Rock band NELL announces its return in September with a mysterious teaser

Published on Aug 03, 2021 09:57 PM IST  |  140.3K
NELL at an event: courtesy of News 1

At 6 pm KST on August 2, record label Space Bohemian surprisingly released a teaser image, announcing NELL's comeback.

In the teaser image, against a white background, reminiscent of a white wall, the words Moments in between, which might be the name of the album, were written as if they were flowing. The caption tag with numbers 202109 hinted at a comeback in September, drawing keen interest from fans.

The calm and warm vibes of the teaser image raised expectations for a new album full of NELL's unique style. Except for the number that seems to announce a comeback in September, no information about the album type or the release date is announced, raising curiosity. Check out the image below.

Four childhood friends Kim Jong Wan, Lee Jae Kyung, Lee Jung Hoon and Jung Jae Won formed a band, ilot, in 1999 and performed at clubs around Seoul's Sinchon-dong; a place known for its nightlife, with numerous bars of both western-style and traditional Korean hofs, restaurants, and other activities aimed at the area's student population. During one of their performances, they were picked up by Seo Taiji, and soon became the first band to be promoted under his record label Goesoo Indigene. Since then, the boys have stuck together without adding more members. This year, they celebrate 22 years of togetherness, but it didn't come overnight.

South Korea's leading modern rock band, with its chest full of well-known music featuring tracks like Stay, Thank You, Good Night, Losing My Mind, Time Walking On Memory, Limit, The Day Before, Four Times Around the Sun, White Night and See U In Five among many others, has received enthusiastic support from music lovers. NELL's irreplaceable colour has painting a unique musical world, receiving never-ending love from listeners.

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