The Raikar Case Review: Ashvini Bhave stands out in this star studded concoction of murder mystery and drama

The Raikar Case Review: The multi-starrer Voot web series releases today. Here's our review of the Aditya Sarpotdar directorial featuring Ashvini Bhave, Atul Kulkarni, Neil Bhoopalam, Kunal Karan Kapoor, Parul Gulati and Reena Wadhwa in the lead.
The Raikar Case Review: Ashwini Bhave stands out in this star studded concoction of murder mystery and drama
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Web Series Name: The Raikar Case

The Raikar Case Director: Aditya Sarpotdar 

The Raikar Case Cast: Ashvini Bhave, Atul Kulkarni, Neil Bhoopalam, Kunal Karan Kapoor, Parul Gulati and Reena Wadhwa 

The Raikar Case Stars: 3/5

Another week, another show to binge-watch. The Coronavirus-induced lockdown has everyone homebound. From Money Heist to Asur, a number of shows have released on the OTT platform. This week, Voot Select Original adds another series to your watchlist with The Raikar Case. The murder mystery features a slew of stars, with many Marathi actors ruling the show. The Aditya Sarpotdar directorial features Ashvini Bhave, Atul Kulkarni, Neil Bhoopalam, Kunal Karan Kapoor, Parul Gulati and Reena Wadhwa in the lead. But is the show worth your time? Read the review and find out. 

The Raikar Case revolves around the death of Tarun Naik Raikar (Honey Kamboj). Framed as a suicide at first, the establishing episode reveals that it was a murder. The show turns towards the usual suspects: the Raikar family. The teenager stood on crossroads with every member. Everyone had a motive to end Tarun's life. But as the episodes unfold, you realise the bigger picture. Tarun's death has a connection with his sister and father's death. As the story unfolds, the murder mystery gets uglier. With politics, a fourth death, and blackmail involved, the question still remains: Who killed Tarun? You will have to watch this whodunit to find out. 

What we can tell you is that the show has tried and almost succeeded in writing a good murder mystery. Instead of entangling each subplot in every episode, Aditya resorted to a linear approach. The story crosses off one suspect at a time. While the approach is rather safe, it works for a show with multiple plots. However, in an attempt to keep the story of each episode going, writers Bijesh Jayarajan and Anaitha Nair add a dollop of fluff which acts as a hurdle to the pace. 

There comes a point when the story is dragged. Each episode could have been edited down to make it a crisper watch. Nevertheless, The Raikar Case holds your attention as each episode ends with a cliffhanger. Just when you think that you are close to the killer, a new twist changes the story and uncovers yet another dirty secret of The Raikar Family. This makes you tune into the next episode. 

The Raikar Case couldn't have come through without good performances. Ashvini Bhave shoulders the show effortlessly. Playing the over-protective mother and wife, Ashwini subtly pulls off the best performance on the show. Ashwini has some help from Parul Gulati. The actress keeps the story going with ease. But there were a few portions where she fell flat and you couldn't forgive her. Nevertheless, the two actresses manage to evidently overshadow Atul Kulkarni in a few scenes.

Another subtle yet good performance was delivered by Kunal Karan Kapoor. Kudos to Lalit Prabhakar for pumping life into vindictive and hot-headed Eklavya. His performance ignites a sense of disgust and anger towards the character, thus successfully standing out on the show. 

While Neil Bhoopalam works well as the SP, there were a few places where he fell flat and it was disappointing. He lacked chemistry with Parul. During the crime-solving scenes, the duo worked well in the frame. However, the romance portion fell flat. The pair couldn't ignite the oomph when needed. There were a few technical hiccups as well. The background score does not blend with a few scenes. There were also a few dubbing errors that were hard to ignore. The packaging of The Raikar Case could have been polished a lot more. 

Final Verdict: So should you watch The Raikar Case? The murder mystery can be one of your go-to shows this weekend if murder mysteries are your cup of tea. 

Check out Voot Select's The Raikar Case's Trailer below: 

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The end is bullshit !! Wasted all d tym just in case the criminal gets caught !

Exactly... End was so stupid that I'm frustrated why the hell i watched this series

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