Batti Gul Meter Chalu Mid Review: Divyendu Sharma steals the show in Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor starrer

Batti Gul Meter Chalu takes you to places where people are still battling the issue of shortage of ELECTRICITY.
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“India is moving from power shortage to power surplus, network failure to exporter,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this statement in a summit back in March. Batti Gul Meter Chalu rides on this sentiment and takes you to places where people are still battling the issue of shortage of ELECTRICITY - the heartland of India - Uttarakhand. In the first scene, we are introduced to the main characters of Shree Narayan Singh’s film - Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor,  Divyendu Sharma and all other supporting cast members - Farida Jalal, Sudhir Pandey and Supriya Pilgaonkar. As it’s Shree Narayan Singh’s film, you can expect a ‘desi’ touch in how the characters speak. Shahid plays ‘kamina kapatti’ lawyer and has shed off the intenseness of Maharawal Ratan Singh from Padmaavat. Divyendu plays Tripathi who opens his own printing press. Shraddha has gotten that Stree shell off and is playing a role of a small-town designer in the film. Well, that’s the introduction.

Now, coming to the point, we are told at the very beginning that Uttarakhand faces an immense electricity shortage. In bits and pieces, we are thrown with some circumstances where common man faces this daily issue - while using the washroom, there’s a power cut or something as simple as while getting ready when one desperately needs the light on- Batti goes gul. In most of the first part, the filmmaker has kept it very light and you won’t understand the gravity of the issue. Yes, we do get to see Divyendu’s character having problems because of inappropriate bills and he is even seen heading to Electricity Department with no relief.

Well, then we are shown the romantic angle or call it the complex triangle between Shahid, Shraddha and Divyendu. The most of the first half is more of romance and light-note laughter doses. The interesting bit is that all the characters have perfectly picked up the local dialect of Uttarakhand. 

As the movie approaches towards interval, things do get serious. Divyendu gets a heavy electricity bill of Rs 54 lacs and is seen struggling with the power connection for his company. Divyendu is that common voice for the ‘janta’ who becomes the victim of heavy electricity bills and the negligent government that doesn’t provide any relaxation to such people. They are left with NO choice BUT...TO END THEIR LIVES. It’s a big jolt and this changes the entire tone of the film. 

Going by the first half, Divyendu does take all credits away for his acting skills as he did a better job than Shahid and Shraddha. He surely takes the limelight. 

We are expecting much much more seriousness in the plot and the real story would be in the second half unlike the first half that goes by in just establishing the plot. Well, we can say ‘ab shuru hoga bal’. 

Stay tuned in for the FULL review.

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