RUN ON Ep 4 RECAP: Shin Se Kyung & Im Siwan’s relationship hits a rough patch before even starting

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RUN ON Ep 4 RECAP: Shin Se Kyung & Im Siwan’s relationship hits a rough patch before even starting

Episode 4 of Run On brings things to a head between Seon Gyeom and Mi Joo. Will they be able to overcome this betrayal?

Run On is a beautiful romantic drama about a young national track and field athlete who finally decided to find his own path and follow his heart when a film translator walks into his life. The athlete, Seon Gyeom is played by Im Siwan from ZE:A and the film translator Oh Mi Joo is played by a feisty Shin Se Kyung. Seon Gyeom is a top athlete but due to certain circumstances, he has to leave his position and work as a sports agent. Despite this, Oh Mi Joo feels that they were destined to meet and change each other’s lives. At the same time, SNSD’s Sooyoung  plays the role of a determined and bold CEO of a sports company, Dan Ah, who is undermined because of her gender. She meets Young Hwa, played by Kang Tae Oh and their lives too, change for the better.

Episode 4 starts off with the journalists all thinking that Seon Gyeom is the one who assaulted Woo Sik.  Mi Joo is berated for translating Seon Gyeom’s confession and when he brings up his controlling nature, Seon Gyeom is slapped by his father. Dan Ah swears that she will fix this mess. She calls a press conference and demands that there only be honest reporting. She introduces Woo Sik and asks him to tell the truth.

Elsewhere, Mi Joo and Seon Gyeom head to a café to eat and lighten the mood. Seon Gyeom admits that he’ll either be kicked out or suspended. Seon Gyeom brings up the first time he saw her and that she was running. It is clear that the two are interested in each other but the timing keeps evading them. Seon Gyeom tells Mi Joo to not translate everything Woo Sik says at the press conference, especially where Woo Sik defends Seon Gyeom. Mi Joo is averse to this idea, saying that he needs to start thinking about himself as well.

At the interview, Woo Sik clearly states who assaulted him and defends Seon Gyeom and Mi Joo translates it equally well. However, Seon Gyeom is not impressed and there is a tense air between them. He offers to drive her to the airport and asks her if she likes him because everything she has said and done so far hints at the same. Mi Joo says that not everything hints at that but some things sure do. She then walks off.

Seon Gyeom makes the decision to leave the track and field team voluntarily but the media portrays it as if he has been kicked out. Dan Ah reveals that Seon Gyeom had feelings for her in the past. Mi Joo is shocked but not intimidated and tells Dan Ah that she’s going to go see him now.

Mi Joo calls Seon Gyeom and asks him to return her lighter. Seon Gyeom seems hesitant that now is not the best time for that. Mi Joo asks whether he’d say the same to Dan Ah. Seon Gyeom then admits that if they meet now, he might make a mistake and that he’s at a hotel room. Mi Joo demands an address and shows up at the hotel. Seon Gyeom asks Mi Joo if his father paid her to report his activities to him. Mi Joo admits that he did and she accepted it too and that he has every right to be disappointed in her. There is a sharp silence between the two and the episode ends on that note.

Will Seon Gyeom be able to overlook Mi Joo’s betrayal and open up to her about his feelings or will this push the pair farther apart?

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Anonymous : I really love the story of this drama. waiting for ep5.
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