RUN BTS is coming back to make fans’ lives better; Know the broadcast date & see episode still here

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Run BTS is finally coming back.

Not yet over Muster SOWOOZOO? Well, Weverse announced the comeback of the most loved variety show, Run BTS today! They released a still of the new episode of Jimin posing with a peace sign, smiling widely. He’s wearing an apron, a glove, and a mouth shield. The episode will be premiering on June 15, 9 PM KST, every Tuesday.


BTS is known to never keep their fans waiting for content. They always make sure to release something or the other when one thing ends. Now as the fans reel over Muster SOWOOZOO, which has its final day today, there wasn’t much to look for after it. Until, Weverse released a new episode still of Run BTS, announcing the comeback of the King of Variety Show. 


Check out the teaser still below: 



Run BTS will air on Tuesdays from tomorrow, June 15, until stated otherwise by the agency. Since the announcement, fans took over Twitter and trended ‘RUN BTS IS BACK’ for quite some time. They called Run BTS coming back their “serotonin booster”, while some call it “weekly vitamin” and “healing time”. 


The variety show is BTS’ exclusive show which was first started in 2015 and has, till now, 141 episodes in its kitty. The show has members going on missions, forming groups and betraying each other, goofing up in the silliest manners, receiving punishments they hate and earning prizes as little as BT21 merch or a meat pack. All of these make ARMYs Tuesdays a lot better and they already can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive! 


Run BTS will air in India on June 15, 5:30 PM IST on BTS’ VLive and Weverse accounts.


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How excited are you for the Run BTS comeback? Share it with us by telling us your favourite episode in the comments below!


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