Run BTS Ep 120: OT7 investigate who broke ARMY headstone; V and Jungkook play enemies giving us Taekook feels

*SPOILERS ALERT* In the latest episode of Run BTS, the theme was Reply BTS Village with the members trying to solve the case of who broke the coveted ARMY headstone. Read below for the hilarious recap.
Run BTS Ep 120: OT7 investigate who broke ARMY headstone; V and Jungkook play enemies giving us Taekook feels
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Run BTS Ep 120 saw OT7 travel back in time as the theme was Reply BTS Village. With their retro fashion and hairstyle game on point along with their respective satoori in tow, BTS had to solve the case of who amongst them had broken the coveted ARMY headstone. Jin was made the detective of the ongoing investigation.

In their respective role-playing characters, who are the primary suspects, we have RM as the box-office ticket collector and aspiring actor, Suga as a photographer, J-Hope as a hairdresser with a wife, Jimin as the village leader/idiot, V as a rich man and Jungkook as a gamer with his own arcade. Once they introduced their characters and were given their alibis, the members proceeded to show off their overdramatic shocked expressions on reading their files which had BTS ARMY laughing out loud. Immediately, the boys started targeting one another with TaeTae and Kookie giving us major Taekook feels through their banter as enemies. In pretext, V wants to buy Jungkook's arcade with the latter refusing to do so. We also have to give a shoutout to the preview of the case with the subtitle 'Don't trust anyone' as each member's close-up shot was shown in a throwback style montage.

Post their discussion, BTS first heads to J-Hope's hair salon (but not before ARMY gets their meme of the day with the members following Hobi like a bunch of ducklings) to find any clues that could prove he's the one who broke the headstone. Yoongi, who is supposed to be Hobi's best friend as per the game starts questioning his whereabouts which leads to the two in a counter-argument. Moreover, the case hilariously turns into a murder investigation when the members find blood on J-Hope's towel in his hair salon, which is actually from a supposed hand injury. After acquiring whatever clues they needed, the boys then head to Yoongi's photo studio. Besides questioning why there's a go-pro in the throwback era, V hilariously hides a clue because he thinks it's an individual game but Jin promptly calls him out on it. Amongst the polaroids found, Suga's face is seen photoshopped with the headstone in a selfie which makes the members question him as well.

Next up, BTS moves on to Jungkook's arcade. Side note, we couldn't get over Jimin's innocent wandering off with his lollipop, even protecting it from the rain. At Jungkook's arcade, the members find out that Jungkook had ran away from the headstone around a similar time as when it was found broken. Moreover, since Kookie had kept his arcade open for 24 hours in order to beat ChimChim's gaming record, he was questioned if he was responsible for the one-minute blackout during which time, the headstone was destroyed. Jungkook tries to defend himself saying that he ran because he knew he would be suspected. While the members even investigate the second floor of the arcade, which was filled with books, Suga decodes how there was blood in the hammer of the Whac-A-Mole game. The members proceed to go to the next location as Run BTS Ep 120 concludes.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Run BTS Ep 120 below:

We absolutely love seeing BTS in their acting element, ready to trust no one when it comes to winning missions on Run BTS!

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In Run BTS Ep 121, which comes out next week, we'll find out who it was that destroyed the ARMY headstone and if the members are able to correctly suspect the culprit. We're promised more belly-aching laughter, courtesy of the Bangtan Boys.

Anonymous 4 months ago

Jimin protecting his lollipop...but in nutshell everything was superb..

Anonymous 4 months ago

Jimin protecting his lollipop from rain is soo cute ❤️❤️. But I love the whole run BTS epi

Anonymous 4 months ago

BTS Run was Ossum . All of them were slayying in their 90s outfit. I specifically loved Joonie's (RM) New haircolour.

Anonymous 4 months ago