Rookie group T1419 cause a boisterous riot in the new teaser for ‘FLEX’

Published on Aug 22, 2021 03:45 PM IST  |  101.9K
Stills from the teaser; Picture Courtesy: MLD Entertainment

T1419 released the new album 'BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 3 (Before Sunrise Part 3)'' title song 'FLEX' music video teaser video was released, raising expectations for a comeback in two days. The released teaser video shows the T1419 members who have transformed into villains full of personality. Geon-woo, Kevin, and Xi'an proudly walk on the table at the dinner table, while Kairi and On show off their chic eyes against the background of supercars. 

Leader Noah appears wearing a gas mask and radiates intense charisma. At the end of the video, the title song 'FLEX' and the album release date appear, attracting attention. Fans are increasingly curious about what kind of connection the nine members' vicious appearance in the video will have with the new word 'FLEX', which means 'to show off'. 

T1419 released their second single album 'BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 2 (Before Sunrise Part 2)' and established as a representative of 4th generation idols. The music video for the title song 'EXIT' recorded 20 million views immediately after its release, realizing the global popularity of T1419. In addition, T1419 continues to be active by appearing in '2021 Ontact G-KPOP Concert', '27th Dream Concert' and '2021 Together K-POP Concert'.

T1419's third single album 'BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 3 (Before Sunrise Part 3)' is a comeback after 3 months. T1419, which foreshadows another strong and mature charm from its predecessor, is expected to captivate fans with a message that pinches materialism and an expanded view of the world. The most noteworthy point in the new album is the T1419 performance. T1419 received attention for its performance suggesting 'school violence', which emerged as a serious social problem in the previous work 'EXIT'. He left an impact with direct choreography as if looking into the classroom. In the new song 'FLEX', a performance that pinches 'materialism' throws another strong message.

Meanwhile, T1419 will hold a global showcase through V LIVE and Twitter Blue Room at 2:30 pm IST on August 23rd and LINE channel at 4:30 pm IST.

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