Run On Ep 5 RECAP: Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung finally get set up on a cute dinner date

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Run On Ep 5 RECAP: Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung finally get set up on a cute dinner date

In episode 5 of ‘Run On’, our favourite couple finally go on the cutest date and the chemistry flows ever so naturally. Dan Ah and Young Hwa play a game of push and pull as the two inevitably get more interested in one another.

Run On is a beautiful romantic drama about a young national track and field athlete who finally decided to find his own path and follow his heart when a film translator walks into his life. The athlete, Seon Gyeom is played by Im Siwan from ZE:A and the film translator Oh Mi Joo is played by a feisty Shin Se Kyung. Seon Gyeom is a top athlete but due to certain circumstances, he has to leave his position and work as a sports agent. Despite this, Oh Mi Joo feels that they were destined to meet and change each other’s lives. At the same time, SNSD’s Sooyoung  plays the role of a determined and bold CEO of a sports company, Dan Ah, who is undermined because of her gender. She meets Young Hwa, played by Kang Tae Oh and their lives too, change for the better.

Seon Gyeom is wary of all the press and he’s warned by his father’s secretary that he shouldn’t trust Mi Joo because she accepted the whole bribe for reporting to his father. Seon Gyeom is upset but he is not disappointed at all. Or rather, he doesn’t want to be disappointed in Mi Joo. He likes her too much for that.

Meanwhile, Young Hwa finds out that his friend’s mother works at Dan Ah’s company. He shows up at the company with the money for her broken bracelet but Dan Ah is indifferent towards him and neither does she accept the money because even though it is a big amount for him, it is not even a big deal for her. Later at the café, Young Hwa catches her admiring his painting and instantly is struck by artistic inspiration to draw her.

Seon Gyeom bumps into Mi Joo outside a restaurant where she’s with her friends to celebrate one of them getting married. He tells her that Woo Sik wants to treat them to a meal as a token of gratitude. Mi Joo doesn’t want to go along with Seon Gyeom and Woo Sik ends up inviting them individually. However, when they show up to the place Woo Sik has invited them to, they find out that they were set up by Woo Sik so that they can reconcile. Within no time, the two are back on their cute little banter that is adorable enough to leave butterflies in your stomach.

Later that night, Mi Joo translates Woo Sik’s interview to Korean and spreads it all over the internet in order to clear Seon Gyeom’s name. In the interview it is also revealed that Woo Sik would be retiring from sports altogether. Seon Gyeom is appalled at Woo Sik’s decision and rushes out in the rain to find him. He can’t seem to do so however and ends up in front of Mi Joo who confirms that Woo Sik really was going to quit. Knowing how this was breaking his heart, Mi Joo steps closer to him and hugs him tenderly, patting his back to comfort him in the rain.

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