Rookie group BXK dropped a trap beat themed shimmery single Excuse Me

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BXK at promotions; Picture Courtesy- New Planet Entertainment

BXK which means ‘Boys x Kings’ from New Planet Entertainment has dropped a new single ‘Excuse Me’ which is a dance song with 70s and 80s retro synth, combined with their mature visuals and bling background, the impact was visible. The message behind the song is about the members’ journey to the top and they express that the journey reminds them to be humble and that their ego has no place in their lives. 

The song was composed by the leader Sun and he has always been a composer and songwriter on board for their debut album as well. The MV concept was decided by the entire group and they went for a mature and classy noir feel with the black suits, gold backgrounds and expressive performance by the group. They talk about how they wholeheartedly want to move forward in life without thinking of their struggles and personal losses. The upbeat rhythm and mature performance shows their will to move ahead in life and are happy to be in a good place now. 

The group had debuted on November 2nd, 2020 with their single album ‘Fly High’ and title track ‘NOYB!’. The members of the group are- Sun, Chanseung, Inu, Taeon, Lee Han and Teen. Sun, being the leader, takes up the role of composing, writing and arranging songs; he even has a solo album ‘Siren’. Chanseung is the vocalist and main dancer, Inu is the main rapper, Taeon is the main vocalist, Lee Han is the rapper and Teen is the vocalist, rapper and maknae of the group. Taeon had replaced another member, Ben, who had left the group for unknown reasons. 

The song definitely got us dancing in our homes and now, we look forward to seeing the group’s future work! 

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