Rookie group OMEGA X show their power by being promoted at COEX before debut

This new group is one to look out for. Read on to know more!
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The rookie group OMEGA X is showing its power even before debut as they will promote their debut mini album at COEX, a prominent center that is called the Korean version of the Times Square in New York. The pre-sale of their mini album called ‘VAMOS’ will be open at COEX on June 9. Along with this, OMEGA X’s group and individual posters and profiles will be displayed on large LED billboards both indoors and outdoors of the convention center.


OMEGA X is a new 11 member group under the label Spire Entertainment. The ‘OMEGA’ represents the last letter of Greek alphabet denoting being the final boss of the industry while the ‘X’ is a symbol of love and infinity. The eleven members are: Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, XEN, Jehyeon, KEVIN, Junghoon, Hyuk, Yechan. Their debut mini album ‘VAMOS’ releases on the 30th of June at 6PM KST (or 2:30 PM IST). What is surprising is that they have already taken great strides as rookie idols. COEX is a convention and exhibition center in Seoul with areas like indoor digital media Xspace, movie theatres, K-POP plazas and department stores. This is why it is thought to be tantamount to Times Square. Promoting their pre-sale as well as the group’s information at COEX is a significant step. They will be the first rookie group to do so. 


OMEGA X is sparking global curiosity in them by already releasing their own reality show before debut. They have become the honorary ambassadors of Jeju Tourism as well as signed up with DDB Worldwide Korea which is the largest advertising network in the world. We all look forward to the monster rookie group OMEGA X’s debut!


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