Run BTS Ep 125: ARMY is left surprised by Jungkook's tattoo sleeve clarity; RM & V fanboy over Baek Jong Won

In the latest episode of Run BTS, we see the members having another cooking session under the guidance of acclaimed chef Baek Jong-won.
Run BTS Ep 125: ARMY is left surprised by Jungkook's tattoo sleeve clarity; RM & V fanboy over Baek Jong Won
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Run BTS Ep 125 had an interesting theme of Ham Special as the members, sans Suga who was recuperating from shoulder surgery at the time of the shoot, had acclaimed chef Baek Jong-won aka Baek Ham as their mentor of the day. Using ham as the key ingredient, the boys were divided into two teams; Jungkook, RM and J-Hope and Jin, Jimin and V.

As expected, Jong-won was bombarded with the smallest of cooking-related questions as Jungkook's team cooked stew while Jin's team chose to make ramen. A shoutout to Run BTS' staff for the hilarious editing of Jong-won's exasperated reaction. Jong-won was particularly impressed by Jin and Kookie's cooking skills while V had him laughing out loud with his antics throughout the episode. At one point, V and Namjoon even asked Jong-won for an autograph confessing that they've never done something like this before. Joonie even quipped how his mom told him not to come home without Jong-won's autograph while Taehyung shared that his mom learned cooking from the renowned chef.

When it came time to taste both items, Jong-won was left impressed with both dishes and when he had to choose a winner, the chef tricked the teams into believing they had won by raising both Jin and Jungkook's hands. Ultimately, it was revealed that both teams won and customised Jong-won knives were gifted to the members with one being kept aside for Suga as well. RM even brought up Yoongi's name sharing how he's the ace when it comes to cooking while a Suga photo made its presence felt during the episode like it did during BTS' year-end performances. When the members started rejoicing over winning, Jong-won was left with an endeared expression on his face looking at BTS' victory celebration.

Some of the other highlights from Run BTS Ep 125 include RM peeling the potatoes with such determination, reminding us of Bon Voyage Season 4, Jong-won quipping at TaeTae about the sticky rice he helped to make and Jin proclaiming himself as Jong-won's apprentice. Towards the end of the episode, Jong-won thanked BTS for helping the farmers in promoting ham while also acknowledging their world dominance and influence across the globe.

However, the scene-stealer for BTS ARMY during Run BTS Ep 125 which left them majorly distracted was the stark clarity when it came to Jungkook's tattoo sleeve. While engrossed in cooking, the Golden Maknae rolled up his sleeves giving a more than clear look at his intricately made tattoos. Usually, Kookie's tattoos are either blurred out or edited completely. Hence, it was a welcome surprise for ARMY that they got to see Jungkook's tattoos so up close. It indeed got a massive reaction on Twitter as the fandom went gaga over Jungkook, making him an instant trending topic.

Check out Jungkook's gorgeous tattoo sleeve below:

We love how Jungkook's artistic side is so evident in his body art!

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