Kedarnath Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan shines in her debut film with Sushant in this predictable love saga

Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan in the lead roles. Considering it’s her Bollywood debut, we can say that Sara has done a marvellous job. Read the full review.
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Movie: Kedarnath 

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Sara Ali Khan, Pooja Gor, Nitish Bharadwaj, Nishant Dahiya, Alka Amin, Sonali Sachdev

Ratings: 3/5 

June 17, 2013, completely destroyed the lives of the people in Kedarnath. In total, 4,300 people died in the Uttarakhand floods and all you could see was the wrath of nature all around. Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath takes you back to the horrific memories. The plot of the movie comprises of a young Hindu woman belonging to a wealthy Pandit family who falls in love with a Muslim pithoo. The two have to fight for their love as they belong to different religions and their love is tested when the floods hit the land of Kedarnath. The film stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan in the lead roles. Sara plays the role of Mukku, while Sushant is seen as Mansoor and the story revolves around their love story. The director has used the Uttarakhand floods as the background to the story. 

Sara Ali Khan has truly emerged as the next-generation star and if you are a cinematic buff, you would praise the star kid for how she is perfect at emoting. She was powerful and feisty. Her character holds the movie, and she is the one who challenges the set norms of the society. Both Sushant and Sara did a wonderful job in putting out their characters on the screen in the best possible way. It’s the romance between Sara and Sushant which is one of the major highlights of the movie. Sara would surely remind you of the young Amrita Singh. Considering that it is her Bollywood debut, we can say that Sara has done a marvellous job. 

Coming to the screenplay, it has its own share of strengths and weaknesses. There were some loopholes in the story as it failed to engage the audience and the very crux of the story was just focused on the love story. After seeing the first half, it was quite predictable. Talking of the cinematography, you would love how the movie has captured the scenic beauty of the Himalayas. It’s the VFX and the patchwork that will put you a bit off but that doesn’t take the credibility of the powerful end. 

Talking of the supporting cast - Nishant Dahiya, Alka Amin, Sonali Sachdev, Pooja Gor and Nitish Bharadwaj did fit the bill. We will give bonus points to Nishant Dahiya for the portrayal of a fanatic lover of Mukku. 

Coming to the songs, they will hold your attention but not for long. In the end, we can say that Abhishek did make an attempt to show the story of Kedarnath on a large scale but lacked in CGI and live-shots. 

In a nutshell, Sara and Sushant outshine in this predictable love saga.


What a frivolous way to treat the Uttarakhand floods disaster. It deserves a better story telling vehicle and respect. Not as a means to showcase a nepo star kid. Shame!

its so unfair for ssr. sara is on anupama, rajeev and all interviews everywhere. why not interview both! nepotism

Sara comes across as genuine. I like her, but nepotism is going to be the end of Bollywood. Stop digging your own grave.

Better than Jahnvi

Predictable review for a predictable movie. Can anyone dare say a word against this “royal” debut? Everything is contrived. The co actors, director, screen writer all are insignificant. It’s all about the “royal” debut. In a couple years it will be her brother. Soon Taimur will be ready. Sad!

Sara reminds me of young Kajol. Confidant, brash, good screen presence but she's very rough around the edges. Her strong points are she comes across as grounded, likable and relatable. She doesn't come across as princessy and pretentious like Jhanvi, Sweta Bachchan , Suhana Khan etc. Saif and Amrita brought her up well. Also going to an ivy league uni in the greatest city of the world helps.

Whoever wrote this review is such a icck writer! "Coming to ___", "Talking of___" Such redundant writing. And they have the gall to comment on someone else work! SMH. How do you expect us to take this seriously?

Sara mom is writing all these comments about her.

I love Sushant since his MS Dhoni movie. Even in Jaanesaar song he shines. I had tears in my eyes when he cried in that song. He is a natural.

Jhanvi got some audience due to her mother's death in the last minute . This Sara has nothing to work for her till now . Wondre how long these 2 girls will last . they remind me of Sonakshi and Shraddha even after a decade .. they have not made a big name except for the rare hit .

Sara has been pulling people’s attention towards her through her interviews actually. People are amazed at the way she answers questions. She’s definitely the brightest among all the star kids.

Get a life sara .. GET A LIFE

Hey bebo ;)

Sara just calm down with all the positive comments.So annoying you are

Hi boney !

Sara has better screen presence than Jhanvi! Sorry but the comparison will always remain although I will get bashed for my (honest) comment!

So muh positive reviews for sara but not for Sushant ?? Wowww pinkvill.So much importance to star kids

Flop film. Sara was annoying with her voice. She cannot act. Dialogue delivery is very weak. She is nothing but an over hyped nepotism product

You must be Arjun

Hi janhvi

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