Run BTS Ep 121: Jungkook gets betrayed by his hyungs as Jin and V show off the intellectual in them once again

*SPOILERS ALERT* Run BTS Ep 121 continued with the Reply BTS Village mission as the members deciphered the evidence procured to figure out who broke the coveted ARMY headstone.
Run BTS Ep 121: Jungkook gets betrayed by his hyungs as Jin and V show off the intellectual in them once again
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*SPOILERS ALERT* BTS members' investigative skills were put to the test once again during Run BTS Ep 121 with the continued theme of Reply BTS Village. OT7 were seen heading to the theatre where RM works as well as V and Jimin's houses where they deciphered many clues. From Namjoon's hidden watch being stuck at 7 o'clock (same time as the blackout and ARMY headstone getting destroyed) to finding the ARMY headstone map and vital information about it at Vmin's respective homes, the members were left more confused than ever.

BTS even headed to the crime place where they matched the footprint to Jungkook's slipper size. As J-Hope instructed Jimin to get the right slipper, ChimChim annoyed look at his hyung was priceless. Eventually, the boys headed back to the main room to decipher the clues and come to a conclusion as to who broke the coveted ARMY headstone. Through the same rules of the beloved game Mafia, the members had to play for the innocent or culprit sides. Jin as the detective in the case showed off the brainiac in him once again when he was able to stay one step ahead of the culprits and saved innocent Yoongi twice. However, J-Hope had to be eliminated because Jin chose to save Joonie instead of Hobi.

Before J-Hope, the first innocent resident to be out was Jimin as Jin theorised that ChimChim, TaeTae and Kookie conspired to break the ARMY headstone for different reasons. Baby Mochi, who was engrossed with his yo-yo couldn't stop laughing at his Jin hyung who swiftly changed gears and blamed Jungkook as the main culprit.

Speaking of Jungkook, The Golden Maknae was cornered by his hyungs, especially RM as they accused him of breaking the ARMY headstone and being a damn good actor. Kookie decides to take revenge on his Rap Mon hyung and chooses the latter and V as the culprits. Suga had THE joke of the episode when he quipped how Jungkook was imitating his father with his accent change which led to the members laughing out loud. Eventually, when the time comes to reveal who is the culprit, it turns out Kookie's prediction was ultimately right.

Once the culprits were announced, BTS ARMY was left in awe of TaeTae once again as initially, he was able to save himself by voting for himself, thus confusing the members as to whether he was on the good side or bad side. Moreover, when the residents chose RM as the culprit, V made the save by stating how it would be bad for the innocent people if Namjoon turned out to be on the good side. Turns out Joonie and TaeTae had an altercation near the ARMY headstone which led to it being broken and the duo agreed to keep it a secret till the end.

Towards the end of the episode, we see the members assembled together once again while being revealed that they will be having their own Avengers-style universe as they transport back in time to retrieve the broken ARMY headstone. Vmin's bromance moment came when Jimin cutely bit on V's shirt.

Amongst the other memorable moments that we loved on Run BTS Ep 121, we couldn't stop laughing when Yoongi accused RM of being the culprit because of his hair colour, probably signifying that he's from Blue Village. Speaking of the Blue Village, Jin couldn't help but be reminded of Run BTS Ep 47-48 when he was wrongfully accused of being the culprit and quipped at Jimin for the same. Run BTS editors were at the A-game as per usual as Suga met the blush filter once again, V's beloved pet Yeontan was added to the mix and Jin and Jungkook were also victims of the hilarious filters. Even Taehyung cutely calling Hobi 'jagiya', i.e. darling and hugging was too cute to handle.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Run BTS Ep 121 below:

Can BTS get any funnier?!

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What was your favourite moment from Run BTS Ep 12? Were you able to correctly guess RM and V as the culprits? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Anonymous 4 months ago

I have to give props to V and Jin who are both really good at mind games! Especially V's ability to think and act - he is very quick witted and can act very well. Jin processes the information well and can make judjements pretty accurately based on instinct. In BTS, in terms of mind games, I think V is the best, Jin, Suga, Jimin or RM, J-hope and Jungkook. I think J-hope is not really good with mind games because as Jimin said, he is way too gullible and he just follows what others think. I don't think he can lie very well and he cannot think on his feet. Jungkook I feel like cannot persuade well - he finds the most clues within the game but doesn't know how to convey them on and he gives up easily in terms of thinking! I enjoyed it so much!

Anonymous 4 months ago

Why is this so accurate??