it a thumbs down. I am really sorry to say that Shahrukh Khan's career is officially over now

An even more ridiculous plot than Dilwale with some 3rd class acting (read overacting)

I need despren

Tamasha, I think, was underrated. Loved the movie. I suspect I will like this one too.

Kohli, remember that her lips have touched nearly every man's in Bollywood.

Comment on the movie or their performances ! This is plain disgusting !!!! Get a life !

Your precious Anu, like her character, is a slag.

Your idol's a slapper.

you disgust me

And you're showing what a blind, naive idiot you are.

Who are you?

Giant who cares.

Kissing after he turned 50 when he used to be against it 20 years ago smacks of midlife crisis.

Guess that direct deposit hit

70% ? Yet all critics, including Taran Adarsh and Rajeev Masand, are sounding disappointed with it. I guess u can't blame KRK anymore when he says he gives out genuine reviews. SRK has lost it. He should start choosing sensible roles.

ABSOLUTE DISASTER - Spoilers - Don't read if you don't want to


With pain in my heart I have to admit that this is the worst Imtiaz Ali movie. It lacks logic, warmth and love. The movie starts on a good note. Anushka is hilariously and her comic timing despite her frozen upper lip is perfect. You quickly fall in love with Anushka. However, as the movie progresses it becomes tedious.


There is no logic to the movie. We don't get any back story. Harry (SRK) has flashback of Punjab and is scared to return home. Don't worry. You won't find out why. Anushka and SRK both didn't get any back stories and that sucks especially in Harry's case...as nothing makes sense.


The playback singers for Harry (SRK) have completely different voices. Its so tacky to watch a movie like that. At least fake the singing...SRK is a tour guide, but is also a singer....like WTF. Randomly in the movie he also happens to be singer. We learn he went first to Canada to become a singer and now is somehow in Europe.


Why does Sejal (Anushka) not love her fiancé? Again - a very black and white character.


They randomly meet Indian Immigrants in Eastern Europe who turn out to be criminals. The movie makes immigrants who came to Europe look like criminals. WTF? Why would immigrants even go to Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is poor....Whole Eastern Europe is in West Europe.


The love between the main characters grows in an unnatural way. It lacks passion and warmth. It's really forced and over dramatized.


Then we have the classic boring 'done a million times' Bollwyood airport goodbye scene with a sad ass song...in which the main characters think about each other. Imtiaz??!!! Really? You've done this a 1000 times, this is so cliché/


Guess what, the girl has to marry her finace. Well Harry (SRK) attends her wedding.......HOW FKING DESI AGAIN. The wedding is cancelled though and they get together. Bohoooo.


SRK kissing scene with Anushka is awkward. Anushka looks way younger than him in the movie. It's uncomfortable. It's like a Ranbir Kapoor character played by SRK. Overall, it was a waste of money. Indians don't know how Europeans live and their lifestyle. They create tacky movies like Jab Harry Met Sejal in which they believe references to random sex and other innuendos will make them somehow modern or stand out.


They travel through 5/6 countries to find a ring. It's like a teenage girl movie. Don't waste your money. I rolled my eyes 1000 times while watching it. Very bad. Worst Imtiaz Ali movie

Perfectly explained Shaku...now how about a similar honest review about Baywatch ? ;)

For once Shakuni is right !!!!! And guess what ? No veiled digs at DP for the heck of it ! :)

Shahrukh has aged and aged bloody badly. He looks pathetically old n tired in all his movies now. Seems lifeless

He should stop smoking like a chimney. That is what is making him look horrendous

Loved it!

What have we done to have to endure Anushka?

Will Anu accept any responsibility for this debacle or will she blame SRK?

He has the same old story to tell. A man who matures as he travels and a lady who tries hard to convince to b bubbly but somehow makes the audience feel that its just a piece of overacting. You cannot create new stories agreed but you can present it in a different ways. In this era of Internet when the audience has the privilege to watch unlimited movies in unlimited languages why would the people watch Bollywood lame story again and again. Bollywood films these days do not connect to the audience.

Being a Gujarati doesn't mean that Anu is doing anything different performance wise. She's her annoying, over-the-top, false self.

How much did SRK pay for this review. Everywhere else people are hating this film but pinkvilla is cooking up stories. Good try.

Imtiaz ali should really try something new now this movie looks like all his old movie mashed up shahrukh should learn from akshay to be versatile

Haters calm down it will be a successful film deal with it

70% for this mediocre film?

Had this movie been made with a younger hero like ranveer it would have been a decent fare. Shah Rukh looks too old for anushka now

I like Anushka's performance. But this worse than ADHM


Boring, why are they doing such movies? disanointed with Imtiaz, Shah RUkh khan grow up stop doing these kind of movies

Reviews are average for the movie . Both critics and the public have commented that this yet another Imitiaz Ali movie where lady loves another man , meets hero ,goes on a road trip together ,bond & fall in love . JHMS has most of all been compared to Ali's JWM & Tamasha ; Ali is being pulled up by everyone for using the same old road trip / following your heart/ coming of age device time after time. Socha na Tha also had the same theme , except it was the hero who was in love with another woman there. Both SRK's & Anushka's performances have been appreciated .

and what did you expect , 300 , the lord of the ring , it's suit fresh rom-com whe have girl , men love and comedy , give us a break

Actually it would be more accurate to write that Imtiaz is the 'Lord of the Road Trip' . How can it be ' FRESH ' when u have the the same old plot Imtiaz puts in all his movies ? It was refreshing & new in 'Socha Na Tha' when he did it for the first time 12 years back.

Boring. Expected better from SRK. He needs to stop doing these mushy movies. He's too old for it.

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