Rohit Sharma must be feeling terrible, says Sachin Tendulkar after India ousted from World Cup 2019

Sachin Tendulkar admitted that the semi-final loss of India against New Zealand was heart-breaking. He extended his empathy to Rohit Sharma, who scored five hundreds in the edition in particular.
Rohit Sharma must be feeling terrible, says Sachin Tendulkar after India ousted from World Cup 2019Rohit Sharma must be feeling terrible, says Sachin Tendulkar after India ousted from World Cup 2019
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Former Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar empathized with Rohit Sharma after India were knocked out of the semis by New Zealand in the World Cup 2019. The Indian opener smashed a record five hundreds in the edition, and was dejected after the loss. He was out for 1 in the 2nd over in the semis, and the Indian team could never recover after his dismissal, going on to lose by 18 runs. 

Rohit, who had expressed his disappointment, at not being selected for the squad in 2011, played with determination and scored over 600 runs in the edition. Whenever the cameras panned on Rohit during the semis, he looked dejected and the disappointment was written large on his face. 

"He [Rohit Sharma] must be feeling terrible and so bad about the way we have ended this WC. It's something which he will take quite some time to overcome because this is a huge disappointment. I feel bad for him," Sachin Tendulkar told India Today.

"It is a tough time for everyone, we have expectations and dreams. All I can say is its been a tough day. How bad they must be feeling in the dressing room. I fully agree that we should have chased 240. 10 out of 10 times we would have taken that."

Sachin also had words of wisdom for the Indian team and suggested that the members, including the players and the support staff, need to give themselves time to come out of the disappointment. 

"Time is the greatest healer, we just have to wait for a while, step aside a little bit give yourself some time and then take a call," Tendulkar added.

"Not just for Virat Kohli and Rohit, we have got 15 members in the squad along with the support staff. They have been working constantly behind the scenes. Everyone will be equally disappointed. As an Indian it is disappointing and heartbreaking."


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AS a huge supporter of the India national cricket team, I am highly disappointed of the top 3 batsmen. Kl,Virat, and Rohit one of the best cricketers of all time couldn't even manage to combine 18 runs all together. If they got these 18 runs we would have won easily, since Jadeja and Dhoni were batting. Also 6 players were in the 30 yard circle. How come the umpire didnt realize, if he realized there would have been a free hit for Dhoni instead of his run out, I am highly disappointed with this umpiring. This would have changed the game drastically. In my opinion as a 14 year old, India did deserve to qualify to the final.

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