Run BTS Ep 128: Jin left flustered by V's kiss on his cheek; Retaliates in an epic way leaving ARMY in splits

Taejin became an instant trending topic on Twitter thanks to BTS members Jin and V's chaotic moments on Run BTS Ep 128. Check them out below.
Run BTS Ep 128: Jin left flustered by V's kiss on his cheek; Retaliates in an epic way leaving ARMY in splits
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Run BTS Ep 128 was another testament as to how wildly witty and comforting BTS is as a group. Shot at the start of 2021 along with a 'Happy 2021' celebratory confetti around them, the members sans Suga were seen playing some house games keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic crisis. From the 'Liar' game to guessing the BTS songs from the harmonica tune and even 'Red Light, Green Light,' laughter ensued and how.

It was during the third game when Taejin aka Jin and V gave us major bromance goals with their chaotic moments which left the rest of the members and BTS ARMY in absolute splits. When Jin was the one who had to protect Suga's photo, Taehyung tried to move along swiftly with his pillow while trying his best to not get caught. Jin, who is known as BTS' fake maknae, was up to no good and wanted to irritate an unmoving V. When he moved closer to him, TaeTae caught him off guard by kissing his cheek. Behold Run BTS' epic editing as Jin was left all flustered.

While Jin threw a hilarious fit with the other members laughing like crazy, Taehyung had a cheeky smile on his. However, later on, when Jimin had to protect Suga's photos, Jin retaliated in epic fashion. V and Jungkook laid on the ground in the attempt to reach the photo faster as ChimChim cutely looked at them giving us another endearing moment to add to our Vminkook files. When V swiftly took the photo with Jimin on his chase, a motivated Jin stopped TaeTae in his tracks by holding his head. Laughter immediately erupted as even Jin and TaeTae couldn't control their belly laughs.

Check out the precious Taejin moments from Run BTS 128 below:

We adore this bromance and how!

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Anonymous 1 week ago

i wish i was there instead of Taehyung

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I loved every moment. It was my daughter's 42nd bday. It was a perfect

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I was flustered by his cute <3

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Wth hell is a motivated Jin.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Wooo! My taejin heart~