Zero Mid Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan proves no one can romance like him; Anushka Sharma is a knockout

2 years ago  |  2.8M

All it took was one song for Shah Rukh Khan to prove why he will forever be the King of romance!

Zero, chronicles the life of Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a personality so large that it supersedes his height. The adorably annoying dwarf is an instant winner for me and SRK owns the role like no other. A perfect counterpart to Bauaa is Aafia (Anushka Sharma) who is a knockout and gives a fine performance as a scientist suffering from cerebral palsy. Shah Rukh and Anushka's lack of chemistry in Jab Harry Met Sejal is rectified in Zero with finesse. Then we have Katrina Kaif as Babita Kumari, who is only seen in a small glimpse but makes an impact. She impressed me to such a level that Kat could very well be giving us the best performance in her career so far. 

Aanand L Rai has cleverly interspersed these three completely unique characters and given us a colourfully delightful film interspersed with romance, drama and whole lot of love.

A special mention to the VFX, which does justice to a story and a character that could have been intrinsically caricaturish but fulfils the needful. The dialogues with the funny one-liners and the soundtrack are the USP of the first half. 

Here's hoping the second half is equally entertaining and larger than life like Bauaa Singh because he deserves a 'tall' ending!


Anonymous : Hmm where's the rest of the review ?
REPLY 6 2 years ago
Anonymous : excellent start ... first half full entertainment waiting for 2nd half:)-
REPLY 3 2 years ago
Anonymous : It's normal that in the first half we won't see much of babita because her story will in the second half. Buaua Will afia then Babita
REPLY 4 2 years ago