Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie Review: For Rajkummar Rao & Ayushmann Khurrana, dig into this sweet delight of a film

Bareily Ki Barfi that stars Kriti Sanon- Ayushmann Khurrana- Rajkummar Rao is the kind of movie that remains in your head long after it’s done.
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There is a tapestry of heartland stories which are more often than not, woven out of genuine love, simplicity, and that unmistakable warm fuzzy feeling. It was well established in Nil Battey Sannata that Ashwini Iyer Tiwari knows these worlds inside out. As she makes us take a stroll through the bylanes of Bareilly, you realize that the film thrives just on this - the spirit of simplicity, the aching and overwhelming feeling of intimacy in these towns. Thankfully, for her, despite its fair share of hiccups, it’s a lucidly written story. Predictable, alright, but said with such innocence that it’s hard to not fall for it. And a lot of the magic of what unravels belongs to its men. Both Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao are in top form, matching each other in the devilish streak and vulnerability of their characters. Ayushmann plays something diametrically opposite of what he was in Bindu and yet, with the Chandigarh background on his resume, he brings that world to the film beautifully. Raj is aptly the chameleon this industry expects of him, playing varied shades of the same man. As Pritam Vidrohi, he walks away with the most author backed part. 

The story is about a family obsessing to get their young, free spirited, sometimes deviant daughter married off. And there is no one who strikes her as suitable like the author of a book, she chances upon. She hunts down the printing press owner and eventually finds the man of her dreams but this isn’t going to be a simple love story. 

Kriti Sanon playing Bitti, a Boho girl looking for a man whose progressive thinking has stolen her heart, is the film’s weakest link. There’s no evident chemistry between Kriti and either of the men. In fact, in a film filled with brilliance in every department, she is the only decorative piece. There are ample moments for her to shine but she is comparably flat. Tiwari camouflages the weaknesses in the garb of her crackling dialogues. Her character is backed by two magnetic actors like Seema Pahwa and Pankaj Tripathi, who are so gorgeously delightful. 

It will take you a while to realize it’s Javed Akhtar saab doing the naughty voiceover, reflecting more of the story than its setting can. Adapted from the French novel Ingredients of Love, it’s a skillful portrayal of love with the mandatory sprinkling of freshness usually missing from modern day rom-coms. Iyer and her writers give the film an intrinsic identity, adapting it to the rustic milieu.

This isn’t an exemplary story, by no means, but without delving much into its plot, we can assure you it’s a heartwarming watch. It’s the kind of movie that remains in your head long after it’s done. Of course, this comes without its own fair share of massive flaws. The editing is choppy, it’s a lengthy watch, the screenplay is a drag in parts but we suggest that you forgo the nitpicking. This is a barfi that demands for you to savor it, rightly sweet, evoking a few feelings which have gone missing from Hindi Cinema. Remember, why you watch Hrishikesh Mukherjee till date? This is probably Iyer’s attempt to give us a comfort viewing.

We rate the film 60% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.


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Who wrote this review? KJo? We all know Kriti is huge competition to Alia and KJo will no be so nice to the site she that promote Kriti as even having an ounce of talent because if she does then it's game over for Alia because Kirti has exactly what Alia lacks- Oomph! So save it Karan PR. Many critics are saying Kirti held her own and when you're working with Rajkumar Rao and Ayushman that is a positive for someone with little to no BW connections. I hope the movie does great business. I will go watch it tomorrow.

Watched the movie & loved it. Everybody's acting was good including Kriti's! So please don't say Kangana would have suited and blah blah. Kriti has done full justice to the role. Without watching you can't just blabber any random thing. She's cute & has acted very well in the movie..Period!

It's wrong to generalise how all the girls talk in small towns or Tier-2 towns. Kriti was Okay in the movie. She didn't have a great role.

Heard its a remake of Saajan? Is it true?

This movie belongs to Rajkummar Rao. The sheer brilliance of the man shines through despite him being the third wheel in the story. Kudos to Rao for being the tadka in the otherwise sweet simple story!!

Ayushman always chooses great stories! Cant wait to watch this entertainer.

Watched the movie yesterday.It is a good entertaining movie with some good performances.Go watch it.You wont be disappointed.

Kangana pioneered and perfected the sassy small town girl character in TWM and as a fan I don't want to see her doing the same character again. I am glad she's moved on to Simran (can't wait to see it) and the mega epic Q of J.
As a Kangana fan I hate to say this.....but Deepika should have gone after this role. It would have been a smart career move since desi based movies seems to be the rage. She did the rustic tough small town girl quite well in GKR RL.

Absolutely agree with you.An also a chance to work with young talent like Ayushman and Raj.Sometimes I feel this Bollywood actresses want to be more of a Star than an actress.If they are really serious about making a mark as an actress they need to think less about money,endorsements etc and more about picking good role/scripts.

yes, they'd rather rather sing a few songs in a Khan movie than do something interesting , creative that brings Indian cinema forward. Even more than Deepika , I wish PC had done this role.

Laughing at the haters of kriti who are bashing without even watching the movie....personally loved her appeal in the movie, easily her best performance....go check out other reviewers, almost everyone has praised her performance

So many Kriti haters here. Chill. She's made it this far without any backing or sugar daddy. She's getting positive reviews and has immense potential.

All those people bashing kriti dont bash alia or shraddha or any other star kid.

I can't fathom what led to the casting of Kriti. Good film destroyed. This girl needs to be kicked out of the film industry

Lol many sites her applauding her, chill

while watching the movie it reminded me of Tanu weds Manu!!

Give the girl a chance.

The movie is getting good reviews. Now I hope it will work at the box office!

Kriti is lead but she proves to be the weakest and ruins it. Rajkumar Rao excels. Kangana would have killed it

Kangana was the one who pioneered the sassy small town girl in TWM. It would have been too repetitive. Kriti looks too urban and modern to play a small town girl...she does not have that earthiness.

Ok Kangana thanks for your 2 cents


Rajkumar Rao steals the show. Kriti could have been easily replaced by a better actress.

Watched the film. It's funny here are there, has got some originality and ain't too long. Watch it guys

out of the three you can tell kriti would be the weakest. But the trailers and promos look awesome so will be checking it out

according to what's written this movies looks promising minus Kriti. I really hope people will make it a profitable one & let the superstars realize what mass requires.

Imagine Kangana in the lead!

Rangoon flopped...with Kangana in the lead


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