Antim: The Final Truth Review: Even 2 Bhai's cannot save Salman Khan & Aayush Sharma's colossal mess

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Antim: The Final Truth Review: Even 2 Bhai's cannot save Salman Khan & Aayush Sharma's colossal mess
Antim: The Final Truth Review: Even 2 Bhai's cannot save Salman Khan & Aayush Sharma's colossal mess.

Antim: The Final Truth

Director: Mahesh Manjrekar

Cast: Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana

Rating: 1.5/5

The chor and police game has played a pivotal part in Hindi cinema and given us films to celebrate over the last few decades. Mahesh Manjrekar's Antim: The Final Truth evolves into this with a twist. Starring Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma in the lead roles, Antim seems like a bad idea the minute house lights go out. We are introduced to Rahul (Aka Rahulya) in a haphazard manner. The writers seem to be in a hurry to establish his character, his surroundings and his current situation.

In quick jump cuts, one thing leads to another, and soon he is forced to leave his village to a bigger setting as a daily wage labourer. These events shape up a young Rahul's life who aims to eat a full plate of thaali (with sweet dish). Apart from being a school dropout and farm land being usurped, there is little to no back story and yet we're forced to relate or empathise with him.

Set in Pune, the first half sees the rise of Rahul as Pune's newest and most feared don who shoots anyone at the drop of a hat. Didn't sign legal papers? Shoot. Hurt him in jail? Shoot. Got in a tussle? Shoot. From jail to bail, everything happens at twice the speed only to make space and time for elaborate action sequences in slow motion.  


Antim's screenplay is a colossal mess as it jumps from one setting to another and the first half goes in circles with no major conflict. Salman enters as a Sikh police officer who is known to take law in his own hands. Like any Bhai movie, the actor gets his superstar entry in slow motion as he beats criminals black and blue all with the help of his wrist Kada. Yep, you heard that right!  

Salman Khan as Rajveer Singh is the kind of police officer who only reacts when provoked. But why is his character a Sikh cop? The badly written characters give these actors very little to hold on to. Aayush as Rahul brings a loud persona to the scenes but might make you cringe at best when not screaming or killing people.

Antim: The Final Truth is the remake of the hit Marathi film Mulshi Pattern but does little justice to the original. It fails to retain rawness and realness of the hinterlands of Maharashtra. Om Bhutkar, who played the original role of Rahulya, will leave you in awe with his spine chilling performance that Aayush Sharma fails to bring to the screen.


Antim reeks of an extremely loud background score, masala dance numbers and predictable cliche screenplay. The over two hour film only adds relief in bits and pieces with Varun Dhawan's surprise cameo energy and performances by bevy of Marathi actors who also starred in the original. However, this is definitely not enough to tide over the mindless shootouts, performances by the leads and the climax that somehow ties up the chaos but leaves you immensely unsatisfied.

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