Ittefaq Movie Review: Sidharth Malhotra-Sonakshi Sinha’s clever thriller that keeps you guessing till the end

Ittefaq Movie review: Two murders, two suspects and all that is wrong in between makes for a delicious watch for sure.
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Two murders, two suspects and all that is wrong in between makes for a delicious watch for sure. My yardstick for judging a good thriller is simple - I shouldn’t know the ending till it happens. On that count, this film delivers abundantly. Abhay Chopra’s modern spin-off of Yash Chopra’s original might be unconvincing in parts and often tedious, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that there was a genuine attempt to make a good film. Heavy on plot, laced with grit and drama - we are told early on in the movie that two murders happen. The suspects are arrested and a cop is resolving the mystery. The cop (played by the dependant Akshaye Khanna) doesn’t use the film’s title for the next half hour of the film. What unfolds over the next two hours is a tale of how an open and shut case is way more complicated than it should be. 

Shot seductively, in intimate places, the look mirrors the film’s subject. Though debutant director Abhay Chopra is, after all, a novice. Unlike Yash Chopra, he focuses just on who killed and how, never bringing in subjects of loyalty and breach of trust, the props which played a significant role in the original. A major problem, which works for the Film, is the lack of clues. It gets frustrating but at least it doesn’t allow you to guess the final scene.

I wonder what better actors could’ve done to the plot. Frankly, Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha never seem intense enough for the parts. He, a Brit born Indian author, whose wife is found murdered never conveys his pathos right. But he fares considerably better than Sonakshi, who on paper probably had a meatier part than on screen.  Thankfully, Chopra wisely allows Akshaye Khanna to do most of the acting. He is top notch as the growling cop, picking clues and figuring out the mind games. His appeal is such that you join him in fishing for clues. 

At over 100 minutes, plot-wise Ittefaq has a few flaws but the screenplay wasn’t crisp enough. The songless factor works like magic in this case. Usually one deviates from the plot with lyrical ballads but Chopra keeps it neat.

Though the double murder movie is not even a patch on something like a Talvar, But that doesn’t take away the fact that it deserves a one time watch for sure. Just to know who is the killer! 

We rate the film a 60% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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Ending was weak. In India the govt records all phone calls, the killer explaining in detail to the cop how the murder too place was hilarious. Siddharth's acting is like Katrina's .

Save ur time n money,not at all worth watching in theatre.Storyline is weak which badly fails to hold audience's interest.Sonakshi as always is expressionless n Sid is a pain to watch.Only plus point is Akshya who helps audience survive 100 mins of torture.

Wait I have a question. How come at the end the woman at the desk at the airport called the airplane but no one picked up? Don't air hostesses usually pick up the phone? How could they not stop him from leaving? There was a murderer on that plane and they just let him go? lol

Movie is like Sonakshi's hair. Flat and boring

Akshaye >>> KJo made stars.

Save your money and watch old ittefaq instead.....coz new one is PATHETIC .....only akshay acting is fine apart frm it nothing is good

my biggest question is why was the drug overdose not detected during post-mortem?

Will download soon

Dont download. Go watch it in a theatre.

KJo's attempt at rehashing Talvar - glamourizing and 'dumbing' it down for the audience.

I never understand PV review. It starts off good with all the praises for the movie and by the end of it we see 60%. Ratings So I don’t know should we watch it or not. And they do it with almost every movie. The person who is writing these reviews it seems has a standard template he/she changes the name of the movie and actors. I give PV review of the film 40% . I could write far better review.

It was not a thriller and the end was totally bakwaas. You can’t stop a guy at the airport? Stupid makers think that Mumbai Police has only one cop who had to do everything. Stupid ending. Waste of time and money.

The suspense is not jaw dropping it is a total waste of money

You are so good Sid. I'm always with you. You are so kind and don't deserve all hate
I love you

Let me save your money,this is not worth watching in the theater.i was hoping this film would work but it is a let down.the whole problem is with the very flat and bland storyline.when you make a whodunnit purely it should have a riveting plot.this had not clues no logical following no moment of revelation that left you surprised.the end was unexpected but just about some small cunningness of the murderer.and the acting by Sid and sons was quite bad.sonakshi in the company of a alleged murdered shows just a tiny bit of anxiety and did looks fine but almost without expression.and the commenter who said it was strange how sids nri character had a desi accent that's very true,it was stupid.honestly even the guy who played the side role of sonakshis neighbor s howed much better acting than the 2 leads.akshaye was good in the cynical inspector but not enough to save the insipid storyline.making a movie without songs was brace but needed enough strength in other facets.inly the filming was good

You guys should post arrogant statements of Sid bashing Varun for doing remake.

Not so good..i was expecting more from movie but when I was just an ok movie.

Not so good..i was expecting more from movie but when I was just an ok movie.

Loved Sid in it. Watched ittefaq first day, first show. This guy has certainly come a long way. A gentleman and now ittefaq. Keep up the good work Sidharth. You are doing great I promise :)
Lots of love from Texas.

Why do they insist on making a British born character and then give him a full on Indian accent? Typical KJo logic, even in K3G etc.

It should have been Kangana and Ranbir or Ranveer and the movie would have been intense. Sid and Sonakshi can't act . This is why Nepotism is bad...breeds mediocrity.

I watched it ONLY for sid n man this guy didnt disappoint me this time. Given his career best performance

Critics seem 2 b divided...half prasing sid n half praising akshaye. Hello sona is also in movie n she also did a great job. Infact all 3 actors played their part very well

Hahaha so now media is singing that akshaye is a great actor...ok so where were these pple wen he was doing solo movies n all were floping badly. This same media had written him off a decade back n now all of sudden saying hes a great pple never trust reviews of media houses...they r nvr real n nvr reflect audience taste. Case in ref judwaa 2 n golmaal again which was trashed by media raked in most moolahs at box office

Honestly golmaal wasn't that great...but with the very personable actors,the good scenery and the chippy songs,people enjoyed the light comedy.sometimes you should keep it simple,that's what golmaal did

Golmaal is actually very entertaining. I loved it. Don’t know about Judwa 2

Pls watch the movie urself b4 forming any opinion. Media is freaking good at only creating masala stories n giving stupid reviews. I hv watched the movie n it is really very very good. Sid is fantastic n has playee his part really well. Infact his breakdown scene in jail is the highlight. Sona n akshaye r also very good. Watch the movie urself 2 decide if u liked it or not

That’s quite a generous rating for Pinkvilla. Most movies don’t go beyond a 30-40%!

So this's whats happening in Bollywood movies, every producer and director is giving supporting roles to talented actors to save their talentless heroes.... Akshaye Khanna basically stole the show with his performance and everyone agrees that both Sidharth and Sonakshi where painful to watch. Same with Badlapur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui was the driving force of the movie while no one can forget Varun's horrible Highway Alia was basically rolling on the floor with no acting whatsoever while Randeep Hooda did all the acting, and now the same story with Raazi, feel sorry for Vicky Kaushal..... In Kapoor & Sons Fawad Khan stole both Alia's and Sid's thunder and got all the praise for his acting....Deepika Padukone for some odd reason is working with Irrfan Khan once again after Piku, where both Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan performances were superior to her......and now in Fanney Khan we will see if Aishwarya can hold her ground between Anil and Rajkummar Rao, happy that R. Madhavan declined the offer to be in this movie. Funny thing is that in all her movies whether they perform well at the box office or not, Kangana Ranaut always deliver in her acting....time will tell how long Karan's talentless kids Sid, Alia, and Varun careers will last before everyone says enough, hope they disappear very soon for great actors like Akshaye Khanna, R. Madhavan, and Randeep Hooda best of luck and hope we see all of you in more great leading roles...PV plz post

I heart Akshaye Khanna. Will watch it for him! He's such an underrated actor.

Just watched..Superb movie.

watched it only for Akshay. He is great. The so called main leads were mere side actors.

Just watched it...very very good...

Akshye is the real killer.

why the hell u break the suspense!! u dumb

God why you revealed a real killer? There are fans not from india who can't watch a movie in cinemas so thank you for the spoiler. Damn angry

Very glad that almost all the reviews and people's reactions affirm that Akshaye Khanna was the driving force of the film. Are the other bollywood producers listening? Please give Akshaye scripts worthy of his talent. We want to see more of him.

Sid is the real killer in the movie and he gets away with it.

PV shouldn't post comments like these

Did you really have to spoil it for the others?

Yayyy happy for Sid!

The promotional material of this film is like MOM

Pathetic acting. Save money and watch the original.

I really want to watch this! I've seen the Rajesh Khanna one and it was so good. Can't waiT!

It will gonna a sure shot winner

Hearing very good reviews of this film. Next morning show pakka

Watched it today..what a Shocking twist at the end

ittefaq has good reviews well

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