Run BTS Ep 117: V & Jungkook cover Cypher Pt 3; Jimin's legendary tablecloth move leaves members very excited

In the latest episode of Run BTS, we see the return of the septet's ping pong obsession from In the SOOP BTS ver. come back as well as their determined motivation to leave for home early by completing the missions quickly.
Run BTS Ep 117: V & Jungkook cover Cypher Pt 3; Jimin's legendary tablecloth move leaves members very excited
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Run BTS Ep 117 kicks off where the previous episode left us with the members eagerly wanting to complete the missions and head home. As the theme was teamwork, OT7 had to win the games together and as expected, hilarity ensued yet again. The first game saw one member being blindfolded with a bodyguard to help him as the other members had to mimic the lyrics of their song given.

While feeling his bandmates' movements, the chosen member had to guess which BTS song's dance move was being imitated. While V wasn't able to guess Boy With Luv, Jungkook was able to guess Idol. However, the real winner was the ultra-confident Suga, who was able to guess most of the songs like Black Swan, even though he mixed up Fake Love with I Need U, and was adorably pompous about it. During break time, RM was determined to set a new record on the basketball game and scored 210 while Yoongi struggled. Another game saw the members trying to balance five water bottles while taking out the tablecloth at one go.

It was extremely funny to see the members fail miserably, especially Jin, who got the bottles in a bowing down position while the members couldn't hold back their laughter. Eventually, they realised that two bottles weren't straight in the corner and hence, the bottles got replaced. Finally, it was Jimin who was able to win it for the team with his legendary tablecloth move and celebrated with his elated members.

During one of the breaks, V and Jungkook were seen showing off their rapping skills by singing on karaoke their favourite song, Cypher Pt. 3: Killer. If you've watched In the SOOP BTS ver., then you remember how addicted BTS was to ping pong. Bringing back their love for table tennis, we saw Namjoon take on his '94 line bestie J-Hope as Jimin took on V. While RM won his round with Hobi hilariously missing out on the ball (leading to various camera angles edit by the witty Run BTS staff), V was able to defeat his '95 line bestie as well.

Another game saw the members having to pass the water bottles to each other at one go without hitting the other bottles. While Suga kept messing up at first, thanks to Namjoon, they got a steady rhythm and ended up winning the game even though Run BTS' staff tried to distract them with loud noises.

As they completed the missions (six out of 16 missions had to be won!) very quickly, the members were allowed to leave to meet their families at 6 pm instead of 9 pm. However, because Jin had made a bet earlier that he would complete his Bubble Bobble game (Jungkook guessed Idol right!), the eldest BTS member had to stay behind with Jimin sweetly saying he'll stay with his hyung till he finishes the game. Other endearing moments included RM accidentally eating mint chocolate ice cream and cutely whining about it to Kookie tickling TaeTae while the former was trying to guess the dance move from the earlier game.

Check out the highlights from Run BTS Ep 117 below:

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We adore these boys and how!

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Anonymous 2 months ago

This type of contents where they enjoy what they are doing is the best. Please don’t give them task that they don’t enjoy you can tell when they don’t want to be there Nd are only there because they have to be. If they can do things they enjoy they will love doing this program and keep us entertained for years to come. Thank you BTS you are a joy!

Anonymous 2 months ago