Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Vidya Balan aces the role of a spunky housewife in this one-time watch film

3 years ago  |  3.1M

Being essentially a cinema obsessed nation, our primary problem with Tumhari Sulu will inevitably be its realism. It's as authentic as our own lives. And thus, the casting of Vidya Balan as Sulu is as perfect as it could've been. Sulu is Vidya's second nature, at least that is what as laymen we can gauge. She is vivacious, spunky and courageous in her own way. It could be seen as the film's biggest folly but it is mostly an advantage that Suresh Triveni didn't have to work much in making Sulu a concrete figure.
Vidya fares exceptionally as she exudes Sulu with her own layers, some of them visible to those who have had the good fortune of knowing her well. But Sulu is the kind of film that takes pride in showcasing the pits and falls of a
middle class life more than allowing its viewers to take a flight of luxury that leaves little to imagination. As a 30 something, serial contest winner, Sulu is probably your

over enthusiastic neighbour. For me she was the bechari, siblings ki maari girl. But for all of us, Sulu is relatable. A young woman taking flights of fantasy, wearing her cape and making it on her own are issues close to our hearts these days. It's breezy, easy to watch especially with the right popcorn. For those who like it, Sulu could prove to be a comfort film watched on TV over and over again to make a mundane Sunday a brighter one.

Triveni and his writers have done a brilliant job on paper and the wonderful casting makes their job much easier. But his labour of love isn't devoid of issues, some of them nearly fatal. There's no denying that it's a watchable and at times even a wonderful film. But the film's pacing is awry. Added to it, Triveni seems to have a lack of clarity on what he wanted to position the movie as. For a comedy, the humour is sparse. For a slice of life, the soul is in short supply. And for a drama, there's too much of sappiness. This is the kind of film that has probably gone wrong on the editing table. The pacing is disturbingly jerky. 
The entire first half is devoted to the predicament of a middle class housewife grappling with issues and coming to terms with the pressures of being a radio jockey. It was interesting to note how the writers subtly bring forth the issues of a respectable job for the desi middle class. The big tussle in the film happens precisely because Sulu's family isn't able to register the calls of her job. Only certain professions are considered good and the cagey mentality is depicted wonderfully in the movie. The songs especially are the story's biggest high. It will be hard to get over Manva Pankh Laga for anyone who has dared to dream. But for a film that talks this much about one's right to dream and love, it is skirmish to discuss so much more. There's a possibility of a bonafide sequel here about gender disparity and how the fairer sex isn't allowed the freedom of choice, more often than not. The spirited Vidya and her cutesy chemistry with Manav Kaul is one to watch out for but Sulu doesn't entirely make your heart soar. So much more could have been done with this witty, sexy aunty but the forced inclusion troubles, which doesn't quite fit the charming vulnerability off
it. Watch it just for Vidya, the woman who is OMG-so-damn-seksy and never hits a false note on screen

We rate it a 60% on our movie meter.


Anonymous : What a brilliant actress she is. We get actresses like her once in decades. Vidya Balkan you are super hit
REPLY 8 3 years ago
Anonymous : No offense. But, unless you are doing a comedy role, it is difficult for a over weight woman to capture audience attention as the heroine
REPLY 9 3 years ago
Anonymous : Must watch. Came back with a happy heart :)
REPLY 25 3 years ago
Anonymous : Vidya in a heartwarming performance but cannot save movie it's just plain boring waste of money
REPLY 5 3 years ago
Anonymous : it was a very nice movie....!!
REPLY 21 3 years ago
Anonymous : vidya is hella talented. rajeev and anupama's reviews have been great
REPLY 19 3 years ago
Anonymous : Boring....
REPLY 4 3 years ago
Anonymous : Watchable for Vidya's performance in a career defining role in the same league as Kareena in JWM or Kangana in Queen. Sadly the script fails her in some parts and no actor can rise above the script, but Vidya keeps your attention and has you rooting for her nevertheless. Give it a chance!
REPLY 28 3 years ago
Anonymous : Vidya is a flop woman. She is a good actress but is not versatile. Plus she is not healthy. Her WTF statements are also off putting
REPLY 15 3 years ago
Anonymous : Tumhari sulu is getting positive reviews everywhere. I can't wait to see it.
REPLY 44 3 years ago
Anonymous : Major flop film
REPLY 12 3 years ago
Anonymous : All is ok but someone tell me how are her arms so lean in the picture? Oh wait i know - photoshop! But she needs videoshop
REPLY 14 3 years ago
Anonymous : They marketed this film as a light hearted comedy and it turns out to be a sappy drama .
REPLY 22 3 years ago