Bharat Movie Review: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sunil Grover deliver a BLOCKBUSTER this Eid

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's Bharat releases today. The movie is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and sees Sunil Grover play a crucial role in the flick. But is it worth spending your money on Bharat? Read our review of Bharat to find out.
Bharat Movie Review: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sunil Grover deliver a BLOCKBUSTER this Eid Bharat Movie Review: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sunil Grover deliver a BLOCKBUSTER this Eid
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Movie: Bharat

Bharat Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Bharat Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover, Disha Patani and others. 

Bharat Movie Stars: 4/5

"Yeh sher buddha zaroor ho gaya hai. Lekin shikaar karna nahi bhula," says Salman Khan few moments into Bharat. You can almost hear the 53-year-old star roaring under the mask of a 70-year-old man, warning not to mess with him at the box office. Salman takes over Eid 2019 with the help from Katrina Kaif and Ali Abbas Zafar in the form of Bharat. The movie's plot is based on a Korean movie Ode To My Father. The movie also stars Sunil Grover, who plays Salman's best friend. Bharat is divided into five eras. Bharat's childhood, his teenage life, his adulthood, his mid-life and his old age. The movie recalls historic instances like the 1947 partition, Jawaharlal Nehru's death, the 1983 Cricket World Cup, Manmohan Singh's liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation plans and the present times (in this case 2010) to tell the story. Did it work? Absolutely. Here's my review of Bharat:


Bharat is a story about a man named Bharat (played by Salman Khan). He was born in Mirpur, Pakistan, lived with his parents and siblings. Tragedy strikes when India and Pakistan partition is announced. Bharat and his family leave for India. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, Bharat's father (played by Jackie Shroff) stays back in Mirpur. Before he bids farewell, he promises Bharat that he will meet him at a store called Hind in Old Delhi. It is run by Bharat's aunt. 

Years pass, there is no sign of the father. Bharat undergoes several life experiences with his best friend (Sunil Grover). This includes his act in a Russian circus where he rode in the Well of Death. His job as a labourer in oil mines of the Middle East. His stint in the merchant navy and eventually taking over his aunt's store in Old Delhi. He takes up these various jobs to live up to the promise he made to his father of taking care of the family. We must say, Bharat did a fabulous job at it. 

Salman, Katrina and Sunil shine: 

Bharat the character has various layers. From being a responsible son to a loving father and a caring boyfriend, the movie shows the different facets of the character. It has worked wonders for the movie. Salman takes his role seriously and we see him transform with every era he portrays. I couldn't help remember Salman from the 90s when I watched him dance with Disha Patani's Radha in the movie. The de-aging was done flawlessly. He held on to his charm from the decade as well. 

As the movie progresses, his on-screen age moves forward as well. Salman has made sure he distinguishes each era with his own charm. He did it brilliantly. 

Salman's performance is taken to the next level by the fabulous Katrina. The actress, who plays Kumud aka Salman's love interest, was outstanding. I loved the fact that her off-screen chemistry with Salman, as seen in her recent interviews with him, was incorporated with such each in the movie, making their relationship so real. I loved watching them create magic on screen with their banter and their romantic chemistry. But one of Bharat's highlight was Katrina had few of the best punch dialogues which she delivered effortlessly. Apart from her acting, she stole my heart with her killer looks. 

Another stunner in the movie was Sunil Grover. With Bharat, he proved that he could steal the spotlight with a Khan by his side. Every frame that he shared with Salman, Sunil managed to grab the audience's attention and keep it on him. I think I would want to see him pair up with other leading stars in the industry as well. The other co-stars have done a great job and helping the movie come to shape. 

Different storytelling: 

As for the story, Bharat is a well-told tale. Bharat shapes up as promised in the trailers. The first half is crisp, narrating a tight story. With every scene unfolding, the curiosity to find out about Bharat's life increases. The movie doesn't waste screen time on unnecessary drama and gets to the point quickly. There is hardly a moment when you are distracted. The second half focuses on Bharat's hunt for his long-lost father and sister. While the pace reduces, the second half is high on emotional value. There are a couple of times when you tear up before you completely break down. 

Another element that stands out in Bharat was Zafar's style of intertwining iconic historic moments of India for better storytelling. While he sends shivers down your spine recreating the partition scene, he shows Bharat's journey with the three fields India loves: politics, entertainment and cricket. He uses Jawaharlal Nehru's death, India's victory in the 1983 World Cup and Shah Rukh Khan's era in Bollywood to establish the twists and turns of the story. An interesting and different take, I must say. 

High on music: 

How can I write a Bharat review without mentioning about the songs, especially Zinda? The song is spread across the movie and ignites goosebumps every time it is played. The background score perfectly blends with the moment, making Bharat a great watch. Ali Abbas Zafar has done a great job with Bharat. 

Final verdict:

The movie comes to a complete circle in the climax. There are no questions left unanswered, leaving you satisfied. You laugh, you weep and you just feel nice for Bharat. The movie is treated like a grandpa telling a couple of tales to his grand-kids and it does it beautifully. Watch Bharat for it will definitely bring a huge smile on your face. I never felt so heartwarming since Bhajrangi Bhaijaan. Suggestion: Watch it with an avid Salman Khan fan in a single screen for a memory of a lifetime. ​

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What are Katrina haters chewing. I mean IMDb public reviews are full of praises for Katrina.And so is every critics review. From here onwards Katrina will sign ton of good films and slay everytime. Now what will happen to the haters. Hopefully they remain sane though they are already not Lolzzz.

she still can't speak hindi properly and nor cry onscreen properly .

Public is right. Salman paid critics to praise her performance and wait he will buy awards for her too. Poor Katrina and her fans

Critics like anumpama chopara who have mostly given negative reviews for Katrina has given a positive review and called her the best character in the film.Not a single negative review about Katrina from major critics who have never liked Katrina in past. And those critics are still criticising Salman for his acting. So whoever this person is who is constantly chanting paid paid needs to open his eyes a bit and see the reality.

Reality is Katrina aunty cant act and reviews are paid. Her fans need to see the reality. Katrina is not a Meryl Streep.

Asma parvez is having really a tough time. Villanious women can digest the unanimous appreciations Katrina is getting for her every film.Go Katrina. Queen is on a winning streak and nobody can stop it.

Guys hopefully other Katrina fans read this, not only trolls, I just wanted to say I have spent most of today reading reviews from critics, and watching videos from the masses of people that watched the film, I like all other katrina fans I'm not commenting on anything but Katrina's performance, I haven't watched the film but I bought tickets to watch on Friday, anyway going back to what I wanted to say, let's ignore good reviews on Katrina's performance coming from critics as trolls are saying that critic reviews are paid to give Katrina's performance such good responses, let's look deeper who else non critic non media person has given her performance a thumbs up, those people are masses, and few noteworthy people in society executives personalities like raj nayak are they her friends? I guess whatever I say trolls from Deepika priyanka etc and wherever you haters ail from will say yes these positive reviews are coming from diehard katrina fans only not people which think she was a terrible actress and can see a significant improvement, if you are saying this then why did you bother yourself to comment here to fight with people that like her? Looking at every single comment it's from a troll, what is happening why are you trolling katrina in this manner? What happened Salman said thank you priyanka a couple of times in interviews is that something to be upset about? Deepika refused the film, is that something to attack Katrina about? Katrina had not played any part in priyanka leaving the film or Deepika refusing it, so why are you blaming katrina or attacking Katrina fans, I'm sure Deepika is doing a film go and investigate how that is going and comment on that, Katrina fans I feel would not attack Deepika film as it would be like attacking that girl deepica is playing, acid attack victim, we would never hurt another woman in that manner, so please everyone behave matured and stop with the attacks. Just stop th trolling.

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I've literally just come back from the cinema and still trying to figure out what was the point of this film. I wish I could get my life back.

People who have actually watch the movie will describe some of the scenes. You, on the other hand, is just a jealous troll.

I only trust KRK's review and he has ripped this movie apart! Good for salman as he had started thinking himself as GOD of bollywood. No one is god !

Flop rk flop looser fans are burning seeing the box office supremacy of Salman. Everytime they come with their rant that Salman can't act and all that but Salman is a superstar and people are happy to watch him onscreen and not like flop rk who gets tons of praises for his films still nobody watches them.

I will give a very honest review. The movie indeed has everything but Ali cannot direct emotions well. At places I felt story to be random. One minute Kat is hating Salman next minute saying jo bolna Hai Wo tou bolte nahi. Shifting to hugging Salman next min asking to marry. N in that scene forun heart break. N heartbreak without anything. Usually there is a drama that follows. Next min she is in wedding n mom approves living in. Matlab what's happening. I understand what ure trying to convey but all this was so random. Atleast aik scene tou hota where kumud says kuch bhi bharat ab zindagi tumhare sath hi guzaarongi. What I enjoyed was the whole journey n getting to learn about partition camps, circus, navy life, oil fields. Salkat was on spot with their chemistry. Loved it. Although the vaada thing looked like a stupid idea but I like the idea of making people meet across border. Also there were loopholes. Wilayati wife n kids?! N him getting a wife was so random. Why they cut cake with train running? N they didn't tell why salkat still didn't marry although he met his sister.
Ali tried to squeeze everything n felt random. But I still love the movie cause of salkat. Salman is a ştar who brings so much to cinema. We all should support him

Paid and utterly rubbish review just like the flop movie!!!

Katrina cant act and her accent sucks. Salman paid critics to praise her. And world knows no one can say no to Salman. He will buy her awards too. Just wait.

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saw the movie!! no comments on that but katrina did surprise me!!

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Overrated, Salman just like Kat can't emote from a genuine space and it comes across. But its based on a Korean drama so I am sure the story is good. But not as good as the original Korean drama.

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boring movie kat is useless

Salman khan rocks


Paid review - Salman PR mechanism in play

IDK y but this review seems to be written by Salman-Kat fan.

This review seems biased. Not areas for improvement and everything looks great.

So proud of you Katrina.

All the best salman. Allah always bless you

Lmao herr we go again, the autowalas have arrived in the comments to over praise salman and his flop garbage movie. This criminal is nothing without a holiday release. Thanks to remakes and a holiday release he made a successful career. He wouldn't dare to release his shit film on a non festive day cos he knows it's gonna be a washout. So rikshaw fans calm down lol

Queen Katrina kicks on the face of her haters once again with her hardwork and powerpack performance.

Dont be so happy Katrina aunty lovers. It's a slap on your faces. Salman paid critics to praise her. It's a fact.

Not just rikhshawalas, I think we all should go to the cinemas and watch salman baba movie. You know why because he's bhai of bollywood. No one can match his swag, acting skills and muscular sexy body. Salman baba ki jai zor se bolo mere saath !!!

Happy for katy

we rikhshawalas will definitely watch salman baba's movie, its an amazing slice of life film, salman baba jaisa koi nahi, people wish to be like salman baba. But there is only one salman baba. God bless you salman baba. Chalo ab zor se bolo mere saath ek baar phir se, salman baba ki jaaaaaaaai
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We rikhshawalas will zaroor watch bharat,hum bharat dekhenge iss Eid pe aur kuch nahi dekhenge. Salman baba ki jai, zor se bolo mere saath

Ufff so excited- booked my ticket for today

Krk ka review aane do pahale!

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