5 reasons to watch MX Player’s latest web series: Chakravyuh

Check out our 5 reasons why Mx Player's Chakravyuh is a must watch.
Reviews,web series,Thriller 5 reasons to watch MX Player’s latest web series: Chakravyuh
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MX Player premiered its newest offering, Chakravyuh on 12th March and it has got all crime thriller lovers excited! It is a fast-paced web series that involves a plot full of twists and a myriad of interesting characters. The series stars Prateik Babbar as a supercop, Virkar. He deals with a murder case that involves cybercrime, the internet underworld and a killer who is often one step ahead of the game. 

The series is an official adaptation of the hit crime novel, Anti- Social Network, authored by Piyush Jha. Chakravyuh is an exciting crime thriller series with a compelling plot that you can’t afford to miss. And here are 5 reasons why this series should be on your binge-watch list -    


Stellar Performances of the Cast: 

Prateik Babbar takes on the role of the supercop Virkar. Virkar as a character is someone who believes in delivering justice at any cost. He never really bothers with following police procedures and often pulls the trigger before thinking. Prateik Babbar plays this hot-headed but morally upright character to the T. The supporting cast is also a treat to watch. We have Gopal Dutt, the forensic expert, Dr Sinha who has an unusual way of working but he’s the best at what he does. Simran Kaur Mundi plays Naina Rai, a college counsellor who seems kind and gentle but there is more to her than what meets the eye. Further Ashish Vidyarthi, Shiv Pandit, Ruhii Dilip Singh and Asif Basra have also played pivotal roles.

A nail-biting mystery thriller:  

Since we are dealing with a cybercriminal in this story, the identity of who is actually the mastermind behind it is kept tightly under wraps. There are multiple red herrings in the story but you can never predict the suspense. And, the twists and turns in the storyline are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, leaving you satisfied by the climax. 

A captivating storyline:  

The plot deals with a  serial blackmailer who uses social media and cryptocurrency to cyberbully his victims who are college students. This series is a cat-and-a-mouse chase where Virkar is desperately trying to nab the culprit but he is always outsmarted by him. With its cast full of grey characters, this show will definitely keep you hooked from the start.


Power-packed Action Scenes: 

Action scenes can make or break a crime thriller and Chakrayuh doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. The series includes smartly choreographed action scenes that will get your adrenaline pumping. The murders of the victims are shot with grotesque details and are sure to give you goosebumps. The climax is also well shot and ties up all the loose ends. 

Amazing Background Scores: 

For a better impact of any thriller scene, an excellent sound design plays a major role and  Chakrayuh delivers that perfectly. A lot of efforts have been put into the background score for action sequences and emotional moments that makes this show an engrossing watch. 

So, here is a crime thriller web series with an interesting take on the world of cybercrime. Don’t miss out on watching Chakravyuh on the MX Player app today. 

Anonymous 2 months ago

Acting of all actors are pathetic

Anonymous 3 months ago

Such a waste a time series, none of the actors could act. Prateik babar couldn't talk or deliver dialogues properly.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Dear all, Please don't judge the book by it's cover They have done lot of hard work in doing the web services so appreciate for that atleast. If u liked the series then u tell others and if you didn't like it then leave it don't judge or comment on someone's hard work. The review of the series or any other film is different and varies from person to person

Anonymous 3 months ago

Useless series. Prateik can't act with his stiff tongue and acting. It is so bad. Save ur time. Paid review

Anonymous 3 months ago

Dear Shweta Barve, You have a real talent in fooling people with your penmanship. The series was so bad that I couldn't believe it. My phone somehow directed me to your article and then I of course, this being a Saturday watched the entire series... Seriously at first and then jumped fwd at times. The acting was so pathetic by all the actors. Please don't waste your talent in writing paid reviews.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Why do you feel the need to criticize?? Are YOU perfect?? Stupid fool!!

Anonymous 3 months ago

I watched this for him only, series is a joke

Anonymous 3 months ago

if his mom was alive he would have been a better man

Anonymous 3 months ago

Just because this one fact why we must suffer the agony of wasting our time watching such nonsense.

Anonymous 3 months ago

It was very rude