Haseena Parkar Movie Review: Shraddha's film is both pointless and gutless...

Read the Pinkvilla review for Shraddha Kapoor's movie Haseena Parkar.
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Haseena Parkar is a terrible film. And stop blaming Shraddha Kapoor for it. Yes, she is a miscast from the word go but if anyone were serious about making a film based on the life of Haseena, they wouldn’t cast Shraddha for it. C’mon, the girl was earnest, to say the least. That doesn’t ensure that Apoorva Lakhia has even remotely made a film. Infact, it is a pointless, gutless saga that neither gives you any insight into the life of Haseena and neither puts forth a staunch argument for or against her. It’s a courtroom drama which unfolds at a snail’s pace tracing her life’s journey. The lawyers, who clearly seemed law school rejects fight and bicker, never presenting a solid ground for or against Haseena. At one point, even the judge says, “Hum inpe novel nahin likh rahe hai..” Hard to not make a mental note for the most believable dialogue in the history of Hindi cinema.

If a layman walks into watch this film, he wouldn’t make any headway in finding out about the lady in question or her equation with her brother. In fact, Dawood Ibrahim is the most shabbily treated character. It’s a shame that Siddhant Kapoor, who is a passable chap otherwise, looks nothing better than a clown in a few of the film’s later scenes. Shraddha’s journey herself from a timid girl to an action queen picking up fights with local miscreants – men and women alike, is never said well defined.

To top it all, the actor’s looks are so jarring. Shraddha speaks with a mouthful, quivering in most emotional scenes. There’s an odd love making sequence which is out of the blue. Then there is pregnancy and four children, with hardly anything concrete to show for it. Instead of Haseena Parkar, the film should’ve been titled – “Yeh Random hai…” That’d be both appropriate and befitting, besides giving people a fair idea of what they are getting into.

As reviewers, we seldom have that luxury. Which is why we are constantly looking for distractions in bad films. You can probably find yours in judging Shraddha’s tacky clothes. Newspapers suggest that the film’s designers have sued the actress and the producers for not using their outfits for promotions. We’d say, good move Shraddha. A bad career is bad enough for you. You don’t need bad clothes to top it all.

As for the director, who is feisty and outspoken, Lakhia has made a film without an opinion. He slyly slips in his love for the muse – Haseena but plays it safe. Hard to blame him because he is making the movie in such intolerant times. Lack of any feeling for the character on whom the film is named or based simply shows that he didn’t want to take sides. He shows us a sketchy view of the woman but never quite explores how she took over her brother’s empire in India and suddenly became Aapa. May be we’d have to wait for Hussain Zaidi to write all about her and Anurag Kashyap to make it. Till then, let’s try and forget something as awful as this was ever created. Poor Shraddha, such a waste of her hard work.

We rate the film a 30% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter. 


Bollywood is in crisis....Look towards your North West

Aisi films banengi toh yahi hoga

in that case she shouldnt be an actress.

alia is not a top actress...she is a kid who depends on kjo and connections for films and just acts. priyanka and deepika could have pulled it off

Sharda should go back to school :-)

Can the so called top actress like Katrina, Anushka, Deepika, kangana, priyanka, kareena, alia choose a film like this ? At first place katrina, Anushka, Deepika, kareena have never done a woman centric film. Alia bhatt woman centric films include srk and still gets Floped. Kangana and priyanka has done some women centric film but that too are not close to this film's intensity. They haven't played dark characters. And everyone is blaming film story and direction not exactly shradha. Atleast shradha is brave enough to choose a film like this which most A list Actress won't do.

LOL, go and take your meds. Clearly you have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about.

she will ruin the Saina Nehwal biopic too!!!

Karma. A movie made on contact and network basis. No talent, no merit.

Wow, what a shame. I'm not the biggest Shraddha fan but i thought this would be a worthy film. How much money is this industry going to keep wasting on useless films riding on the backs of star kids that don't connect with the Indian masses?

Movies not making money is not necessarily a bad outcome for everyone, except for the producers. Many people got paid regardless of the film's outcome, like the director, actors, and the technical staff. I hope the remaining ancillary staff gets paid (like the spot boys, etc), that's the right thing to do for any producer. The real difference between a profit and a loss is felt by the producer alone, unless the lead actors contracts include profit sharing clause.

This makes me feel that if Bollywood producers want to finance movies like Haseena, Lucknow Central, Bhoomi, etc without regard for having a solid story/director/casting, then they are in the wrong business or that they have a lot of money to burn (black money perhaps, like there were rumors Haseena was financed by Dawood people). My two cents.

pointless and gutless = Almost all bollywood biopics.

No critics are saying good thing about this movie. Some are saying Shraddha was ernest,which she was but that doesn't mean that her performance was good,which is definitely not. She tried her best though.

Well.. Here is a perfect example of Nepotism. How many chances will she get??
I am not targeting her alone. To make a bad film, its the whole unit behind it. But come on, her face is too cute for this kinda movie. To top it up, her voice and acting just kills the vibe.

Now please find an alternate career shraddha, acting just isn't your thing

It's really sad that she is failing to prove.couldn't blame her really, the kind of performances her contemporaries are giving is amazing. Not really a fan, but alia is amazing. She can be on two extremely different movies like kapoor and sons and udta punjab and she nails it. Even kriti is amazing. I liked bareli ki barfi. May be that was a bit mean to compare them ,but she really needs to push herself. Come on shraddha. God bless

The moment I read, 'Hard to blame him because he is making the movie in such intolerant times', I realized the review is written by a kid. So, no point reading it further. The movie is as pointless as the review.

As expected
Go watch newton

I like her in this avatar

This film was first offered to Rani Mukerji. But she refuse to do it. Reason not known. But she is intelligent enough to choose the films that she do. So I guess she made the right choice by saying No to this film.

I know someone who worked on the film and the script drafts were not coming together well. So Rani did make the right choice. Yes Shraddha has tried her best but only an experienced and excellent actress could have risen above the material. Frankly, it needed someone of Seema Biswas' calibre, and a much stronger script. What a wasted opportunity!

Thank God Rani said no to this film! And no, I'm not @QueenRani LOL

Sonakshi said no as well

Most reviews say she has done her career best performance and is on track to become on of the best actors in indian cinema. Don't know why this critic personally attacked her

Only Vidya Balance and Kangana Ranaut can pull off an entire film all by themselves..people like Shraddha should not even try.

What a biased and mean review! I have read other reviews and all of them have something in common, they say that Shraddha has done a great job, especially in the part of young Haseena. I am sure that the public will appreciate this more than so called critics.

Critics don’t matters we audience love shraddha she is box office queen with hit super films villain aashiqui 2 baaghi shraddha is awesome

Oh boy, I am soooo shocked! What?! Shraddha can't act? No way!!! I thought she was trying to give Katrina some competition. ;) But seriously, not surprised no one wants to see this dud. Shraddha always under performs.

Guys imagine Richa Chaddha in a movie like this, how she would have nailed every scene and dialogue. But instead they give starkid Shraddha Kapoor this movie, and it will fail for sure and it just surprises me that no one would have seen this coming from the entire team, honestly.. like for real.. the industry is becoming a joke!

oh yes so true ,richa chadda would have nailed it.but why dont they choose other actors like her..why shraddha kapoor.why cant they see beyond actors who have limited acting skills .

yaar she cant act for nuts

"Doesn't have the acting prowess or the range"- Well sure she doesn't!!! She's a B-Town Nepokid! Toss her out of industry and take the rest of them with you. The only Nepokids that should be allowed are Ranbir and Alia because they actually have talent and can hold themselves up around people like Vidya, SSR, Kalki, Kangana, Irrfan, Nawaz, Radhika, etc.

Arrree 30%, I thought Bahuballi ka record yahi todegi hihihi

karo aur biopic. bollywood is flopping big time

Yikes that title was a bit mean lol. but i thought there would be something thrilling to watch. i wonder if it would have been a better film with sonakshi or vidya



Lmao! We knew its gonna bomb in box office. Better luck next time Shradhha. You can’t act.. please leave movie industry so that other deserving talent can get a chance.

Please, we don't need more movies or book where dons and criminals are glorified. Enough is enough.

"Hard to blame him because he is making the movie in such intolerant times." INTOLERANT TIMES??? lol like really

exactly...what does that even mean??? rofl

2 words- Gauri Lankesh.

its times where any political opinion or opinion at all leads to dhamkis on twitter or deaths like gauri lankesh

Shraddha hasn't acted in any of her movies

We knew this from the beginning

I guess this is the end of Bollywood


Shraddha is a far better actress than expressionless deepika, n katrina.

hi shraddha

i guess it was indeed financed by Dawood. BS movie!!


Feel sorry for shraddha
.shes done and dusted in Bollywood

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