Rookie Groups OMEGA X, MIRAE and T1419 feature on Weekly Idol’s special episode of Idol Training Camp

Published on Jul 01, 2021 01:11 PM IST  |  194.9K
OMEGA X on Weekly Idol

The special K-Pop Idol Training Camp episode of MBC’s Weekly Idol starred three rookie groups OMEGA X, MIRAE and T1419. Three members from each of the groups had come on the show as representatives of their teams. T1419’s Noah, Geonwoo and Kairi came to the show dressed in shades of blue while Jaehan, Hangyeom and Yechan joined from OMEGA X. MIRAE’s representatives were Dongpyo, Junhyuk and Lien. The three groups played various games and had face-offs to test different skills that becoming an idol requires. Members from the same group wore similar colored clothes for show team spirit. While T1419 wore blue, OMEGA X had green and MIRAE dressed in red. 


The renowned MCs of the show, Kwanghee and Eunhyuk became the judges of an impersonation challenge. Then the members had to come to the center and dance on popular songs by sunbae artists like Rain and NCT Dream. They were tested on synchronisation as well which is crucial for a group to have. The three teams had to be quick on their toes to come up with the dance and synchronize as well. Followed by this, the other aspect that was tested was teamwork. This was done by a fun and almost impossible game where the members had to pass a bowl of water only using their feet. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the game as the idols got wet due to the water they were trying to pass. 


The three groups showed a sporting spirit and gave their best while making the audience laugh and wheeze. Let’s show support to the three talented rookie groups!


Watch few clips from the episode here:




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