PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: BJP leader makes Vivek Oberoi look like a hero

PM Narendra Modi releases this weekend. The movie sees Vivek Oberoi don the Modi jacket and tells his inspirational journey from a chaiwaala to the Prime Minister of India. Does he manage to do it successfully? Find out in our review.
PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: BJP leader makes Vivek Oberoi look like a hero PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: BJP leader makes Vivek Oberoi look like a hero
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Movie: PM Narendra Modi

Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Zarina Wahab, Boman Irani and Manoj Joshi
Director: Omang Kumar
Rating: 2 stars


There are biopics and then there is PM Narendra Modi. The movie which stars Vivek Oberoi in the titular role also features Zarina Wahab, Boman Irani and Manoj Joshi in the movie. The movie has been directed by Mary Kom director Omung Kumar. The movie based on the Indian prime minister attempts to share the inspirational story of our country's beloved Prime Minister. The movie releases this weekend after several changes in release date. Given the release date fell soon after Narendra Modi was re-elected as the Prime Minister following the Lok Sabha Elections, the biopic looks like a victory lap. 
Like any other biopic, PM Narendra Modi features some high points in the BJP leader's life. We are given a glimpse at Modi's childhood aka the phase which deemed him as the 
chai waala. Soon, the story cuts to the chase when Modi decides to adopt bachelorhood and eventually enter politics. The movie covers several landmark moments of Modi's life including his contributions towards setting a strong foothold for BJP in Gujarat and the controversial Gujarat riots. 
Given that Modi's story is not a story unknown, you feel like you're sitting through a history class. Might I add, the history teacher is bad. Director Omung doesn't shy away from showcasing that PM Narendra Modi is an appreciation movie for the PM. The movie urges you to believe that Modi has done nothing wrong. He's the nicest man you'll ever meet. 
What hurts in this biopic is that Omung takes the audience for granted. A biopic is supposed to recreate real-life incidents and people to tell a tale not many might know. But Omung and his star cast take no effort in adapting the nuances of the politicians. Oberoi looks like Narendra Modi only during the politician's recent years. Otherwise, he looks as if the casting has gone wrong. 
Other stars like Zarina Wahab, Boman Irani 
and Manoj Joshi look nothing like their real-life inspiration. What makes things worse, the movie seems like a collage of news bulletin from the past few years. We learn nothing new about the politician. 
It is a half-baked script. A college thesis on Modi would do a better job. However, given Modi's numerous achievements, the movie manages to hold up and grab audience attention. You find yourself laughing at digs taken at people and there are moments when a sense a pride fills you up. 
PM Narendra Modi manages to 
colour you saffron and is a treat for BJP supporters. Watch it if you love the man and want to celebrate his victory. Modi manages to make Vivek Oberoi look like a national hero in the flick.  


Vivek has had his 5 minutes of Fame. He will be forgotten in a week's time.

Does hollywood had made Obama's biopic? No. Ryt? Cz they peaple out there so much talented. They have lot of work to do not lyk us Indian take one person and only talk about them whole day. Just like we use tiktok, cz guy we donot have any work to do so, make tiktok and and write on modi. Cz India me jo deekhta hai wahi bikta hai. And modi said modi,modi,modi.... and we walk behind him.

Very good movie ihv watched today people have must watch this

I have watched it today, it is a very good movie. Everyone should watch to know about PM.

Well done Vivek!Good job!trust u keep doing good work!haters gonna hate!!

Vivek's career is well and truly over.
One would only accept a propaganda movie when one has no other options or offers. If the political landscape changes in a few years, Vivek will look like a fool

I didn’t think it would be good but Modi has been told well so good story telling people forget he route to politics

Very good movie...wonderful acting by vivek

Slam this movie

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