Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun get confirmed as leads for mystery thriller film Revelations by Train to Busan director

Actors Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been are confirmed as leads in upcoming mystery thriller film titled Revelation which will be helmed by Train to Busan director.

Updated on Jun 20, 2024  |  03:06 PM IST |  66.1K
Shin Hyun Been,  Yeon Sang Ho and Ryu Jun Yeol (Image Credits- Netflix)
Shin Hyun Been, Yeon Sang Ho and Ryu Jun Yeol (Image Credits- Netflix)
Key Highlight
  • Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been confirmed to star as leads in new thriller film Revelations
  • It will be directed by Yeon Sang Ho known for Hellbound and Train to Busan

Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been are joining forces for the first time in a new Netflix mystery thriller film titled Revelations. Directed by Yeon Sang Ho, known for his work on Train to Busan and the K-drama Hellbound, the movie was officially announced by Netflix on June 20.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been confirmed for Revelations

Revelations centers around a pastor convinced that he has a divine mission to seek justice for a missing person by catching the perpetrator, while a detective haunted by visions of her deceased sister investigates the same case. The film delves into the impact of their beliefs on their choices and is based on writer Choi Gyu Seok's webtoon.

Director Yeon Sang Ho, known for his innovative exploration of life and death in the acclaimed Hellbound, joins forces with writer Choi Gyu Seok to unveil a new world in Revelations. With a reputation for incisive critiques of human nature in challenging times, Yeon Sang Ho will delve into the intricate connections between religion, faith, and morality in this compelling film.

Furthermore, Alfonso Cuarón, the celebrated Mexican director behind Gravity and the Oscar-winning Roma, will serve as executive producer for Revelations. Director Yeon Sang Ho expressed his excitement about their collaboration, emphasizing their creative synergy and high hopes for the project's potential.


Ryu Jun Yeol takes on the role of Pastor Min Chan, who is guided by divine revelations. Leading a church in a small provincial town on a pioneering mission, Min Chan faces a profound test when divine intervention reveals that Yang Rae, a visitor to the church, is the kidnapper of his son.

Shin Hyun Been plays Yeon Hee, a detective investigating Yang Rae, a suspect in a missing persons case, and the mysterious Pastor Min Chan. Yeon Hee struggles with haunting visions of her deceased sister, who fell victim to a tragic crime in the past.

More about Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been

Ryu Jun Yeol is a multifaceted South Korean actor, activist, and photographer. He started his acting journey in independent films and gained recognition for his performance in the feature film Socialphobia. His career reached new heights with a breakout role in the critically acclaimed television series Reply 1988, which became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history at the time. This success earned him the Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actor—Television, catapulting him to international prominence.


Kwak Hyun Been, professionally known as Shin Hyun Been, is a talented South Korean actress. She began her acting career with roles in the 2010 film He's on Duty and the 2010 television series Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Shin gained broader acclaim for her performance in the popular television series Hospital Playlist.

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