Rookie group PIXY drops a bewitching highlight medley for the second mini album ‘TEMPTATION’

Published on Sep 15, 2021 04:36 PM IST  |  46.2K
PIXY; Picture Courtesy: News1

PIXY (Ella, Saetbyul, Sua, Dia, Laura, Dajeong) highlights the sound source of all songs of PIXY's Chapter 03. TEMPTATION through the official YouTube channel and other social media handles at 8:30 PM IST on September 14th. The video was released, raising expectations for a comeback. The released video includes the double title songs 'Bewitched' and 'Addicted', 'Intro (End of the forest),' 'Moonlight', 'Still with me (To. Winxy)', 'Bewitched (Eng Ver.)' ', 'Moonlight (Eng Ver.)' contains a total of 7 attractive songs that blend the worldview of witches who poison and swallow, stimulating K-Pop fans' curiosity about euphemisms of punishment.

Starting with 'Intro (End of forest)', which means the beginning of a new journey and the end of the forest, a modern pop R&B 'Bewitched' with a dreamy atmosphere in electronic sound, a charismatic voice on a light beat. You can feel the unique music color of Pixie through the highlight to 'Moonlight' of the disco genre.

Then, 'Still with me (To. Winxy)', a tribute song to the official fandom WINXY, and 'Bewitched (Eng Ver.)' and 'Moonlight (Eng Ver.)', which show consideration for global K-pop fans. You can get a glimpse of the perfection of the second mini-album, which is played sequentially and contains trendy music that captivates both domestic and overseas fans.

PIXY, who heralded a high-speed comeback after 5 months since the first mini-album The 1st Mini Album 'Bravery' in May last year, is exuding infinite charm by occupying the vacant 'concept idol' position with a unique concept that has not been seen in the existing music industry. Based on more upgraded musical capabilities and a wider music spectrum, it plans to seduce the public with differentiated colors this fall.

On the other hand, PIXY will hold a showcase to commemorate the release of the second mini album The 2nd Mini Album 'TEMPTATION' on October 6, and then officially release the album at 2:30 pm IST on October 7.

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